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Ford Ranger III



  • 30 bucks at Autozone, and usually much nicer looking than factory. Plus you don't have to worry about staining up your seats, you just replace the covers every 3-4 years or so.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    I have a 93 ranger with 123K miles. I want to occasionally once or twice a year pull a 2500 Colman pop up camper for 200-300 mile range.

    Does anyone have any opinion about pulling the camper with manual tranny. Will it hurt the transmission?
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I used to tow a 1,500-lb. Starcraft pop-up with my 1994 2.3-liter Mazda B2300 5-speed (same as Ford Ranger 2.3). Never had any problems in the mountains of Virginia ... as long as I didn't mind ascending some grades at 20 mph!

  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    You'd better review your physics. You can't " accelerate or decelerate inertia" ! LOL ! You can, however, accelerate or decelerate a MASS. I think I know what you are trying to say, but technically, your statement doesn't make sense. Better skip the physics and stick to trucks.
  • Next time I'll drink more caffeine before I respond to your posts... :)

    Inertia is more or less the current state of acceleration of a mass. With a lower mass, the force required to change(accelerate or decelerate) that momentum is less. I think the point was made clear enough, if my terminology wasn't 100% perfect. Perhaps velocity would have been a more accurate term?

    Inertia: The tendency of a body to resist acceleration; the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or of a body in straight line motion to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an outside force.
  • cookwcookw Posts: 12
    Hi all, a couple weeks ago I took advantage of the $2500 Ford rebate and bought a 2001 Edge. It has the 4.0, Edge-plus pkg (flareside, 6 CD changer, tilt and cruise), it is a light color (chrome yellow) so the inside does not get too hot, at least not like my dark blue car. I have not had any problem with the vinyl part of the seat, the AC works fast! I love this truck! The engine has loads of power, and sounds great too. The only complaint, and it is minor, is that the suspension is the same as the 4X4, even though it is only 2 wheel drive, this makes for a stiff ride.
  • I just purchased a 2k1 ranger s/c edge - auto
    with the 4.0-- there is a slight "thud"
    in the rear end when i acclerate lightly.
    anybody else have this problem?
  • Made the decision to buy the 2.3l xcab instead of the 2.5l or 2.3l regcab. Picked it up yesterday for 13.5k out the door at Portsmouth Ford in NH. My wife wanted the xcab for the dog. Impressions after 1 day: the clutch/tranny are much nicer than my wife's new subaru forester and so is the stereo. My wife's comment was "Gosh, I didn't think a truck would ride this nice".

  • I got my tranny fixed. But with this experience on the alumiun trannys aren't rebuildable. This was the 2nd time for my ranger and its mileage is at 28,000. The 1st time was at 10,000.
    Another thing I notice about these Ford Dealer Ships is the craftmenship of their mechanic's that work on our FORD'S. The mechanic's simply POOR. Some of these service dept's need a cleaning out of mechanic's who continusly fail at their job they are suppose to preform outstanding.

    In May of 2002 I am rid of both of my FORD'S. I find that when problems arrive that the dealers are less opt to help or investigate the nature. As this last dealer told me that after the 36,000/3 year waranty Ford has meet its obligation. (meaning) F.U.

    In the mean time I will keep both my Ranger and Taurus running till may and I will never buy another dam ford again.
  • I purchased a 1999 Ford Ranger XCAB about a month ago from a small dealership in TN. After couple of days driving I noticed the truck makes constant pinging and knocking upon acceleration. It happens only when truck is in gear ( this is a 5 spd tran. with only 30K miles) and accelerating. There is a constant banging that is felt through the gas and clutch padels as something were hitting them. I took the truck to my local Ford dealership and explain the problem, so they said to
    leave the truck with them. I was called that evening, the truck was ready to go. When leaving the dealership I noticed the
    problem was still there, so I went back to speak with the service adviser and he asked me to come back tomorrow and a transmission tech will ride with me to narrow down the problem. Next day the transmission tech takes the truck for a ride with me and says " oh you definetly have a problem" so the service adviser asked me could I leave the truck for couple days? so after TWO WEEKS my truck was ready or
    so I was told but guess what? they rebuilt my transmission
    and the truck is still pinging knocking and banging. I took it another Ford dealership they told me this 3.0 engine has ignition/ timing problem which Ford is trying to fix and as soon as they come up with a solution we will call you. Now I called the Ford CRC and they asked me nicely to take it back to the first dealership and they will recheck the concern.
    At this time they kept the truck for 3 more days and told me that this truck has throttle body knock and all the Ford Rangers have that, so I asked them to put it in writing but the manager at the service dept. told me he could not do so because this is considerd "normal operational vehicle". I have made 5 phone calls to Ford and the last time I was told to wait two more weeks "they are opening a case file about my concern"
    Notice they call it CONCERN not a PROBLEM.

    Any help or suggestions?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    A large percentage of Ranger 3L motors have ping.

    It's a well known problem. Obviously not well known to you before you bought the truck.

    Little can be done other than run higher octane gasoline. Go to mid-grade, hope this helps. If not, premium.

