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Ford Ranger III



  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Hey Vince,
    I agree with you about the gas shortage. Last I heard was that the refineries were operating close to 100% capacity and that there was an abundant supply of gas. I think the prices are simply a means to push a political agenda at the moment.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    not moving ahead on some models and putting them into production. The new 2003 Ranger will be delayed up to 3 years!!. Basically Ford plans on just doing tweaks to the present Ranger and not adding any new engines other than the 2.3 to replace the 2.5 4cyl. Bummer, I red the new Ranger was supposed to be about the size of a Dakota, and possibly have a diesel engine available and the engine compartment was large enough for a small V8....
  • jwmitch94jwmitch94 Posts: 1
    Is the old 4.0 a good engine? I have considered buying a new 2000 with the old 4 liter engine. They have one left and are giving me an incredible deal to get it off their lot. I have heard some bad things about this engine in favor of the new SOHC 4.0, but I will save about $3,000. I am not to concerned about the difference in power, I am concerned about problems or longivety.

  • derekshawnderekshawn Posts: 10
    Just a word of warning for all you Ranger owners out there. I had an unknown substance drip all over the paint (probably tree sap) of my 2000 Ranger and I washed it off within a week. But it was too late and the paint had cracked everywhere the substance had been sitting. It is currently in the body shop getting a complete new paint job at no cost because of warranty and I was told this was nothing new to the body shop manager. Hopefully the new paint will be a little more durable. Other than that, I love my Ranger, 19k miles and not one problem to report.
  • I've read stories on older Rangers getting a 429 or 460 with only have to relocate the transmission crossmember and flanging out the lower firewall opening. I think it was pre-97, but looks like plenty of room in there for a 5.0 or 351 easy... But maybe it's the newer ones you're referring to...
  • jfowlerjrjfowlerjr Posts: 20
    I've had my truck for 2 weeks now and I must say that I love this truck. The new 4.0 liter engine is wonderful, I've averaged 19mpg so far with 2 fillups. I have had two minor problems with the truck though.

    1)The hood wasn't centered when I bought the truck and had to be reset.

    2)I keep getting the stupid door ajar light and buzzer going every time I go over a bump in the road. Has anybody else had this minor problem and how did you fix it.

  • msalopekmsalopek Posts: 2
    Has anyone got info on the 2002 Ranger.
    Specifically any changes to the interior of
    a 2wd XLT Super Cab.
  • frey4frey4 Posts: 30
    the pushrod v6 4 liter is a fairly primitive design, and uses fuel, but i know a number of these engines that have gone 200K without rebuilding. they are notorious for sounding like "ball bearings rattling around in a coffee can". the engine is noisy, especially when cold. i have a 2000 Ranger with the 4.0 pushrod. it is great with the 5 speed auto tranny because it has a huge amount of torque. i love the drivetrain, but hate the "shakes" i have inmy truck. it vibrates to beat hell, and i can't seem to find out why. i am considering trading it in for either a toyota tundra or a Chevy 1500 series. i am pretty much done with little vibrating toy trucks.
  • mac74mac74 Posts: 1
    I just bought a used 98 Ranger ext. cab with the 3.0 engine and 4 speed automatic trans. I was changing the spark plugs and noticed that the three on one side are marked PG and the three on the other side are marked P. The owners manual says this is important. However I bought new Motorcraft plugs and there was nothing about this on the computer at the auto parts store. Is this just something Ford does at the factory to meet emission standards or something, or should I get new plugs marked in this manner?

    Also, what is this K&M air filter that has been mentioned alot on this board. Is K&M the manufacturer? Who carries this brand? I have access to Pep Boys and Auto Zone stores in my part of the country.

  • It's K&N, not K&M. Should be in either store you mentioned.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    Why? These are platnum tipped plugs and should last at least 75K, Ford recommends 100K but I would change them no later than 75K.
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    I'm in the market for a soft tonneau cover and would appreciate any opinions on what other Ranger owners have. I Recently had a fiberglass cover but I sold it because when I had to say, bring a snow thrower in for repair it would be cumbersome with the cover open like a clamshell. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  • goldrangergoldranger Posts: 54

    I sure would check out the chevy/gmc posts before I bought one of them. They changed my mind from a 2001 GMC Sport Special Edition to a Ranger 2k1 4.0 super cab. I'm VERY happy with my Ranger. My 90 Ranger 2.3 4cyl went 165,000 & was still going strong when I sold it. Of your choices, mine would be Toyota. Good Luck
  • frey4frey4 Posts: 30
    i agree with you; the Toyota would (quality wise) likely be a better choice than the GMC product. however, that 1500 is a fine truck, according to all the reviews i've been reading. i'd love my Ranger if it werent' for my feet and legs going to sleep when i drive it on the freeway for more than 15 minutes. i have a sick feeling that it is engine vibration getting into the cab; i.e. it is a desgin flaw. that is one reason perhaps Ford wisely is using the smoother OHC V6 in the new Ranger. i hope to sell this truck soon, before it depreciates another year.
    in the meantime, i am driving my old '89 Nissan (170 000 miles with no trouble).
    good luck.
  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611

    Get your anwser yet on the door chimes? The door switch is to blame. Ford will replace or you can clean with WD40.


    Covers, I use a TecSport, have had it for 2 years. It works fine but do not roll it up and tie it against the back of the cab, take it off if you need to use the bed. It scratches the paint. You can sort of see it here:

  • hciaffa... I had an Extang Black Max on my '98. I seldom removed it. After about 2 years of New England weather I had to remove it to pickup a chair at the local furniture store. I broke 7 snaps trying to get it off. Half the snap was on the truck, the other half was in the tonneau. I suspect metal fatigue due to freeze/thaw cycles. Extang replaced it in 2 weeks under warranty (3yr warranty). I'm probably to blame since I installed it "tight" in the summer and probably it got a lot tighter in the winter.

    cpousnr.... Chief - Nice truck. Just one question. Where did you get a styrofoam beer cooler that size?

  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    Three kids in college. . .!

    It is a 200 Gal Water tank. I attempted that trail, Music Pass, Nov before last, not much snow then, but slid back 100 ft on a very icy last climb to the top. Stalled truck, saw a tree in the rearview mirror and steered the bed into the tree to stop!
  • Anybody else sick of hearing Ranger (or B-Series) "Still has no v8"??? Almost every reviewer sticks this into their review. Only Dakota offers one! S10, Sonoma, Frontier, Tacoma don't offer it either, but not one word about the missing v8. I would love to see a 4.6l v8 appear in the Ranger, but a $220 dollar option for a 4.0l (on Edge Plus package) will suffice for now...
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I will second that. Besides, with my Edge SWB 4.0 V6 with 5 speed manual, who needs a V8? I can't keep the rear wheels on the ground as it is! I put a Flowmaster muffler and K & N air filter on and it sounds like a V8.
  • I'd like to hear a dual exhaust, free-flowing cats, and a X pipe. And on a regular cab with 5 speed manual, this would roar!
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