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Subaru B9 Tribeca Navigation System Questions



  • We also just recently bought a 06 Tribeca which I thought only had the West disc, and we live in the East. When I took the car to the dealers today about the gold paint job, I asked how you open that box under the driver seat. The sales manager tried but couldn't figure it out, he had someone come out from service, he showed me, and the East disc was in there.
  • Update after calling all around, I finally found a manual for the gps at the dealership that had 2 people looking and couldn't find one. Guy from service dept. found one, also I figured out (just guessing) that the manal is #3100 and you can d/l it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I don't think so, in fact my guess is no for both questions.
  • I bought a 2006 B9 Tribeca, which I love, but it has the original navigation discs. Does anyone have the newest version of the East disc they would be willing to send/sell me??
  • I'm looking for the Ver 3 DvD for the West. Anyone interested in selling?
  • I am trying to figure out if I can use the AUX jack in my '09 Tribeca (radio model # P-144) to connect my mobile phone and use it as a hand free solution.

    I am already able to connect the phone (it's a HTC HD2) to the AUX jack via the 3.5mm plug in the center console and listen to music. When the phone rings, the music automatically mutes and the caller’s voice is piped into the speakers in the car. However the MIC on the phone is somehow disabled so the called cannot hear me speak.

    Does the radio in the Tribeca have a MIC-IN capability? If yes, I think I can wire a microphone and (onto the steering column) and be able to use it as a hands-free solution in the car. Does anyone know if the radio has this capability, please?

    I just posted this question in the radio forum but noticed in my search that there are more discussions re: MIC installations in this forum and so I thought I would repost it here too, Has anyone tried this and got it to work? Thanks in advance.
  • jax44jax44 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2009 Tribeca with V 3.0 nav system, but when you check the version on the set up it shows Ver 1.0 also. Have you found a solution for this?
  • pametzpametz Posts: 7
    No. I use a Garmin now. It sees more of the streets and addresses in my area. It plans better routes. Too bad Subaru did this to their Tribeca buyers. I suspect they will be dropping it because it is not a great seller, and it doesn't do well with gas mileage. I've also had a lot of problems with rattles.
  • ttentelhttentelh Posts: 46
    Imposible, you cant be using a 3.0 version and showing the 1.0. Are you sure you have the correct dvd in and not the old one? The navi is under the drivers seat,
  • jax44jax44 Posts: 2
    The label on the DVD says V 3, but The DVD does read 2007 Ver1. I have talked to Subaru and they said it was a glitch and to live with it as they had no idea how to fix it. When I opened the DVD up on my laptop and read the Version folder/file it read ver1
  • ttentelhttentelh Posts: 46
    ok I think the DVD is fake. The DVD came out in 2008 not in 2007. When I bought my 2008 Tribeca was the version 1 in. When I found out that version 3 was already released and referred to the dealer. Dealer bullshited me. I called headquarters Subaru and they sent to me free of charge within a week.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    edited April 2010
    I decided to purchase the 4.0 NAV DVDs for Subaru. But it looks like now I will be getting out of the Tribeca into a Toyota SUV. The 4.0 version was just released end of March 2010.

    So if anyone is looking for the latest NAV dvd I split them up on Ebay for EAST and WEST dvd. just do a search for Subaru Navigation DVD 4.0 and they should come up. only ones listed currently. :shades:
  • Ugh. Figures since I purchased V3 on Feb. 1. I have written them to see if they'll send me V 4. Had I known the new version was coming out, I would have waited to make my purchase.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    That's why many companies, like Adobe, wait until a couple of weeks before the release to announce the release date. They know sales of the previous version will all but stop once they make the announcement! :sick:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's nothing.

    I bought a Miata in March 2009 and the rebate was $2500.

    18 days later, the rebate went up to $5000. :cry:

    I wrote to Mazda and they sent me $100 credit for accessories out of pity.

    So they were nice, but I still lost out on $2400. :cry:

    Actually, truth is dealers raised prices when the deep discounts came. I still got screwed, though.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    "I still got screwed, though."

    You still got $2600 off. That's not bad on a car like the Miata.

    It's called luck of the draw. :)

  • ttentelhttentelh Posts: 46
    I just bought the new version for SUBARU TRIBECA & OUTBACK models. Because am not using the WEST map disk am willing to sell it to whoever needs it. The price I paid for the whole thing was 273.53 includes taxes and shipping. For $137 you can buy it. I will accept personal check or Money order. for that amount. I will ship it priority mail, when your check clears. if you are interested email me at, my name is Elias. Contact me so I can give you my information to where to send the check. I only have 1 disk so whoever email me first will win it. I will notify you when it will get mail. Also If anybody wants map version 3 for same model EAST and WEST is also available.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,735
    So they were nice, but I still lost out on $2400.

    Devil's advocate here - If they cut the rebate the next day to $500, would you have called them and offered back $2000??

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Plus there was only a $500 rebate in January, when I started shopping.

    I waited and got a bigger one, but still not the best.

    Oh well, life goes on. You can never predict the future. It's just that the change in amounts was rather shocking.
  • skipthezipskipthezip Posts: 1
    edited January 2008
    The navigation system on my 2007 B9 Tribeca quit working at about 60K miles. I brought it to the dealer (several times) and was finally told that the console for the navi was bad, and that I would have to replace the whole unit. They said it was a rare occurance...but it was going to cost me close to $1000 for a new unit. Or I could get a refurbished unit at $500. I haven't been able to bring myself to spend that kind of money on something that is mainly a convenience (I guess the only safety issue is that the backup camera is tied into the unit). It is, however, a daily pain in the neck not to be able to see what radio station is on, my current fuel efficiency, adjust my front/rear speakers, etc, etc. If it was just about the navigation, I would go get myself a portable navigation system for a lot less money.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, or thoughts on where I could get a console for a reasonable amount of money?

    Has this happened to anyone else, and if so, what did you do?

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