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Subaru B9 Tribeca Navigation System Questions



  • rs6errs6er Posts: 11
    I happened on this thread while searching for Subaru NAV 3.0 (I have 2.0). Some of you complained that you can't use the NAV except for a few functions while moving. I have a 2007 Legacy SpecB and am on a forum called On that sight you can find lots of info on enabling the NAV while moving and also using the NAV screen with better head units. I haven't changed my head unit (and I like my Garmin c340 way better than the Kenwood unit) but I can operate mine while moving. It's an easy mod.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    tried looking thru the forums there but did not find the actual info on the steps needed to disable the NAV movement lockout. I noticed there is no way to email you directly so have to post on here... can you tell me which forum and what post? I doubt you will able to link to the forum directly due to rules on this forum.
  • oneman42oneman42 Posts: 2
    Engage your hand brake a click and that should do it, if not go under the NASIOC forum (you can google it) and find the Tribeca forum and the title says it all where to find the info.
    Good luck, if unable post a clue for me here and I will dig more info.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    got it! Karen - she has been on here before - posted the fix on there ... Before, I have never saw the actual directions to find which wire was the one to ground out. Tried to look at the diagrams for the wiring of the Beca but couldnt figure it out.

    should be easier now that I know what to look for... takes 10 mins to pull the NAV screen out...

    thanks! was going to just trick the car into thinking the brake was on by splicing the brake electrical switch but decided against that. now that mine is out of warranty will try the MOD that Karen talks about :shades:
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Well did the fix yesterday. took about 20 mins to complete and reassemble. Because I took my time and sodered all my connections and wire zip tied my connections ...

    anyway this only enables the VIDEO in or DVD in from the entertainment to be viewed while moving. it will NOT enable entering data on the NAV system while moving. that seems to be tied to the speed. anything over 5 mph and its disabled.

    as far as this fix... all you do is pop off the trim plate (take a thin small flat screwdriver blade and work under the trim near the hazard light switch.) work that up... watch the wires connected to the hazard switch. the whole panel will come up. unplug the hazard switch (squeeze the little tab on plug and pull out).

    next unscrew the left and right little displays (unplug them and remove). they are held by the 4 gold screws (2 screws for each side).

    you will then have access to the 4 black screws holding the NAV screen in place. remove and the whole screen will come out of dash. pull half way then unslide the brown cable from the holder hook on top back of unit. pull unit out enough to unplug the 2 large bundle of plugs.

    one will be 16 wires (some not connected).. one will be smaller plug. anyway look for the ONLY solid grey wire (should be on the larger plug). Pin 13 of 16, I think... carefully strip back the black tape holding the bundle together and get back about 2 or 3 in from the end connector and CUT the wire completely. the part going to the connect (plugging into the NAV screen)... splice or connect a 4 inch wire of the same or larger size to the 3 inches left. then wrap the splice with electrical tape and retape the bundle. now reinstall the screen (feeding the new 4 in wire around the side of the unit. screw back in and attach the wire to one of the screws so the wire is in contact with the bracket (which is contact with the NAV case) which is Grounded ... there by grounding the grey wire (tricking the unit into thinking the e-brake is applied)...

    reassemble reverse order and presto Video screen will show video when pressing Entertainment/Audio Button on dash :shades: while the SUV is moving

    note CUT and do not tap into the Grey wire. this way you wont see the E Brake light on your dash all the time. just tape up the un-used end of the Grey wire not connected to the plug side.
  • rs6errs6er Posts: 11
    Don't know if this works on a Tribecca. Is the NAV unit under the driver's seat? If it is (as on my Legacy), all you need to do is ground one wire on the harness, and you will be able to enter directions on the NAV while moving. Very simple job.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    would need to know which wire to ground? same theory as the video screen then... connect a wire to ground? does it disable the speed sensor for the NAV?

    I have only seen on other sites where they put a switch in-line with the speed sensor input and open the circuit when needing to enter data on the NAV. then flipping it back closed when done and the NAV will then readjust if done for a short period of time only. if not you have to pull over and let the NAV resync.

    But yes the DVD drive unit is under the drivers seat. not sure if that is also the NAV unit.
  • almat1almat1 Posts: 5
    Yes, the unit is under the drivers seat. Do you know which wire?

  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    looks like its not a real solution... searching I found this:

    Originally Posted by #072
    here are the pics and some more info. the wire that needs to be cut for the nav functions to unlock is green/black at the dvd drive under the driver's seat. on the road test this is how it worked.

