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Subaru B9 Tribeca Navigation System Questions



  • almat1almat1 Posts: 5
    I bought a 2008 Tribeca, great car, terrible nav system. If you have ever used one of the Garmin products, you know that the Subaru nav system is virtually useless. I am so tired of having to push the 'agree' button to keep the Subaru legal department happy, just to see the dashboard clock. I have had several dangerous close calls having to pull over to use the nav system. I am trying to find out if I can replace this nav system with a new, and fully functional one, and since most all of the other have bluetooth, I would like that too. I called Subaru, and they directed me to Kenwood, the manufacturer. Kenwood told me that due to an agreement with Subaru Japan, they could not discuss the system, and sent me back to Subaru, who in turn referred me to Kenwood. You see my problem. I am willing to take the large financial loss on the nav system by trying to replace the system, but I can't get anyone help in this regard. Has anyone here done this, or considered it. Does anyone know if there is a compatible product that can replace the crippled system that Subaru sells you?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I doubt you will find a cost-effective solution.

    I had a 2006 Tribeca loaner for a week, and liked the Nav system. I got a Garmin later on (the Subaru was what got me hooked on the concept of GPS).

    To be fair, Garmin has the same warning screen, and it doesn't go off unless you turn off Safe Mode.

    I also preferred the Subaru's voice.

    Garmin is a lot more customizeable and offers a lot more features, but aftermarket always does that.

    I'd like to see Subaru use the passenger seat sensor (which they use to turn the air bag on or off) to allow GPS use while en route. If someone is sitting there they should be able to navigate.

    Any how, try Scooby Mods for more specifics about the GPS, people over there take the dash apart to add backup cams and things like that. I don't think you'll find a cost-effective solution to swapping out the whole unit, though.
  • amy10amy10 Posts: 26
    The nav system on my 2007 Tribeca (17,000 miles) kicked the bucket over the weekend. Started the car up, and the screen was completely black, and never came back on throughout the weekend. Brought it in to Subaru service yesterday. After waiting two hours, the mechanic came out and said he couldn't figure out what was wrong (he'd been communicating w/ Tech Support) and would have to order a whole new system (from Kenwood). Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how long did it take for the system to be delivered? My local Subaru service hasn't dealt w/ any nav. problems; I wonder if they'll be able to install the new system without difficulty? Thank you for any feedback. :sick:
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    It is one big unit in the dash. it takes about 15 mins to pull the trim ring and then unscrew the 4 or 5 screws holding it in. then unplug the wire harness and install the new touchscreen unit. if its the drive that part is under the driver seat and easy to replace. not sure what other components are involved.

    but the screen unit is a simple 1 hr max replacement.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    I agree I doubt you will find a cost effective alternative. the dash shape wont allow you to put in an aftermarket stereo. so you will need to custom fab something for the screen area.

    yes Garmin excels at NAV systems it is their bread and butter ..

    I have a Garmin Nuvi when traveling that I take with me or when going with friends. its nice to have a built in NAV so no one will steal it plus its more integrated.

    I wish they would dump the Kenwood and go with a higher end unit, especially for the price they charge for the option.
  • amy10amy10 Posts: 26
    Thank you for the info! Do you think the replacement nav. system will come with a new disc, or will they put my old one back in? (When I bought the car in March 2007, it came with the older disc.) Thanks again.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Good point, though at least it includes a backup cam now.

    I bet the DVD and the unit itself are different.

    You may want to call the dealership to remind them to save the DVD (and check if the new unit comes with new DVDs, though I doubt it).
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I have a Garmin Nuvi when traveling that I take with me or when going with friends. its nice to have a built in NAV so no one will steal it plus its more integrated.

    Let me correct this, you prefer the Garmin so that when they break in they don't cut your whole dash up when they steal the built in unit. :) :)

    Motorsports and Modifications Host
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    Navigation Software for Tribeca, Outback & Legacy (Version 3.0)

    PRICE: $238.00

    "Please verify the DVD version before ordering. You can find the DVD version on the on the back of the case or on the disc under the Subaru logo. (example: "Ver. 1.1")."

    im not sure what this means but i've heard something about diff updated nav dvd not being compatible with current. something about depending on if you have v1.0 or 1.1

    i'm pretty sure mine is 1.0, i think it says it in the info on the nav screen. Its an 06 B9 Tribeca from around when it first came out so yeah i think its 1.0

    so will this 3.0 nav update work? is this the second update then? first one was 2.0? so this is even newer. i guess waiting paid off, but now its like do i get 3.0 or wait even longer for the next udpate cus i'm definatley not paying $238 each time.

    its really outdated though from 2004 and i may only keep the car another 2 yrs so it might be time. My subaru dealership acts like they dont know anything about it, they dont sell it or even give you an exact # or website to order it from. i think they were just tring to get out of giving it to me for a discount since they owed me.

