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Caravan/Voyager Starting and Stalling Problems



  • custom5custom5 Posts: 1
    Has there been any resolve to this. We also have a 2004 that is stalling when approaching a stop sign or light. This only happens every couple of weeks? Any direction would be appreciated.
  • rwzahorarwzahora Posts: 2
    I am having a stalling problem with my 97 Grand Caravan, 3.3L V6 with 120k miles. This occurs within the first 1-2 miles of driving in the morning and happens when coming to a stop or idling at a stop. The engine is registering 600-800 rpm and the car will just die; I did notice that the cruise control light comes on as well as the oil light. The van will start again but then may stall right away or at the next stop down the block. After this, the car runs fine. When going home in the afternoon I've never had a problem.

    My mechanic has replaced the cam and crank sensors and cleared the computer. This work was initially due to a stalling condition where the car wouldn't start again (the engine would turn over but not catch) and had to be towed in for service. Since then, the van seemed to run OK for a week or so but now has started to stall frequently under the above conditions. I've had it into the shop again but no codes are registering. The mechanic cleaned the throttle but can find nothing wrong.

    This particular problem seems a little different from others in this string. Recently, I'm always getting the failure at exactly the same spot on my morning commute - the route involves a stop at a stop sign, then again at a light, up a small hill then while waiting for a light the stall. I'm open to suggestions as to how to isolate this problem. If I purchase an OBDC reader and attach it, am I likely to get any useful information when the failure occurs?
  • pauld2100pauld2100 Posts: 5
    I found out my computer had failed but only a few things failed so it was hard to diagnos! had to have it scanned with a very special computer....
  • fast12fast12 Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    I have to jump start my vehicle.
    After successfully starting none of the instrument panel indicators work, speedometer, fuel, revs etc.
    the turn indicator does not function
    Take vehicle carefully for a run
    return, park, switch off
    Vehicle will not restart unless I jump again
    Would a bad battery or alternator cause loss of instruments?

    It's a 2002 Dodge Caravan SE
  • mvilarmvilar Posts: 1
    at first i tought that i had bad gas as the van started to stall after getting gas. i barely made it to autozone were they told me i fuel injector and idle censor was bad replaced all fuel injectors then idle censor then map censor then fuel pump checked relays all good oh crank sensor sparkplugs wires its firing on 1 and 4 at the same time shocking expirience ummmmmmm thats all i got ohh the pt puting wold get a little better when i power of the ac botton before it compleately died ecm maybe sorry for what ever i did not spell right other than this stff the van never gave me any problems it all started after i hit 200.000 mls please help me ive been on bike with my five kids this is killing me
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    I will be the first, 2012 Grand caravan ,picked it up Jan 2012 ,22000 miles later NO problems ,No squeaks,no rattles,no vibrations, been perfect. I have also had my hwy MPG up to 31 ( this is calculated,not using the trip computer). This vehicle has fantastic acceleration if you need it, the 3.6 and the 6 speed tranny are very nice.
  • After you replaced the sensers you need to clear the Adaptave Learn in the ECM (endigne control module), to clear the module for existing problems that do not exist. To do this: Disconnect battery cable negative, turn ignition on, step on brake for 5 minutes. Then reconnect cable and start engine and see if problem still exists. This step should be done after each sensor replacement. (A $1500.00 lessen we learned).
  • I bought my dodge grand caravan almost 3 years ago with 63,000 miles on it. It now has 93,000 miles on it and has ran great til last week. I have replaced the cam, crank, and map censor and some kind of coil for the spark plugs. Please forgive me for i am not a mechanic. We just replaced the ECU tonight and my poor van still won't start. I've read where some of you have had the same problems and talked about clearing the memory... I won't do it myself... not a mechanic but if someone could enlighten me on how this is done I have someone who could do it for me. Please, I love my van.
  • lalliglallig Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    i have a 2001 dodge caravan sport 3.3L, milage 295000. it was running brilliantly till august when suddenly it was overheated. then i waited for some hours and then i brought it to my town about 50 kilometers away. it was good then. next day i started it and brought to machanic. it was gud even till then. there he changed its relay with cooling system. but after that it didn't started well even from machanic shop. may be he did something wrong. its engine always got colder within 2 hours after stopping and i always had to plugged in it for allmost 45 minutes before starting. once it is warm then it works well. i even changed its coolant and spark plug. can anybody help me. i broought it to dodge dealership but they said it is ok.
  • To continue with my saga, I did get an OBDC reader. I was able to monitor some of the Caravan sensors but nothing stood out when the van stalled. I had the idle air control valve replaced but this didn't accomplish anything. As the days got cooler, the stalling was more frequent and happened even as the van was coasting - nothing like losing your power steering and brakes in the middle of a drive. I finally decided to put in a new refurbished computer. Now when the van stalled, at least some problem codes were generated. These indicated errors with either the crank or cam sensor (I don't recall which). Took the van back to the mechanic and with this code he replaced the sensor with one specifically from Chrysler. This solved the problem. So it would appear that the problem had something to do with the sensor/computer combination.
  • jimv1125jimv1125 Posts: 5
    edited July 2013
    hi I have a 2002 grand caravan 3.3 hard to start codes I get are P0351 0352 and 0353 I replaced the coil pack twice and again check eng light on and I cant figure it out and help thanks also the check eng light goes out after about 50 miles and then starts fine but after a day or so its back on
  • Usually- this condition in EVERY vehicle means one of two things. Either the battery is completely unchargable ( fried) or the alternator is cooked. Obviously check ALL connections to battery and alternator just to save ourself an uneccesary repair cost.

    If you go to your local Advance Auto Parts ( for sure ) or other local parts store, they SHOULD offer free battery and alternator testing and will come right out and do it for you.
  • jace5jace5 Posts: 1
    I'm not trying to be mean, but in all my research online that sounds strange. Can you explain more? Again I'm not being mean.
  • markuslmetcalfmarkuslmetcalf Posts: 1
    edited December 2013
    Hi, I have a 1998 Plymouth grand Voyager with 3.3L... I have had a issue with it starting up... it takes several tries for it to start. It will always turn over right away, but it wont fire until I crank it over 7-8 times and then when it finally starts it sounds and acts like it is running out of gas for a few seconds... please help?!?!? I AM TRYING TO HELP A DISABLED PERSON FIX THIS. THEY WERE LEFT STRANDED WITH A DEAD BATTERY IN FREEZING COLD WEATHER. THANK YOU SO MUCH
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