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GMC Yukon Reduced Engine Power message



  • I was just waking up when I heard this so some Information may not be accurate. But I DID hear them talking about how GM cars from I think 2004 up have been having issues with the engine cutting out while driving,, caused over 70 deaths, blah, blah, blah,, hopefully they figured out what the issue is and hopefully my car will be fixed. My anxiety has been so out of control having to drive this car on the highway for work everyday,, wondering when I am going to get killed. It happened again the other day, during a bad snow storm,, yup,, that was AWSOME,,, GM,, you suck!! Never again,,

  • I just checked and of course my Impala is not included in the recall,, unfair!!! GM,, you suck!! Going to trade y car,, never will I buy another GM product again,,,

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,166

    Hello All,

    If you have any questions regarding any open recalls on your vehicles, please feel free to send us an email to with your VIN included. We will be glad to look into this for you!

    Kristen A. GM Customer Care

  • I've already done that and it was useless. GM claims to not have had any complaints on this,,, useless!! I was told to call the national whatever it is to file a complaint,, did that and low and behold,, their system was down so they couldn't enter my complaint in,, sickening,,, just sickening. My lawyer is going to love this!!!

  • Of course my Tahoe is also not on the list. This is ridiculous already. The reduced engine power problem has been know for YEARS! Yet no one will fix it or even knows what the problem is. GM does suck. I totally fell for the commercial "my daddy's daddy had a Chevy" crap. Legacy of owning a Chevy is total crap. Never again!!
  • lynniewagslynniewags Posts: 1

    The worst winter in Chicago was also the worst winter with our 2004 Yukon Denali - after babying the beast for years, I have had it. The Check Engine light is on continually, the Reduced Power due to the Stability Control occurred Friday evening on the I94 with 4 kids in the car - almost gave me a heart attack. I read the posts from 06 and will bring to a reputable mechanic to check with Wiring Plugs on the Throttle Body, Front Abs Sensors. I was trying to get another 2 years out of the Yukon - but at this point, I will sell it for parts and buy a Ford. Between this and the Brake Lines snapping last summer - I am done. You would think GMC would be forthright on what people are reporting as "potential problems" and what they suggest as preventative measures that should be taken especially with late model vehicles. My truck wears with honor the badges of the places we have visited - ski trips, family vacations, road trips hauling the boat. This is leaving a nasty taste in my mouth and I am looking at other trucks instead of going back to the one I have enjoyed for so many years. 2 Potential Life threatening incidents in one year is a tough pill to swallow.

  • lalaleezalalaleeza Posts: 10
    Well this morning on good morning America they were saying GM is under investigation for another recall issue where the ignition switch fails and can cause death. The govt wants to find out what GM knew and when about this problem. I say their whole recall process needs the same treatment. They have known about this for YEARS and yet refuse to do anything. After we the people bail the auto makers out they have the audacity to just say, "sorry". Sorry isn't good enough for me when every time I try to drive my car I am wondering if I am buckling my children into a death trap!
  • squekiesquekie Posts: 2
    edited April 6

    '09 Yukon XL Denalli I too had this exact same problem as so many have mentioned. At first the "On Star" lady put me on the line with a GM Tech. They sent a tow truck , once at the Dealer I got a loaner truck . On Star Tech told me Throdle Body Housing and wiring , Dealer said the same thing, but gave me the not covered runaround. I walked over to the Ser. Mng. told him I had the extended Warranty and I DO NOT need this type of run around . I was advised to take the Truck and would be called the next day ? Strange I thought ? But to his word he called said it would take a week for parts ect. and I have a 100 deductible. I can live with that , so I looked up what was going on in this site and was SHOCKED . I feel lucky as Hell I am going to file with the NHTSA but thanking my lucky stars it didn't happen on one of the super busy Hwy. here around ATL. Yes I got it back in 7 days and charged $100.00

  • donewithgmsdonewithgms Posts: 24

    GM has known for years about the problems with these engines, but unless you bought your car after the bailout then GM doesn't have to do anything. It is the owners loss. Even after the bailout GM will most likely never do anything about the issues for the people who were unfortunate enough to purchase a GM truck. GM will not stand behind its products only its profits....same with the dealers.

  • lalaleezalalaleeza Posts: 10
    Ok so with all the recalls issued lately and all the known about problems that's GM didn't recall when are they going to recall the problem that we on this thread are having? C'mon GM. I KNOW YOU READ THIS THREAD! I know this because a GM rep has replied on here directly to me about my problem. You have known about this for years! Just like the ignition switch problem. I think we as consumers need to hold these corporations accountable for their products!!
  • squekiesquekie Posts: 2

    Sorry this site will not let meEdit my post. I want everyone to have the correct Info. this is a 2009 Youkon XL Denalli with 77,000mls when this problem happened.

  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 41,902
    edited April 6

    @squekie, I edited your post to change the date.

    So, I assume the dealer got the parts in for you by now. Any more issues?

    Minivan fan. Feel free to message or email me -

  • lalaleezalalaleeza Posts: 10
    Sqekie, I am so glad that your problem has been fixed. However, I have paid my vehicle off and there is no longer an extended warranty for not only me but many others. GM has had complaints and this is potentially a life threatening problem. It was swept under the rug just like the ignition switch problem. I constantly get the runaround from GM. It's not right. The ignition switch problem is just one of I'm sure many problems GM has not addressed. It's truly frustrating.
  • isalisal Posts: 1

    I have to say that my 2002 Denali just did the same power lost thing you guys are talking about. You all helped me fix the problem free. I just got back from Charleston SC and now know why I had the problem. The roads are like a washboard and loosened my battery cable or cables. I tightened the cables, started the truck and has been fine for 2 days. Make sure you buy a side post battery wrench or you will never get the cables tight......Thanks again I isAL

  • 07xl07xl Posts: 1

    I have a 07 yukon xl and this just happened to my wife(loss of power and service stabilitrack). I checked on you tube for a fix and got several, looks like it may be faulty wiring on the throttle body.

  • So iv been having the same issue, So far i have replaced the TAC Mod, gas peddle, Tac wiring and throttle body. It is very aggravating to spend so much on a car only to know its going to fail on you!!!
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