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Acura TL/TL-S Color Combinations



  • Try this link....there really isn't much out there to look at the Taupe interior (which is probably why you posted :) ).

    The bottom 2 pics on the right are the taupe (it's a Type S pic by the emblem on the bottom spoke on the stearing wheel). Look slike dark grey carpet and headliner. dColors.jsp&makeid=1&modelid=7&year=2008&myid=&acode=&mode=&aff=national

    I'm having my Black w/taupe Type S shipped in. Was supposed to be here today...just found out it won't be here until at least Wed. ARRRRRRGG.

    Happy Holidays and Good luck with the car.....I have done the research and I couldn't come up with a better value than the TL Type S right now.

    Very Happy in the ATL.
  • Purchased a 2007 TL Type S in November 2007 in Kinetic Blue Pearl with the two tone interior with ebony and silver trim. Awesome color and interior!! After much research and prior positive experience with Acura products, through a two week negotiation process, achieved a great deal. What a great automobile,such power, technology and so much fun to drive. Cannot wait to get through the break-in period and open it up. Agree with the last post, this brand and model is a phenominal package at a affordable price.

    Happy New Year from Atlanta, GA. We are getting the rain we desperately need!
  • Bought an 07 TL-S Manual in the Moroccan Red Pearl with the black and silver interior I think it's a great combination. Now if ever stops snowing I'll get to drive it! Anyone know a good window tinter in S. WI or N IL let me know. Thanks
  • Just bought a 08 TL-S in CBP/Taupe. The CBP looks AMAZING with the TL-S rims....nuff said.
  • willis3willis3 Posts: 76
    Agree. :) I have the same exact color combination.
  • I have an Acura TL 2006 w/ 20K miles and there has been a noise in the back where the speakers are since I got the car. I took it to Acura and they could not hear it at the time but replaced the speaker. It's not the speaker and worse. You can also hear the noise softly when stereo is off sometimes but more prominent when on. It makes a voom, voom, voom sound even when played softly. I have all settings on C. Woofer, base, everything trying to figure it out. Not a great radio to listen to. Acura can't seem to find problem however they are only in the car for a few seconds. Can anyone suggest what the problem is. I want to take it back (we have very few dealerships around) but it's a long trip and I would like to pinpoint the problem first unless I can easily resolve it. You can also hear it if you open the back trunk - underneath the lid - boom - boom boom.. Pls help! It's not pleasant to listen to.
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