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Ford Ranger III



  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    I'm getting about 17mpg around town in my old 2.8L V6 Ranger 4x4 5sp & I'm pretty sick of it. I'll probably pick up a Ranger with the new 2.3L 4cyl at some point. Unfortunately, it looks like you can't get the 7' bed with the 4cyl! I hope Ford changes their mind about that. I really can't predict where gas prices will be in, say, 5 years, so I'm going to play it safe with the 4cyl. I tend to keep my trucks/cars for at least five years.

    The Ranger would be perfect for a hybrid gas/electric like they're developing for the 2003 Escape. If this system was available today at a reasonable cost I'd consider it.
  • I have a '95 Ranger and the 'dinger' is driving me crazy. When I start the engine, the light stays on and the dinger "dings" for quite a while. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, what can be done to 'stop the noise'?
  • davidb72davidb72 Posts: 174
    Spray WD40 inside the door latch, both sides. The switch inside there is getting stuck.
  • david6david6 Posts: 75
    Amazingly, Ford is cutting costs by only providing certain packages in the 2001 Rangers, so it's no longer easy to tailor to your tastes. I've said to the salesmen, "Hey, with this approach, I might as well buy a Toyota. After all, everybody always gripes about having to buy options packages with them, now Ford is doing it, too."

    A casualty of this seems to have been the choice of rear end in the 4x2 Rangers.

    I cannot pick the gearing or whether I want Limited Slip Differential . . . and I do! Maybe they'll offer it later, but I wouldn't expect that, so I'm going ahead anyway. Dammit. I'll be investing in some sand bags for this winter I guess.

    They do offer LSD on the 4x4 2001 Ranger, however. So close . . . yet so far.

    And I'm getting the 4x2 with the 4.0/auto (which you can only get in one fully loaded package) - I can only hope that the 3.55 that I'm forced to get helps with the fuel consumption.
  • List price, top of the line Ranger 4x4 extended cab -- around $23K.

    List price, top of the line Toyota Tacoma 4x4 extended cab -- around $28K.

    Of course that's not all of the cost involved. The Ranger, for example, would need serious cash investment (another $2-3K worth), such as new tires, new wheels, airlockers for the differentials, etc. to make it a serious off-road machine, while the Tacoma is a serious off-road machine as-is. But even so, the $$$ is enough to make me seriously look at the Ranger, despite the poor quality, old engine design, etc. I don't plan on doing serious off-roading in a $20K+ pickup truck anyhow -- I may be a highly paid computer professional, but not to the point where I can afford to destroy $20K toys on jeep trails!

    For those complaining about the lack of development dollars put into the Ranger: Ford could afford to hike the price of the Ranger and make it a state-of-the-art small truck. Or even state-of-1995 small truck (the Tacoma was introduced in 1995). But that is not what they sell the Ranger as. They sell it as a cheaper alternative to things like the Tacoma and Dodge Dakota, and apparently it's working, because the Ranger remains the best-selling small truck.

    Personally I prefer the Nissan Frontier. Not quite as uncomfortable as the Tacoma, not quite as bloated as the Ranger. Alas, I seem alone in that opinion. I am reluctant to purchase a truck that seems as seriously snubbed by truck aficiandos as the Frontier is. If I'm interested in after-market goodies for my truck (hey, a boy has to have his toys :-), well, I gotta have a truck that other people like to buy goodies for... Frontiers appear to be bought by rather prim folks looking for bare-bones functionality out on the ranch, whose idea of a truck accessory is a load of firewood. Maybe the new XTerra-derived look for 2001 will change that. But at the moment, that's still speculation.