    -when you break the conn. the frozen icons will light up
    -the arrow will stop moving on the screen
    -@ 10 sec. after you breck the conn. the sat. picks up your location and the arrow will start to move again, but its choppy
    -@ 20 sec. after you break the conn. the icons will freeze again, its figured out your still moving and locks you out.
    -breaking the conn. again will bring them back
    -it does'nt lock you out if your in the middle of entering a destination

    this seems to work okay, not flawless but better than nothing. leaving the ant. plugged in does seem to help it repostion you quicker after it loses you.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    never mind found it! sweet

    bla bla bla disclaimer, voids warrant, unsafe ...

    ok heres the scoop:

    I've posted my theories up on other threads but here's an official write up on my tested/working way to unlock your NAV while in motion.

    I spent weeks studying the wiring diagrams on both Kenwood and Subaru (If people have access to more Kenwood diagrams I'm interested in seeing them). Turns out Subaru never wired up the parking sensor to the NAV unit under the seat. I have successfully grounded that pin on the wireharness and got the NAV menues to work while driving (see attached picture for proof).

    You need to ground the pin on the bottom row (2nd from left). Its the only pin on the bottom row that doesn't have a wire going to it from the Subaru harness.

    You can check your work by going to the NAV's main menu (main menu->Nav setup->Nav info->Vehicle Signal). If parking brake say's ON, then you have successfully grounded the correct pin.

    My picture shows some ghetto wiring because this was durring my testing trials. The white clip is just used to ground my temporary wire that I shoved into the harness. You will want to probably do a better/cleaner job then my pics show.

    Description of pics in order :
    -Label of the pin to ground to negative. (thanks to gnlowen, I borrowed his pic)
    -Closeup of the wire I shoved in the harness
    -Whole shot of the ghetto grounding job done for testing.
    -Proof of menu's not locked while car is in motion (I'd take a vid, but hard to do while driving by myself. You can see that the buttons on screen aren't greyed out)
    -Item to check to see if you have done it correctly

    from the Legacy group but supposedly works on the B9s.... not sure yet but will find out soon.. also the only downside seems to be that the NAV will no longer auto start a route. it usually if you drive long enough will automatically select the NAV route after you selected a destination.

    you have to hit START now after this hack. :shades:

    from what I read a guy did it on a b9. go from back of drivers seat. unscrew the two rear screws on the NAV DVD Unit cover and you can access the plug in question. its the bottom row of the wide plug

    see here:
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    OK tip for today... is best to have the NAV menu screen up. if you have the vers prior to 2.0 NAV disk I think in the MENU NAV SETUP there should be a screen for NAV SIGNAL. there you will find PKB = OFF or ON.

    if you did this mod correctly you will see ON. if you do not have the wire in there far enough or the wire is too small it will not register (i.e. is not grounded).

    if you have Vers 2.0 NAV or Vers 3.0 you will find this signal in the HIDDEN menu.
    Hit MENU and hold your finger at the top center of the screen (where there is no buttons for 10 full seconds)... it will then pop up a screen asking for code. Enter 0412220 and hit OK

    then you can find the same NAV Signal screen.

    Leave the signal screen up if it says PKB = OFF. then try pushing the grounding wire in further until you it changes to ON. I used wire zip ties to hold the ground wire to the large bundle of wires above it (the antenna brown wire). that way it stays in.. reassemble the kick plate with the two bolts and voila you have NAV while moving capabilities! :shades:
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    just as an FYI ... that plug above where you grounded the wire. that is behind the brown antenna wire is the mini jack for the mic control button and the plug next to it is the input for the NAV Mic. You can use the Kenwood NAV Mic and it works. I have one on order (it runs $65 from Amazon shipped). just a plug and play option.

    read its best to have the NAV 2.0 or higher for it to work properly. you can then speak into the MIC to issue commands (like GO HOME). ect... pretty neat. cant wait to plug in the mic and command button. :D
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Would you be interested in posting a Carspace guide about this?

    It'd be really helpful :)
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    thanks but not sure that is the proper forum for telling people how to modify their OEM NAV systems :shades:
  • nssubienssubie Posts: 3
    This sounds really great.
    Have you received this yet? Can you confirm that it works? I gather you are talking about the KNA-VC300?
    Thanks for your tip.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Yes the KNA-VC-300 .. the NAV unit we have in the Subaru B9s are modified Kenwood KNA-DV-3200.

    So the only thing is you can not change the female voice prompts from the voice recognition... but YES it works! just put the mic in last night. will have pics sometime later this week when I get a chance to pull them off camera and upload to a hosting site.

    I ran the wiring along the center console and then up under dash and thru the steering wheel opening on the right side. then mounted mic to top of steering column next to parking light switch and the button to the right of the dash next to the fuel gauge. all the wiring is hidden nicely :-) and no drilling required.

