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Hyundai Accent Real World MPG



  • radar1radar1 Posts: 25
    Mine is an 05 hatchback, stick shift.
    I consistently get between 34-38 US MPG. I don't count the first tank which was only 29 because the dealer filled that one and probably not to the top. My daily commute used to be 5 miles each way in rural 45 MPH zones in OK, but now is 24 miles each way in high speed traffic in GA (normally cruise with traffic at 75-80 MPH).
    Car runs great and I have had no quality issues at all in 30,000 miles.
  • Three tanks have turned in 32, 32 & 30.7 MPG in mixed backroad, highway & city driving for my wife's 2 door 5 speed Accent.
  • Further gas tanks following my 1/6/2008 post are 30.2, 30.9, & 29.7MPG.
    Sure hope these lowering gas MPG numbers are due to no trips other than work & temperatures getting colder. Also hopefully, ALL these low MPG numbers are due to lower energy winter mix gasoline. The MPG better not get any lower.
  • I encourage every Accent owner to compile their MPG data with the gov'ts fuel economy website. Few Accent owners do compile data with

    When you gather your data at that website, you get a line graph that easily compares differences in MPG that you get. With the notes you can add, you can see WHY the diffrences in your MPG are occurring, whether it be differences from cold or hot weather, low energy winter mix gasoline as opposed to high energy summer mix gasoline, A/C or no A/C, styles of driving, car mods or running changes, or gasolines. If you let your data be compared to other owners, you can see how your car is compared with similar Accents.

    It really is an excellent website. Honda drivers seem to be the most users of the website. If more Accent drivers used the website, it would answer so many questions asked on this website about fuel economy.
  • Another excellent website for keep tracking of your fuel mileage is

    There is a Fuel Log on that site that you can use.
  • litesong1litesong1 Posts: 39
    My wife's Accent has a v.consistent 30 to 32MPG since Dec.2007 on low energy winter mix gasoline going to work with a mix of city, country & highway driving. The last tank was 35 MPG! I think it probably was the higher energy summer mix gasoline...possibly a bit of warmer weather too. We'll see if future tanks stay close to 35MPG or return to 32 MPG.
  • litesong1litesong1 Posts: 39
    After posting the 35MPG tank, I was sure that it was higher energy summer mix gasoline & low energy winter mix gasoline was over. But since then, the Accent tanks have returned to the same MPG as all the other winter tanks of gas, around 30 to 31MPG. Well! :confuse: My own Dodge Caliber is not rising in MPG either, but staying roughly about where the winter tanks have been. I wonder if winter mix gas has been extended into the spring since winter weather seems to be hanging on. Or they are adding an extra dose of bio-fuel ethanol in the gas.
  • misternomisterno Posts: 11
    I have a 2002 Hyundai Accent Hatchback and it has 61K miles on it. I just changed the spark plugs but wires did not have to be changed. Air filter is changed every 6 months and yet I am only getting 21mpg in the city and 33 on the highway.

    I use my car in the city 99% of the time and I think 21mpg is very low considering how small and light the car is. I drive very slow and rarely have sudden accelerations, basically I am trying to hypermile.

    I always took good care of my car and change the fluids and oil at the right time so why is this happening? Any suggestions?
  • radar1radar1 Posts: 25
    Trendmonger you make it sound like a government conspiracy and they lied to you about your Hyundai's gas mileage. Keep in mind all the EPA does is test the vehicles in a similar manner on the same test conditions. The results should be relative to each vehicle so if vehicle one gets 20 and vehicle two gets 30, then some drivers might get 10 on vehicle one and 15 on vehicle two whereas other more conservative drivers might get 25 on vehicle one and get 37 on vehicle two.
    The EPA sticker for your car based on the more accurate test reports this year show a 28 MPG average for a 2007 Hyundai and only 21 for your 93 Altima (assuming both are automatics). If you were consistently getting 21 on your Altima, and less than that on your Hyundai, then it appears there is something wrong with your individual car. Actual drivers are reporting a 27.7 average on their 2007 Accents on the EPA website, so that's pretty darn close to what the EPA is reporting.
    I'd be curious to know where you drive that the traffic has remained the same over a 20 year period, I know every road I take grows an extra stop sign every few months, or an extra traffic light that wasn't there 20 years ago, and with 3 cars per household now compared to 1 or 2 twenty years ago, there are a lot more cars on my daily drive too, all of which combine for worse fuel mileage. Fortunately, my 2005 stick shift accent still gets 37 MPG each tank, so I'm happy.
  • hdvideohdvideo Posts: 1
    I have no clue what all these other drivers have loaded in there hyundai accent hatchbacks? But I have a 2007 SE that I drive like an old lady on downers. I get 35 and sometimes 37 mpg. Yes you heard me correctly. I have to drive mostly up hill for 105 miles before getting on flat land when I drive back and forth to LA. I also must drive 40 miles up hill coming back and trust me that is not easy in this car.