  • Well everyone, I received my 2001 Ranger this week. It is an XLT 4x4 4 door supercab. It was ordered with 4.0 SOHC, 5 speed auto, "off road" package, towing package, 6 disc in dash deck, etc. etc. It is black with tan interior. First thing I did was take it down to my local Les Schwab tire dealer and got 31x10.5 15 tires on Claw wheels to replace the P rated Firestones. Mucho better! Only had to make minor adjustments to the front mud flaps for clearance. (the 31's are shorter but a little wider on the 15x8 RWD offset wheels. The SOHC motor is a godsend! My wife had a similar '99 with the old 4.0 and it was a little under powered for my likeing. There is no comparison to the 3.4 Tacoma I sold awhile ago. (sorry Taco' owners) The improvements in interior noise reduction is very noticeable also. It is a little thirsty though. turbocat.
  • Turbocat,congrats on your purchase. I like the new rangers Saw one yesterday on the road for the first time,it was a white xlt 4x4 sc beauty!Dont like those junky plastic bed things,why didnt ford make them flat and smooth like the F series? Thats the only thing i dont like.LOL with it i have 122,000 miles on mine and still going strong.
  • When ever i hit the brakes hard,like panic stopping,the ABS light comes on and the red parking brake comes on.It just started doing this yesterday,anybody ever have this problem? Thanks Shawn
  • Thanks. I already removed the plastic bed siderail covers. (They are held on with clamps and adhesive tape) I think Ford wanted to make the side rail protectors look like the hard tonneau that is available on the Edge. I couldn't order the tonneau from Ford, it is not a factory option on XLT. Only the Edge. I work at a Ford dealership, and I can't even order the hard tonneau through parts. So I ordered an after market fiberglass one. It will look better anyway , in my opinion. On your ABS, if your light comes on, there is a problem in the system. I'd have it checked out.
  • thanks for your advice on the abs problem. shawn
  • I had the same problem .. when applying the brakes at more than a "moderate" level, the light would come on and stay. Turned out to be the brake fluid level .. was low. My Ranger was a '94 and this is the first time I've added any fluid .. typically I like to have the pads checked at about this point too.
  • In response to dmould, keep your eyes open for the Ranger "Thunder."

    And referring to the off-road capabilities of the Ranger (e l green), there's the new off-road version coming out 1Q 01 that will be trail-ready right off the line. Not hard-core, but enough for your average joe.
  • Anyone know when the new engine will be out & if I'll be able to get a 4 door automatic transmission with it. I really need a truck or suv but I would like to keep the gas mileage as good as possible.

  • dmoulddmould Posts: 76
    jfowlerjr - The site notes that the 2.3 will be in B-series (Ranger twin) trucks built after Jan, 2001. Go check out the web site for configurations details.
  • dmoulddmould Posts: 76
    I test drove the 2001 Mazda B-4000 4x4 during my lunch hour. I was definitely impressed by this drivetrain. The SOHC motor is smooth. The new manual transmission was a bit notchy, but the throws were shorter than my 1989 Ranger 2.9L 5-speed. I think the shifting would loosen up a bit with time. Nice, easy clutch action. The engine pulled good, and I didn't hammer it hard.
    I really only want a 2wd, and they will have one in soon. Both 2wd (3.55) and 4wd (3.73) 4.0L trucks here in Canada come standard with Limited Slip axles.
  • david6david6 Posts: 75
    Well, I know that here in the U.S. we have to CHOOSE the LSD for the 4x4, and as I've said, it doesn't seem like even the option is available on the 2wd. I can only hope that they are making it standard on the 2wd as you say Ford is doing for Canadians, but I don't think so.
  • david6david6 Posts: 75
    I just checked out Edmunds description of the Mazda "B4000 DS 2WD CAB PLUS 4" which looks comparable to the Ranger XLT X-cab I want. It lists the Limited Slip! Why, why, why doesn't FORD give me a limited slip?! (Obviously, I'm annoyed right now)
    The worst part is that the Ford dealer is giving me a good deal because of various reasons, and I wouldn't be likely to get it at a Mazda dealer. And I prefer the Ford styling, but this revelation is making me stop to consider things again. Dammit.
  • david6david6 Posts: 75
    So, after much research and a visit to a Mazda dealer, I'm finding that Mazda has a version of the B-series called the Dual Sport (DS) which is like a 2wd Ranger Edge. The big difference is that the Limited Slip is standard on this truck, along with a tow package and the 4x4 ride height. I could add a couple of options to match the 387A package I want to get on the Ranger. This truck would cost me about $750 more at invoice than the Ranger, and now I'm not sure if it's worth it - maybe I should switch to getting the Mazda and the LSD. But I don't really need the tow package, and I don't really want the 4x4 stance. Plus I can get a discount of $500 and decent financing at Ford, and I like the Ford dealer I'm working with.
    I guess I'll never know how much I need that LSD until I get the truck without it. I'll probably go see if the Mazda dealer can compete much more price-wise, and if not I'll go place my order at Ford. Any thoughts?
  • Looks like a better deal than the edge, plus you can get the power package...but they are hard to find!
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    I was at a light waiting for it to change sitting in my 98 Ranger XLT and along side a green DS pull up this was a 4X4 because of the blaring stickers it had all over the thing as well as the dualsport stickers just screaming out at everyone. Impressed, no, it looked like any other Mazda B series truck, with its terrible looking grill.
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