    This is a long-time problem with 3L, across many years through 1990's and into current production also.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    I was lucky enough to have discovered these truck boards before I got a Ranger. I bought a 4.0 to avoid the pinging problems. However, with the 4.0 you get knocks (probably piston slap) and shakes !! But, I will admit it is almost an ideal small truck motor to use with an automatic because it has such a flat torque curve. The 3.0 should respond to high octane; it will just cost more to run. But, that is still cheaper than getting another truck. One guy on here once mentioned using "additives", but I am sorry that I can't recall what brand. I assume it was an "octane booster" product. You might even try the high octane gas and/or booster just to DIAGNOSE that fuel in fact IS a cure. I also remember a guy saying he reduced ping by altering the INTAKE TRACT of the truck and using a different air filter. If I run across that post I will let you know.
  • It's just a tough working engine (Extended cab weight) with relatively high compression. All modern EFI vehicles adjust the ignition and timing depending on speed, acceleration, load, etc. So this 'pinging' occurs only during times of highest strain, either heavy acceleration, with payload, or up a incline.

    At a minimum use 87 octane(Some areas offer lower octane as "standard"). Try stepping up until your notice the problem going away.

    Anybody with a 3.0l have experience with reducing or eliminating the problem with small performance modifications? Exhaust, K&N, snorkle removal, pulleys, wires or plugs?

    Also please remember that there is a "Ford Ranger Problem" Forum available as well...
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    hearing all this and seeing Edmunds and other sites saying "spotty build quality" and such, have made me waver on my choice of a new s-10...are they really that bad?
    let me explain. i am looking for a new truck...a stripped down one which i can get great mileage and be able to do work on my house with and transport hunting and fishing supplies. i also commute quite a ways and i tend to hang onto vehicles and drive them until they sputter and kill themselves in the driveway for fear of going yet another mile. :)
    so my choices are Ford Ranger with the new 4 cylinder, and the s-10 with the 2.2.
    i want a manual tranny, air conditioning, cloth seats, and maybe a CD player. any suggestions or preferences? i could also use info regarding which engine is best.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    Stay away from both the Ranger and S-10. The Toyo with a 4 banger and 5 speed will give you 250 000 miles of highway driving with little trouble.
  • Buy a stripper Tacoma, get next to nothing in options, but it will be cheap, and will probably last a while.
    Buy a Ranger, for under 12,700 MSRP, get a clock, anti-theft alarm, tachometer, clock, and ABS standard. The only option I would recommend is the A/C and/or CD Player.
    On Tacoma, the base model starts at 12,300 MSRP, but if you add ABS brakes ($590), you have to also purchase power doors and windows (additional 500). A 3 dollar digital clock in the base Tacoma costs 82 bucks. And if you add Intermitant wipers (standard in Rangers, which you probably want more than just "ON" or "OFF" wipers) the wipers must come with tilt wheel in Tacomas for another $245 bucks. $439 is the cost of the passive anti-theft alarm, another standard in Ranger.
    Grant total of comparably equiped "Base" vehicles(no A/C, no CD player):
    Ranger: $12,695 MSRP
    Tacoma: $14,196 MSRP

    And the A/C costs $985 in Tacoma. In Rangers it is standard for the Edge and XLT models, but is a $650 option for the XL.

    Don't let the disenchanted fool you, I've been driving a '93 with 2.3l automatic for close to 8 years, and have over 137 thousand miles on it, and the valve cover has yet to be taken off. Still get over 21-22 MPG in the city. I'm 24 now, and this was my first vehicle purchase. And at age 16, you can imagine the abuse and torment I subjected this vehicle to. Ranger's are no slouch when it comes to long-term reliability.

    If you want safety, look at the crash ratings for 2001.
    But test drive them, and make your own informed decision. That's the best way to go.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    With the $2500 rebate I am considering the purchase of a Ranger XLT 4X4 Supercab with 4.0L and auto. What I want to know is what is the real world mileage of this truck by it's owners?
    Any insight as to mileage and experiences is appreciated.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    2001 4.0 xlt 4x4 5 speed auto with 16 inch wheels and LSD and open bed (I think it is 4.11 diff): highway at steady 65 is about 19 mpg [this truck has 18700 miles on it]. this truck is owned by a fellow teacher friend.

    My truck, ditto above except is is the 2000 pushrod 4.0, with a cap, and higher gearing with 15 inch wheels: highway at steady 65 is also about 19 to perhaps 19.5. Overall average for each truck is about 15 to 16 mpg. My truck only has 13K on it, and mpg has improved with more miles. I am trying to sell it to buy a full 1/2 ton truck, which IMHO, will get as good, if not BETTER, mpg than the ranger. Good luck. (The 3.0 will do better on gas by about 1 to 1.5 mpg if you can put up with the pinging).
  • I just bought a new ranger myself in may buy I've only got the 4x2 and I seem to average 21 miles a gallon with 80% highway driving. And by the way the new 4 liter seem to get better mileage than the 3.0 liter.

  • Moparbad,

    I have 2k1 supercab 4.0L 5spd auto 3.55 rear-end. Just turned 6K miles, mostly city driving with A/C on. I'm running 17-18 MPG. Haven't really had on hi-way for more that just a few miles.
    Pretty lousy compared to my 90' 2.3L 5-sp. But it makes me smile when I put my foot in it......
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