    Is there anywhere else ot get it chaper then $238 from the Kenwood site. will this 3.0 version i posted work for certain in my 06 tribeca that currently has nav version 1.0?
  • Yes it should work, and it is the most updated version up to date. (Just came out 1-month ago.
    If you decide to purchase it, and if you only need East-coast dics, I would be glad to purchase the West-disc from you. Please email me. Thanks, Eli
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    ok cool, thanks. yeah i called up kenwood to make sure it would work and they said yes.

    yeah i prob wont need the west coast disc as i would fly out there not drive so yeah that could work. I will email you. :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    At least if you split it, it's $119.

    Still, I got an update from Garmin for $75, for all of North America.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    Is there any other Nav touch screen you can install in the place of the factory one in Tribeca?

    I figured instead of spending $238, i could order for not much more then that one of the better Pioneer units that does everything in one including xm and has a hard drive for music etc.

    I guess one of those would be a lot more, plus the chance of the screen fitting where the screen does is slim and the headunit wouldn't fit anywhere in the tribeca dash.

    it would turn into a whole expensive custom job.

    just sucks cus its expensive for the nav update and yet i've seen the Pioneer Head units with touch screen nav and everything else under the sun that are much better then wha the tribeca has fit in other cars/suvs dash just fine.

    so while a lot of ppl including myself like the Tribeca dash, this is where its not so great as no other head unit or nav screen will fit/work.

  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    hey X5 long time no see... hows the custom wheels holding out. I am just about thru my tires on the new wheels I installed. it helps that I put snow tires on in the winter. but time to get new tires for the 20" rims.

    as ya know there are all the custom buttons on the front of the dash that ties into the system as well... they would all be useless. I guess all the HVAC controls are under the top stack so that would be OK.

    I wonder where the head unit is on the Tribeca. It must be burried in the dash. I did not see it when I pulled the NAV display unit. the DVD drive ya know is under the drivers seat.

    I guess best bet is to call Crutchfield guys and see if they know if a retrofit option.

    oh yeah you would lose your mileage screens (mpg, ect). :confuse:

    On another note I wish we could retrofit our engines to the newer large engine in the newest B9's
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    My guess is the HVAC is tied to the stereo similar to the Legacy/Outbacks.

  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    hiya cluelesspa, yeah long time no see. I still have my 06 Tribeca. I actually scraped up one of my 20" black wheels so i decided to sell all 4 and the 20" Toyo tires i had on them. They were decent tires because they were all Season and still had an aggressive stylish tread which is rare for an all season as its usually only found in performance (summer tires)

    Since i was getting new i decided to go up to 22" wheels and tires, heh.
    I got 22" Rolf Blix Konigs in black (22X8.5 5-114.3 38GBM) and Falken Ziex S/TZ-04 (265/40R-22 106H XL B) tires.

    The Falkens dont look quite as sytlish but still not bad and supposedly an even better tire then the Toyo especially in weather.

    Though its the 22" size known to fit on the Tribeca, i can't say i totally recommend to everyone especially the faint at heart. They are huge and can sometimes rub the slightest bit, even pop off the molding around the wheel well from time to time (pops back into place).

    Had our first baby so I haven't been doing anything new to the beca but still have the mesh grille with no subie emblem on the front. Ppl still ask what it is as mine looks different enough and being only 06 and 07 look like it. Sometimes i say Alfa Romeo as a joke.

    I do still kind of wish i had waited for the 07, just for the few new things but if i never mentioned in the main B9 thread, i had the 07 retractable cargo cover put in in place of the 06 bungie cover. It involved replacing the interior cargo area side modling panels to accomodate the retractable cargo cover. It was quite expensive for those pieces and installation and i couldnt get anything for my old panels and cargo cover.

    Neeless to say I spent too much on the B9 from start to finish so i'm probably not doing anymore as I may only keep it another 2 years (to 2010) so the new 22's will hold me over till then.

    I do have the DVD screen but i saw in Subie dealership headrests that come with a screen in them meant for subarus and they looked liek the tribeca headrests. I remember someone in the main B9 thread did that themselves. I might inquire about those but again i'm trying to hold off on doing anything major.

