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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Steering Stability and Suspension



  • sixdayssixdays Posts: 10
    hi yes i changed the oil when i took a look in side the case,and i cleaned the iol strainer ,and the case did have a crack in it which i welded up its now fine ,re porscha
  • rmosh12rmosh12 Posts: 2
    i have a 98 jeep grand cherokee laredo and i had the same problems. i replaced my u-joints and the problem was fixed.
  • rmosh12rmosh12 Posts: 2
    hi, i have a 98 jeep and have some problems. i dont know if its the sway bar in the front or what the deal is. i was hoping someone could help. when im driving straight down the road it wants to wonder back and forth. also when i hit small bumps it seems to shift around and also when im turning the rear end seems like its shifting back and forth. hope you can help!
  • cbstormcbstorm Posts: 1
    hi - i have a 98 gr/ch/laredo with 51K miles. it is now making a horrible creaking noise in the steering section - Jeep Service Ctr says i need a new gear/steering box, to the tune of $1500. is this worth the cost of fixing? i am in queens, ny. i hate to pay the Service Ctr a lot of $$ if it is not necessary. they also said it was dangerous to drive.

    many thanks!
  • topat46topat46 Posts: 19
    Hi All ! I need to change the steering damper on my GC. Could I put a moog trail boss or should I just replace it with the stock one ? Thanks to All...Topat46
    PS# The GC is stock and not raised.
  • mrblack54mrblack54 Posts: 1
    my 94 GCL 4x4 V8 starts to skake/vibrate only when in overdrive and will stop if i let off the gas. have replaced shocks motor and trans mount steering damper and removed front driveshaft without success........
  • andymlmandymlm Posts: 1
    Hi guys,

    A friend of mine has asked me to help with repairs on his 98 grand cherokee, it had worn out upper and lower ball joints on the front both sides and play in the rear trailing arms.

    Is this repair work straight forward with normal tools and do replacment arms come with the ball joints fitted?

    Thanks for any advice,
  • rmm149rmm149 Posts: 1
    rmosh12, did you figure out your problem. I have the same symptoms.
  • gurrrfussgurrrfuss Posts: 4
    I have a 1988 Cherokee Ltd. I have been the primary Owner/Mechanic since 1990. I also have the DEATH WABBLE in the front end, at speeds over 40 MPH. Long Story Short: Inspection and Balance of all TIRES (All 80% new and fine)...Locked the Steering Wheel by taking key out... Raised the Front Axel on 2 Jack Stands... Had a VERY large friend SHAKE the tire back in forth to jar the steering... All TIE ROD ENDS are FINE. BUT, BINGO!!! The Steering Gear (Box) is VERY VERY LOOSE!!! I have been told by 5 mechanic friends, that have looked at it, that I should Replace the Steering Gear with a swap out at "AUTOZ***" with a Lifetime Warranty ATSCO Part#:7525...
    I have been told (and am holding the instructions with all Diagrams) that the replacement is rather easy for someone as experienced as me. Problem is: "I am a Power Steering Repair Virgin" and BROKE. I can afford the $141 (after CA tax) for the part, but That is "IT". I have been told that the Stabilizer Shock is definitely not the problem...The Extremely Loose Steering "Gear Box" explains EVERYTHING. I have always had the same HUGE (2nd Generation owned) Wheel/Alignment shop do all my work, but DAMN, THEY SOLD the shop to a Shopping Mall Developer!

    ANY feedback would really Help me out! Please reply to this message Post with ANY AND ALL IDEAS!
  • for some reason the front calipers on my 95 chrokee limited move when fully tightened has anyone seen this before?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    there suposte to move some that is how they work (the capalers pinch the roater betwene the pads it were not some what loose would not work
  • I bought a '99 Cherokee Sport 4WD recently. When I bought it I didn't find out about the "Death Wobble" until I took it out onto the highway. I got the truck up to 80 mph before I hit a bump on I295 and almost lost control of the truck! It scared the crap out of me! I thought it was just the tires, but since have found out that it isn't. I have replaced the U-Joints (they were so rusted that the needle bearings were actually dust!), the ball joint (from the track bar), and will be getting new tire as they are also shot. From what I have read it seems that the track bar, and or, steering stabilizer/dampner are the most common culprits. It's just a matter of process of elimination I guess. Check the obvious first then go from there. I am in the military (AGAIN!!) and am getting transferred to Ft. Hood,TX. And...I have to drive there from NJ! So, I'm trying to get my Cherokee fixed...Like everyone else! LOL! Good luck!
  • gurrrfussgurrrfuss Posts: 4
    yikes!!!! OEM only!!! Only put in what the Stock Part should be, nothing less, nothing more. Unless you have done something dumb, like give it a lift, or change anything at all from what should be stock. If you go outside stock, ....Well, Cherokee Ltd 88 takes a Monroe 2928 every 6 years, like clockwork, as well as all tierod ends, track bar, drag link, all bushings, AND STEARING GEAR BOX....Hello!!! JEEP...HIGH PERFORMANCE....EXPENSIVE!.....EVEN IF YOU LEAVE IT STOCK!!!

