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Ford Ranger III



  • pro02pro02 Posts: 19
    To anyone who has the 2001 Ranger 2.3 w/ 5 spd automatic, I'm interested to hear what kind of gas mileage you're getting. Thanks.
  • On the new 4.0l v6, does it have coils on each spark plug, or is there still a ignition pack?
  • Midnight Stang,

    My 2k1 4.0L has an ignition pack. My engine manufactured in Cologne, Germany 11/00.

    Any more questions, let me know.
  • 96flea96flea Posts: 38
    I have a 96 4.0 and was curious as to where it was made.
  • jcc6jcc6 Posts: 8
    I have a 2001 V6 4.0L 4WD XLT Ranger. It has a manual transmission, and I am very satisfied with the horsepower and the way the truck handles. However, on three separate occasions, I have stalled out downshifting from 3rd to 2nd gear. All three times I've had the A/C on and it has been raining. The rpm's really take a dive with the A/C on when I downshift, but the stalling has only occurred during rainstorms. I took it in to be checked but they found nothing wrong....Any Suggestions??
  • 96flea,

    I believe the 96 4.0 was built in the US. The 2k1 4.0 in the Ranger is the same 4.0 that originally was he optional 4.0 in the 97 Explorer. My 2k1 engine has a sticker on the left rocker cover stating mfg date and origin. I have also read where the 5-sp auto is built in France. Have seen other parts from Mexico & Canada. Somehow they all came together in New Jersey and even more a surprise seem to work pretty well. At least for 2.5 months and 4500 miles.
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    I have a 96 Ranger XLT 4x4 with about 57K on it. We purchased it used with 10K on it and the only problem we have had is with the clutch slave making noises. It has been replace twice under warrenty and has started acting up again. The truck is now out of warrenty and I am getting ready to fight with the dealer about the repair. Anyone else have a similar problem?
  • I had my tranny worked on back in 1999 for the ball bearings. They had it for about 2 weeks once I got it back I noticed that I was sticking in 1st and 2nd gears on the truck. The Ford house told me it was normal and it would evently wear off. Now in 2001 I have a medal to medal sound when shifting and using the clutch. This truck only has 27,000 miles on it and I ran over the 3 year waranty on it in May of 2001. I am gonna go and battle FORD AGAIN, with another found on road dead product they sold me. if any of you have any advice or similiar problems plse email me at
  • I went and took my ranger to a independant tranny service place. The man told me that my front bearing main shaft gear was going out. He also told me that the ford people should not rebuild these tranny's cause they arent rebuildable you just invite more tranny problems down the road. he told me the ford people should be putting new ones in instead of rebuilding them.
    I am persuing ford to replace my tranny seeing their mechanics overhauled my manual tranny assembly.
  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    The 4.0 engine is a Kolone 60 deg V6 engine. I thought it was built in Germany.

    I think your fuel filter problem was the lack of a special tool to remove the fitting.
  • dano101dano101 Posts: 1
    I have a '96 ranger 2.3l w/ a 5 speed, 54,000 miles. Seems like a lifter noise, similar to a diesel engine sound on startup. This lasts until the engine is warmed up. Sometimes it is more noticeable than at other times. Seemed like it started after an oil change. Using the same model of oil filter. Using 5w30 oil. Not sure if it is related to oil change. Any others experience this?
  • rta3rta3 Posts: 4
    I had a 1987 dodge slant six that did exactly as your 96 ranger is doing.I replaced the lifters and all was quiet on the western front.It seems like not many miles for a lifter replacement.Try a K+N oil filter first and see if this helps.
  • 96flea96flea Posts: 38
    Whenever i shift to reverse it takes about 3 seconds for it to actually grab. This does not happen all the time. Also, i am now getting a shimmy around 65-85mph. Its not felt in the steering wheel but more towards the floorboard. I do all preventive maintnance so what could it be? I have noticed it leans towards the front drivers side. Maybe a balljoint or cv joint, i don't know.
  • I am looking at buying a 4 cyl Ranger XLT this week and when I went to the Ford lot I saw lots of XLTs with the 2.5L engine and a few with the 2.3L engine. These two engines looked completely different under the hood - 8 vs 4 spark plugs etc. The 2.3L is rated 24 and 28 for mpg while the 2.5L was 22 and 26. Trucks seemed identical (including price) except for the engines. My question is: Which would you choose? Which engine do you think is more reliable?

    I had been leaning towards a Tacoma, but I don't think I can pass up the discounts on the Rangers.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  • The new 2.3l are 4 valve engines. I have a 1993 2.3l SOHC with 137 thousand miles and it's still running like new (with a little help from zMax). Ford has been making great 4 bangers for a while, so either will perform well, but since the 2.3l has all the newest technology, it's supposed to outperform the 2.5l I'd recommend it.

    Edmunds says the 2001 2.5l has 119 hp@5000 and 146 ft/lbs torque @3000. While the 2001 2.3l has 135 hp @5050, and 153 ft/lbs torque @3750.
    Like all 4 valve engines, you gotta rev it a bit more to feel the power.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    that "clunk" sounds suspiciously like a driveshaft yoke problem: either you got a defectively machined spline-mating surface, or, perhaps it is DRY and needs lubed (Ford specifies a specific type of grease for that purpose). try going to to look for TSB (technical service bulletin) that addresses that problem. (it is interesting to note that Ford went to an all ALUMINUM shaft in their 3.0 liter Ranger extended cabs, but not in the this an admission of a long-standing problem >???? i don't know, but it sure sounds fishy to me). i cannot speak to problem that REGULAR cabs have, as their driveline dimensions and psrt numbers are obviously different than my extended cab. i think the "vibrating Rangers" is one of Ford's dirty little secrets... good luck.
  • 96flea96flea Posts: 38
    Thanks for the info. I don't think i have to worry about it too much cause it only happens once or twice a month. The vibration comes and goes. It was riding like a Caddy today, i don't get it.
  • Aluminum drive shafts are a common way to free up rotating mass, and via newtonian physics, that reduces the amount of force required to accelerate or decelerate that inertia. Aluminum having less weight than steel, would definitely help the under powered 3.0l v6. But why not the 4.0l as well? Might have something to do with the tensile strength of aluminum, or cost, or both. I would prefer the new aluminum drive shaft in all Rangers, but I would also like the turbo 2.3l SVO engine in place of my NA one... :)
  • Hey, any of you guys with the 2001 EDGE CLoth/Vinyl seats having problems with the vinyl being to hot against your skin in the summer. I cant believe Ford didnt use leather/cloth or at least have an all cloth option for those of us that hate vinyl.

    Thats the only thing holding me back on buying a new Edge over the regular Rangers.

    Thanks for your input.
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