    My wife has an acura and i really like the built in bluetooth phone system as it makes it so easy for hands free and not dealing with a bt headset. especially now with new super strict law passed in new jersey (where we go to the beaach in the summer) of absolutley no handheld cell phone usage whiile driving.

    speaking of which i'm pretty much between the Acura MDX, Mazda CX-9, or the Audio Q7 for next suv and the Acura is probably the most bang/features for the buck.

    I didnt like what they did with the 08 Tribeca model making look very conservative and like most every other suv so i'm i'm probably done with the tribecas and subaru for now. I would have liked to have seen Infiniti make a new SUV between the FX and the QX (similiar to Nissan Armada) but instead they made one smaller then the FX whic was already a little claustrophobic interior and small for a mid size category suv.

    I probably wont do beige leather next time as it got too dirty. Was fun being part of a brand new model with the tribeca in 06, but in the end i felt like a beta tester early adopter that didn't benefit from that at all but rather missed out on 07 features and probably paid more also.

    I miss not having intergrated XM which i could have had with teh 07 (SE only though i guess) but i do like the portable i use with a car kit pluged directly to audio jack as it lets me record xm on the fly and scheduled recordings and playback recorded content which is good when you have no xm signal, even in carwash and thats sometthing none of the intergrated units afik can do. Kind of sucks having a line to the rear audio jack (06 with dvd) then the front console audio jack introduced in 07 but actually its easier to hide the cord running to the back then it would have been in the center as far as where i have the xm unit installed in front of the NAV (which still leaves the nav scrreen able to be seen adn touched).

    but still i'm starting to think the convenience and neatness of integrated xm would be nice. The bluetooth phone system that most cars are comign with now turns out to be very useful and a must for next vehicle but i'll deal without for now or can prob find an aftermarket solution.

    There is probably now retrofitting one of the nice all one Pioneer nav headunits that does it all more and better then what the tribeca system does so i will prob just break down and get the 3.0 nav udpate dvd for a whopping $238 nad then hope to sell the west coast dvd to someone which is a good idea as pointed out and requested by someone here.

    take care and good luck with the new 20's (i'd say be a real man and join me at 22" but i admit its a bit much and 20" is prob the sweet spot) :shades:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Does anyone know if the Forester has the same Nav unit as the 'beca?

    I kind of doubt it, given it's a double-DIN in-dash unit, but are they even from the same manufacturer?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    So at least they are both Kenwood. I wonder what model the Forester uses.

    Let me do a quick search on Crutchfield to see if I can find any. I wonder if they are sold seperately, and if so, what they'd cost.

    Looks a bit like the DNX5120, but not exactly the same: 44

    That one costs $999 with all the install hardware. Not bad. Subaru is probably marking these up.

    The cool thing I just realized is that Kenwood is using Garmin for navigation. That's awesome. They have the best interfaces I've seen by far. Plus my Favorites would probably copy right over.

    Hmmm. Something to think about.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    I like the 20" I use full Pirelli Scorpion Snow Tires for the winter on the Factory Rims.

    easy to jack up the SUV and swap tires each season :)

    wow 22" and you kept the same size tire overall diameter? so that would mean some really low sidewalls... nice thing about running 20" full summer tires is they get better gas mileage for me... less rolling resistance. I gain about 2 mpg on the highway.

    well I do hate the new 08 look. the front sucks... the rear is not much improved. the side profile and front of the 06/07 were nice. A sportier rear with Yellow turn signals would have been the ticket.

    I did get a survey from Subaru about BT and other desired technologies. I am hoping they take that into consideration. I use a SONY handsfree speaker that clips on the visor now for my BT speaker in the car.

    glad I didnt get beige. just dumb luck as the color happened to be black on the B9 that was on the lot I was looking at... only thing is the little perf holes in the black leather gets dirt in them :mad:

    The free ski tickets I get each year from Subaru and the way the AWD handles makes it tough to choose anything else in a year or two. I am definitely not putting any money into the B9 now. I am at 55k miles. Just maintenance. I can move the 20" wheels over to the new Tribeca if I go that route. I figure it will be an 2009 or 2010 vehicle when I go over to a new SUV. No Audi for me. too costly for their parts... I hear ya about next time going after market on the NAV and Radio. not worth it for the Factory one. probably get one with NAV, Bluetooth, and Radio with Hard drive for less with Video in the headsets... voice recognition ect all for slightly more then factory NAV and upgraded Stereo.

    oh cracked the mesh grill in the front, icy roads and just tapped a Jeep in front. so have the mesh grills on the side and the OEM grill in the center. looks OK.
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