    You want cheap, get a Toyota Corola, and let your teenager tear that up.
  • rlipcz01rlipcz01 Posts: 11
    Has anyone had problems with the steering of a 03 Jeep? I have new tires, front end alignment, brakes, power steering unit, and gear box. No leaks just the steering wheel has a mind of its own. It pulls to the left and the right. I live in MI and you know how the roads are here. Any answers to this???????????Nobody knows. :confuse:
  • gurrrfussgurrrfuss Posts: 4
    Sounds like your steering is DRIFTING (SOMETIMES LEFT, SOMETIMES RIGHT).
    I don't think your front end alignment is SQUARE. This is how I check MY ALIGNMENT: Parallel Park on a street with no other parked cars. Set the 2 CURP SIDE tires snug with the curb, so at least the 2 passenger tires are referenced to being STRAIGHT AHEAD (not turned at all). Now walk ahead of the Jeep by about 30 yards. Look back to see if the driver's wheel is pointed straight also. I have personally given up on computer alignments. The KIDS and Primitives trying to use the computer alignment are not very smart. And lets face it, its not their auto, they don't care.
    I use the method that has been around before computers exhisted, and the methoid that still works where there are no computers (most of the world). I pin a piece of string to the front (center level of the) tire and stretch it to the tire behind it, then pin that string to the rear tire. Repeat the process with the other side. Now you have 2 references for straight and parallel. Jack up the front end 1/2 inch. Not preform your Toe Alignment. For Camber Adjustment: Use a Plumb Bob on a string as your true vertical reference. Folks, my good friend from El Salvador let me in on that secret. A REAL ALIGNMENT SHOP uses a T-SQUARE the size of your car. The computer is just for show, and is VERY inaccurate due to a number of factors that would take me all day to explain.
    Driver, If your alignment is fine, do what we all do: Jack the front end up 1/2 inch, and get 2 FOOTBALL PLAYER SIZE MEN to shake the hell out of the tires (side to side). Look for ANY play in the steering componants/suspension componants. ALSO, do you have DEATH WABBLE at speeds above 40 MPH? If so, do a search on this site for JEEP DEATH WABBLE. Have you ever gone too fast down hill on a skateboard and went in to a DEATH WABBLE, then fallen off the skateboard? THATS DEATH WABBLE!
  • gurrrfussgurrrfuss Posts: 4
    I just Changed my steering GEAR BOX.
    Part=$260 at AutoZone
    Part=$39 at PepBoys
    Changed 1 Ball Joint BOOT.
    Part=$5 at Pep Boy's HELP section.

    Thats about $304 + tax in parts (guaranteed), Labor is not more than 3 hours.
    Labor is about $45 an hour (No tax)....Thats about $480....
    if were adding things while your already in there...
    Center Link-Part=$36
    Tie Rod w/ End - Part=$30

    You get the idea. This shouldn't cost over $650
    for everything... I say $800 and your getting WAY
    RIPPED OFF for replacing everything infront of the Steering Wheel Shaft, and to the Tires.

    OH, the creaking is probably the whole set of 4 springs that support the Vehicle... Mine squeek. If your Steering is GROWLING when you try to turn the steering wheel; WELL, then, its your power steering gear box....Ever done one of those?

    It took me a few days but
  • rlipcz01rlipcz01 Posts: 11
    I had the steering gear box rebuilt on Groesbeck in Michigan. $300 installed. The powr steering box new installed by me. $can't remember. Every mechanic I talk to say "everythings tight". ????
    I wonder why is the steering wheel going all over-hell. I'm still searching for the answer??? I don't want to spend money on nothing. :lemon:
  • hy, i am going to do what u say and if it works i how u big time, i thought of going to my dealer and having them do this for me free of charge, i have been there before and they say they have never heard of this and wouldnt help me, i will go to kragen this week and get that bolt and do the work , i have been driving like this for about five years just learned how to drive it and have changed the track bar every year, i will try this and after it work i dont care what they say UR THE MAN, thanks for using ur brain
  • fpd048fpd048 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my Jeep....Did you ever find out what the problem was?
  • Mike,
    Same problem. I have googled dozens of people with this squeak, but have never found a solution posted. Mine is not the clock spring, and not the firewall boot. I have lubed all the accessible fittings. Sounds and feels like it's somewhere between the steering wheel and the firewall, but where? Has anyone ever found how to fix this?

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