    I drive the speed limit here in CA. on hwy 5 and I drive from one house to the next with 1 luggage of video equipment of 2 FX1 video cameras and 1 tripod. I have another bag of Nikon D100 camera, 3 lens, another tripod, steadi cam (which weights 3 pounds) 6 boxes of mini dvd tapes. A 15” macbook pro with 2 ex drives and another big bag of pants, shoes etc. All of this weighing about 100 lbs. I weight 145 lbs. These bags are placed in the back seat left and right side and the other bag in the middle of the hatchback area. The laptop on the front seat. People are driving 80, 90 and way over 100 mpg on hwy 5 and they pass me up like I am standing still, but guess what, I get there at the most 5 minutes later and I don't waste gas and I get zero tickets.

    I get amazing mpg becauae I do not drive 80 or 90 mph. I drive 65-70 mph period. People get a grip, this is not a benz, it is a small little city car that if driven under 70 mph you can get really good mpg. I have done this dozens of times and yes gas is much higher then it was last summer but still I get 35 and sometimes 37 mpg.

    If you start to push this car over the limit by driving faster you will get 28-31 mpg. You have to drive this car how it was designed, s-l-o-w and do not push it to drive faster than it was designed. I used to own a E320 2001 and yes it had amazing power, but it was only getting 17/22 so if you drive like I do then you should get amazing mpg.

    I also have the same car in Europe and get even better mpg because it is not gas it is Diesel.
  • misternomisterno Posts: 11
    I don't know why I am getting 21mpg mine is automatic shift maybe that is why.
    Or maybe that little override button is always pressed on??

    What do you think?
  • fastrunnerfastrunner Posts: 38
    I really like the look of the Hyundai Accent Hatchback, and the price, and the warranty, etc. My biggest problem is the low mpg owners are getting.
    I currently own a 2007 Yaris Hatchback, and I am please with the mpg. I am considering another new car, but the Accent mpg should be better than it is.
  • The Accent is a great car and I have no idea why people are getting such low mileage. I've had mine (an automatic) for just about two weeks now and I have been getting a solid 30+ on my first two fill-ups.
  • kuripotkuripot Posts: 2
    I don't understand the poor mileage some Accent owners are getting either. Mine is a 3 door manual 2008. My first tank netted 33 mpg and the second got 34 mpg. Thats with about 70% highway driving around 65 mph. I expect even better results after break-in and synthetic lubricants.

  • misternomisterno Posts: 11
    well I don't know why I am getting 21mpg in the city. Next thing I will do, is to change my fuel filter. Then I will post the results here.

    I think my car has a problem, this all happened after I used the tank all the way till it was empty last year. Then, it started to have startup problems so I used Gumout and the problem went away but low MPG stayed. I don't know the MPG before this incident.
  • wanteconwantecon Posts: 11
    I have a 2007 Accent. The Sticker which is based on the UNREALISTIC EPA criteria for the 2007 model year states 32 CITY and 35 HGWY.
    Until now, I have NEVER after 21,000 miles gotten anywhere near the EPA estimates. First of all let me state that I ACCURATELY check my MPG's by totally filling the tank and resetting the trip odometer to 0 then driving on the tank and then refilling to the top and then divide miles driven by gallons filled to the top.

    OK, here's what I have found works in my case to improve milage. I am not advocating it's use for anybody but myself, but I can tell you it works for me. My Accent is a 5speed manual tranny and I'm sure that most of you others that have the same model year with a manual gearbox can attest to the fact that 5th gear is geared WAY TOO LOW for the 65 mph speed limit on the highway. Sometimes it almost seems that it feels as if I am still in 3rd when on the highway, ...but I'm not. My wife suggested when going down hills in what would normally be 5th gear, to drift down the hill in NEUTRAL instead.....with the engine ON , of course. As a result of her suggestion, this tank got me the highest MPG ever posted since we owned the car. 37.61 MPG!!!

