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Caravan/Voyager Warning Lights & Problem Codes



  • I have a 2002 Grand Caravan that this weekend started having some weird electrical problems. When coasting, the illuminated boxes around the gears (PRNDL) all lite up as well about two seconds later the lights for the ABS, air bag, and just about every light on the dash. About 2 seconds after that, the headlights will turn off. The weird thing is when you press the accelerator, everything goes back to normal.

    Any ideas?
  • guitarzan3guitarzan3 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    There is a warning light that I've never seen that came on last week. Then just today the headlights and tail lights started blinking and the only way to get them to stop is to unhook the battery. Not sure if they are related. What is that warning light? It's not oil, it's not brakes, it's not anything I've ever seen. It's on the right side.
  • vsvaidvsvaid Posts: 1

    I was checking the internet site to see if I can find solution to my problem. I saw your posting. I have the same problem with my Dodge Carvan 2006.
    Were you able to fix the issue?

  • I have a 2008 dodge grand caravan and last week ALL of my indicator lights came on including all the indicators that show what gear you are in were highlighted. You could not tell what gear you are in. I made it home and turned the engine off. I grabbed my code tester to see what the issue was, but the engine wouldn't turn over nor could I get the code. Took battery in for test and it was fine. Towed it to dodge and they said it was the battery. I was pissed but replaced it anyways. Got the vehicle home and all was fine. Today had the same damn issue. Has anyone had this happen? Logically speaking, its not the starter because it fired up with a new battery. Its not the battery because it is new. Testing the battery, it reads 12v. Im charging the battery now, so if it won't start after that, it has to be a computer issue because im not relying on the alternator to charge it! Can anyone give any advice?
  • semockrsemockr Posts: 7
    Your onboard cpu might be hosed, I had a problem starting my 95 Voyager at Home Depot last year and replaced the cpu.
  • Dash board issue is either loose wiring (e.g. ground) or bad IC chip set. It is not related to the
    oil light, my wife had both problems in our 98 Caravan and the best way to fix the dash board issue on an on going or temporary basis is the Fondz. Not sure of the spelling but the method works well. Just give it a wac with your fist on the dashboard panel. Works in our van every time. I believe though not yet proven the oil issue in our care is a bad sender unit. Out of time.
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