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Subaru B9 Tribeca Navigation System Questions



  • ttentelhttentelh Posts: 46
    no the software is also update together with the POIs, anyone interested for the West version I sell it. Just contact me at
  • pametzpametz Posts: 7
    I have V5. It still has missing roads and poor routing, comparable with V3. Don't waste your money. Subaru has changed all nav systems to Garmin except the Tribeca. Makes me think Tribeca won't be around long.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    edited August 2010
    Subaru has changed all nav systems to Garmin except the Tribeca.

    Not quite true. The 2011 Forester and Impreza (except WRX and STI) will offer a removable 4.3" TomTom unit as an option. The WRX, STI, Legacy, Outback and Tribeca use the same units from 2010. There's a pic of the TomTom unit in the link below, showing the Impreza interior.

    It's also pictured in the 2011 Impreza brochure PDF below.

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Going off-topic here, but I find it nice to see them add the Ruby Red Pearl color as an option on the Outback.
  • I bought the 5.0 version of the navigation for the Tribeca to replace version 3.0. I live in an area that has lots of new roads and they STILL aren't on this version. I'm not sure I see any difference at all. The POI's may be updated, I don't know because I didn't use them before.

    If anyone is thinking of updating, I wouldn't recommend it.
  • ertesertes Posts: 1
    Anyone from the East region would want to split the Navi upgrade with me in the West?
  • sure for $150 plus priority mail for additional $5 if you are interested email me to tell you where to send me a check.
  • My navi system has gone out. Would installing a newer version solve this problem?
  • give us some more information for example what version are you using and when you say has gone out what exactly do you mean, whats on the screen? If you have anyone with newer version try it to see if its that before you buy it. But my feeling is that a hardware issue.
  • joycemichelejoycemichele Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    The version is listed in the title line: v1.1 2005-2006. The right half of the screen is black. The left half has the cautionary message about not using the system while driving, etc, but the letters are all scrunched together so they are barely legible. If I put the car in reverse the camera will work but there's a large vertical black bar in the middle of the screen. There is no access to the information on the screen, for example, the time of day. No access to the buttons on the dash as far as info (number of miles left for the remaining gas in the tank). I don't know anyone else who has a newer version. In fact, I don't know anyone who owns a Tribeca. Love this car!
  • ttentelhttentelh Posts: 46
    edited March 2011
    If anyone interested to get the disk for East version 5. email me
  • iasubeiasube Posts: 1
    I'm looking to close a deal on a 2006 Tribeca w/ 78,000 miles with the Nav and DVD player.

    Any advice out there on things to ask and look for?

    Also, I was wondering, can you turn off the navigation screen or is it always on?
    What are the different screen functions of that screen?

    Am I looking to have a host of issues in regards to having these options?
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Is this private party or are you buying from a dealer? If a dealer, is it a Subaru dealer?

    The navigation operates from DVDs, which are probably out of date. If you're buying from a Subaru dealer, I would try to negotiate the most recent DVD update into the deal.

    Also, I have heard that the early model Tribeca can have issues with bushings in the front suspension (sway bar? I can't remember for sure). So, be sure to drive it a good distance on varied surfaces to listen for odd sounds, etc.
  • subaru_fansubaru_fan Posts: 3
    Check if the Subaru still has the set of wirelless headphones for DVD and remote . New remote costs ~ $70 at dealership.
    Check/negotiate the updated version of Navigator DVD. Navigator display
    has muliple functions ( radio,map, fuel usage ,etc...) including the possibility to watch movie ( while parking).
    Tribeca 2006 has sometimes bushings in the front suspension (sway bar).
    It was fixed for my car at 30,000 milesbut it seems to me it coming again at 94,000.
    Subaru had a recall for back door holders (while it opened). It only appeares to be a problem during winter time. I never had any problem with a car except these two I mentioned. Try to see if dealer has a good insurance up to 150,000 (?)
  • ttentelhttentelh Posts: 46
    i have the updated navigation disk if you interested. Both sets East and west go for 378 shipping and taxes included, if you are interested for only 1 region i can give it to you for 150 let me know
  • rnadeau78rnadeau78 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Tribeca with the same exact problem, has anyone figured this out?
  • oneman42oneman42 Posts: 2
    I do have an original WEST 3.0 version of navigation good for Tribeca, Legacy and Outback. Good to go to a good home. Email is gcoman @ telus dot com.
    Let me know,
  • pametzpametz Posts: 7
    I have used every nav version including V5. None of them solve the problem of missing addresses and poor routing. Save your money and get a Garmin as I finally had to do.
  • pametzpametz Posts: 7
    I have used every nav version including V5. None of them solve the problems of missing addresses and poor routing. Save your money and get a Garmin as I finally had to do.
  • ttentelhttentelh Posts: 46
    i never had any issues with the nav system. Are you sure you have not exclude major roads, and the other option when you enter an address?
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