    My other car is a VW Passat TDI at 296,000 miles and I always get 45 + on that car which even with diesel being $1.00 + per gallon still is more economical than this little pod of a car and might I add a whole lot safer for my kids to be in the back seat as well. Man, I remember when I had my 92 GEO Metro and CONSISTENTLY GOT 45 + and now we try desperately to eek out over 30mpg. And car manufacturers brag about highway milage at 30!!?? WTF? :mad: :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Might want to be careful with that technique.. not only is it unsafe (since you lose control of the car with it in neutral), but at least in some states it's illegal to coast downhill in neutral.
  • radar1radar1 Posts: 25
    You didn't mention what year or trans you had in the Passat TDI, but the 98 manual trans was rated at 50 MPG Hwy, so at 45 MPG even that gets less than the EPA rating for you (if that's what you have). Although coasting will improve MPG slightly, I doubt if the coasting would actually add very much to your MPG. One of my cars has an instant MPG readout, and although that one gets about 27MPG overall, it will exceed 99MPG going downhill without coasting so the downhill sections do not hurt your MPG even if the revs remain the same, because you're not pushing the gas pedal down.

  • wanteconwantecon Posts: 11
    I'm sorry, yes the 98 Passat TDI manual tranny was rated at 50 MPG, but I have a 1997 manual rated at 38 and 47. I get a combined 45 with AC. I use the SCANGUAGE II to calculate exact instant, current and tank milage as well as many other engine functions. Just having that guage has improved my fuel economy and I recommend it to everyone because it encourages good driving habits and is NOT the same as the OEM driving computers that come with many cars. Well worth the $159 pricetag. Additionally, I use the "pulse and glide" method to maximize economy. Pulse and glide is not possible on the 2007 manual ACCENT simply beacuse of the low 5th gear ratio.
    I will be going on trip to DC this weekend in the VW and will be getting 50 + on the HGWY using alternative fuel as I have done for the last 8 tanks which costs me about $.50/ gallon to make. I am not a shill for any company, so if anyboby is interested please look it up on the internet. Sorry about mentioning Scanguage by name.
    Regarding the coasting, like I said... It works for me and I do not suggest it for everyone. However, I must disagree with you in that you must not be familiar with the 2007 tranny. IT IS JUST SIMPLY GEARED TOO LOW! YOU MUST ACCELERATE DOWN A HILL ON THE INTERSTATE to keep it from slowing down. Coasting does improve speed DRAMATICALLY....PERIOD. Check out some others' post on this thread from those who have the 2007 with manual trannies. I have literally taken it out of gear and re-shifted into 5th thinking that I put it in 3rd by mistake. I understand the engine is not under load going down hills in gear, but the low 5th gear ratio simply acts as a brake which in turn causes the driver to HAVE TO accelerate to keep up to hghwy speeds, which in turn DRAMATICALLY decreases fuel efficiency because the engine must be PUSHED to go DOWN a hill. Once again, you MUST PUSH THE GAS PEDAL DOWN, unlike you posted. Yes, it is that bad because it is geared THAT low in 5th. I hope I'm making my point, it geared that low my friend.

    As for the safety issue, I'm not sure if I buy that either. If evasive action is needed the driver needs to shift into gear. Let me add this caveat to my previous statements... I do not recommend this coasting technique in and inclement weather such as rain, snow or sleet.

    As for legality, I guess if I'm ever driving with a policman in my car I won't use the technique either. LOL

    In summary , with kids and wife in the car I never got over 31 mpg with the tires inflated to 95% of maximum allowed pressure. Now, with this coasting method with wifey and kids in car for most trips, I got 37.61 on this tank.
  • misternomisterno Posts: 11
    Back to my MPG problem

    2002 Accent Auto Transmission, hatchback 1.6 Engine

    I think I need to have the following done; spark plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter, cleaning the throttle, check the o2 sensor..

    Anythingelse I should do? 21mpg in city 33 mpg in hwy

    somebody on a different folder said he cleaned the carberator. This car does not have carberator does it?
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