    You do need I hear NAV DVD version 2 at least or newer. so depending on which NAV disc you have it may have problems recognizing commands with the older NAV discs. I have NAV 2.0 and it works fine. I just heard that it doesn't work as well on the earlier versions. something on the new DVD maps that updated the firmware...

    got to say its FUN and neat to say GO HOME and bam it asks for Way Point or End Destination. say Destination Point and poof you set to going home. or say I'm Hungry and the restaurants POI pop up :shades:
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368

    awesome news. glad to see you are still trying new things to make the Tribeca better and lettins us know about it. Wasnt that you with the screens in the headrests? I think subaru now offers that on the tribeca as I saw it at the service shop.

    More importantly can you clarify for myself and others exactly what the model and part# are for the mic and explain best way to install so myself and others that want to can do the same or at least be able to pass on the info to help point the service shop in the right direction.

    this gives me incentive now to get the NAV 2.0 udpate. I guess i should order that first and then order the mic and get it installed. I will most definately want to do this as we are used to my wifes Acura TL and the superior voice activated nav.

    speaking of which, any chance of being able to use this mic for integrated bluetooth with your cell phone. I'm in PA but we go to the shore in Jersey where they have a new strict hands free law and will ticket and fine you for using a cell phone. I have a bunch of bluetooth headsets but they are a pain and run out of batterly etc. We use the integrated bluetooth set up with my wifes cell phone in her TL all the time to make and receive calls and its great.

    i'm surprised Subaru didn't add this in new models but would be nice if they offered it now as an option even for old models. But again maybe with this mic used for voice activated nav could be used for bt for cell phones?
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    seems like a lot of work just to do what you can do by pressing the parking brake lever one click which doesn't engage the actual parking brake or i think what some ppl have done which was find something to permanently depress the button it presses which also doesnt' engage the parking brake.

    the only benefit of opening up the nav screen and all as you described is to turn of the parking bright light on dash. but thanks for the info and maybe well try it at some point.

    shame it only allows video while moving which the above trick also works but still doestn' allow the passenger to use the nav screen while vehicle is moving.

    everyone said that from the start. if the tribeca can detec when someone is in the passenger seat and show the passenger air bag light on next to the nav screen. then why can't it then enable the nav screen to be operated as long as it detects the passenger. If someone driving chooses to operate it instead of their passenger or trick the seat by point something heavy enough in the seat that would be on them and subaru or kenwood not responsible. i dunno. just shame again from the beginning it can detect a passenger but still not allow operation of the nav.

    though i guess with the mic you dont need touch screen controls really while moving.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    ok read all your other posts now. sounds like it might be a tad easier to do the nav mode to enable the touch screen whle moving before i udpate to the new dvd only for the menu really but will be nice to do it while i wait for my nav dvd update 3.0 and the mic.

    so i will prob print out your basic instructions and do the mod (or get some help) to enable nav while moving. been waiting since 2005 (yes i got my 06 B9 in July 2005) to do this.

    then hopefully the nav 3.0 update dvd and mic will be great soon after.

    then as i said all we need is ability to use that mic for bluetooth with cell phone.

    thanks again for all your pioneering discoveries and sharing with us especially those that have been on this thread from the beginning with our 06-07 model B9's (which i still think look better then the 08 model)
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    1. easiest Mod is definitely the single ground wire to enable NAV entry while moving. Very nice 15 min fix. only need to get a good sized wire (I would think something solid like they used for grounding lighting switches in your house would work). get something around that gauge with insulation around it.

    2. the Mod to watch video while moving not hard at all (toughest is to find the grey wire). that takes longer to take out the screen then the mod. go to home depot and pick up those wire nuts that you screw over wires to connect them. and a small section of wire and you go down as far as possible and cut and connect up to any screw connected to mount the screen (as they are grounded by the case).

    3. Mic install takes the longest to run the wire and hide it...also to make sure the wire doesn't rub or get pinched around the steering column (so you can still move the steering up and down). NO you can not use for bluetooth. the mic/switch plugs into the NAV unit under the seat. so its part of the NAV unit. unless they upgrade the Kenwood NAV to the newest model with BT... also would be cool if they had 802.11 and then you could drive into your garage and update via your home wireless... how cool would that be...

    My stuff comes from the help of the Legacy Forums (great guys there) and of Karen the REAL pioneer on the Video screen stuff ! Karen Rocks :shades:

    the parking break one click stuff sucks... when this fix is so simple and is clean...

    NEXT update the Media Gate player! oh this is good... adding a MG-25 Media Player to the Video system. I have the DVD so I have the Audio and Video ports in the back. this little player the Acura and Subaru Legacy guys have used is great. it uses a 2.5" laptop hd in an enclosure. can play video (mpg divx) or MP3s or show pictures. play DVD ISO files! amazing ... will be like having a media PC in my Tribecca!

    Check this link out:
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