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GMC Yukon Reduced Engine Power message



  • I have a 2003 Denali that first about 3 weeks ago my speedometer broke. Just doesn't work anymore. I've read this is a common problem and there is a civil lawsuit, but no recall on it and the car has to be under certain mileage which of course mine no longer is. About a week later my car dash lit up light a christmas tree and wouldn't start. All guages stopped. Had it towed to a shop where they said it was the battery. Had a new battery installed. Today I got in my car started it and got my check engine light on, A message saying reduced Power and traction stabilizer disabled. My husband is currently deployed and I drove cross country (literally coast to coast) to be with family during this hard time. And now my car won't work and I have to drive it back home cross country so I can get home before my husband does from Afghanistan but yet I can't even trust my vehicle going down the street. What is causing this? Any ideas to fix this? My husband and I really don't have the money right this second to fix it as I just traveled cross country for support and I just need to get back home so I can be there when my husband gets home.

    Any ideas would be great. Thank you
  • datsamoredatsamore Posts: 10
    I don't know much about the speedo, except that it is electronically driven verses cable driven.
    My 03 Sierra dash used to do funny things too. I went through battery after battery until I found the main ground strap bolt at the engine block, was loose. So, at least mention that to the repairman.
    My :Reduced power screen comes on and the truck goes into ;limp mode, no throttle response, probably once a day. I am reluctant to replace expensive parts only to still have the problem like so many other posters have.
    Its too bad Caron or other posters can't post a proven remedy!
  • teamradoteamrado Posts: 16
    Took my 03 Silverado to my GM dealer last year about the speedo problem and they told me GM had a campain to fix them and all I had to pay was a portion of the labour since my mileage was high. Had about 200,000 km on vehicle ( live in Canada) and cost me about $75.00 to have replaced. As for the reduced power good luck have same issue with 03. Comes and goes whenever it wants too. Not sure what to do about that issue.
  • jtm204mjtm204m Posts: 1
    Same problem re "reduced engine power" for a third time. Comes on w/o warning. This seems dangerous to me. Had throttle body replaced last time. Anyone interested in a class action suit?
  • breze022breze022 Posts: 8
    This is a serious problem and gmc doesn't care until some one really gets hurt.I actully found out it's may be the pass lock going into disable mode causing the truck to lose power..I'm having this problem after I turn off my truck it's goes into system disable mode and then I have to wait ten minutes with the truck on acc mode then it will crank up
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. Have you brought the vehicle to a GM dealership to be diagnosed? Please keep me posted.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • sickofrepsickofrep Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 1500 HD Chevrolet Silverado. Bought this truck new and as of right now it has 183,225, miles on it. I started experiencing the dreaded REDUCE ENGINE POWER around 120,000 miles. When it first happen I rushed down to local Chevrolet dealership. Was told the cluster/instrument panel was bad and my throttle body needed replaced and this was what caused the REDUCE ENGINE POWER. So spent a couple grand to have the “bad parts replaced” and like any normal consumer I expected that to solve the problem. Well needless to say it didn’t fix a thing. I bet it’s been taken back to the dealer 20 times in 3 years and to this day still no fix. I’ve had wires replaced, grounds replaced, another throttle body replaced and other things that haven’t fixed this major problem. I can drive the truck for months and it never happens, then out of the blue REDUCE ENGINE POWER again. The REDUCE ENGINE POWER comes on when rains, when it’s dry, when it’s hot, when it’s cold, when the heater is on, when the a/c is on, when the radio is on, when everything is cut off, when the fuel tank is full, when fuel tank is empty and whenever it feels like it. In the last 5 days of driving my truck it has gone into REDUCE ENGINE POWER mode 28 times. I believe Chevrolet Corporation knows this is a major problem and they just don’t know how to fix it. Reason I believe this is I’ve called other dealerships, asked them if they have had any issues with REDUCE ENGINE POWER been told no hasn’t been a problem here. So for anyone asking why I haven’t taken it to another dealership to have them work on it, that’s why: I know for a fact they are lying by saying they haven’t had any issues. Just look at all forums on the internet, you can see how major this problem is and we are suppose to believe Chevrolet when they tell us “know hasn’t been an issue with us”, I say BS.
    I think this problem could be something involving fuel. It could be the fuel injection, fuel pump or just the cheap gas we now have to put in our tank. What I did during my lunch time today was put some fuel injection cleaner in the fuel tank, then went and put $30.00, worth of no ethanol fuel in the tank. Driving back to work after this the engine light didn't come on and no reduce engine power mode either. I have my fingers crossed that this does the trick, but I kind of doubt it.
    If anyone out here has any ideas that may help I would greatly appreciate it. I will post how the no ethanol fuel works for me.
    My codes have been: P120, 220, 1515, 1516 & 2135.
    Also, For what it's worth I did file a complaint with the NTSB.

  • donewithgmsdonewithgms Posts: 24
    edited July 2011
    Hello Jtm204m, the apologies will sound familiar,but in the end unless your tahoo is still under warranty, GM Customer Service will do nothing to help you.

    By the way, my customer service agent as not returned any of my calls requesting an update on any resolution that GM has come up with to solve the problem.....even though they have my phone number and my file number.
  • mark278mark278 Posts: 4
    i've owned my 2003 gmc yukon denali now for 9 years and it now has 280000 miles on it. I took it back to dealer alot when it was under warranty for the reduced engine power light and service stability. the service stability i later fixed at about 100000 miles by tighten the intake manifold gasket down some but it done the reduced engine power a few times a year sometimes more often up until about 270000 miles and i replaced the throttle body and the oxygen sensor and it hasn't done it since.all i had to do was pull over and turn it off and crank it back up after the reduced engine power light and it was fine. my gmc has only had the oil changed every 10000 to 12000 miles and radiator changed a few years ago and has not had any other maintenance done and still runs and drives like it did when it was new and doesn't use any oil so i would have to say that there has been enough good to make up for the reduced engine power.
  • joanne21joanne21 Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    I have this vehicle and it has 75000 miles on it. Does anyone know if the gas pedal module is covered on the 100,000 mile warranty? I know they did some changes in 2010 to the GM warranties. I also had the message engine reduced power, something about throttle control and traction control. The Gm dealership told me I need to replace the gas pedal module. Not sure if I like these newer cars.
    Thanks in advance.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. For specific warranty questions I would recommend contacting your local GM dealership as they are the best resource.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • I am interested in a Class Action Law Suit. Please let me know if anyone else is. My Yukon is completely dead. It has been in reduced engine power for over 50,000 miles. Wyatt Johnson GMC in Clarksville TN is a joke of a dealership. They say they've replaced everything from O2 sensors to gas pedal to gas cap and still can't figure it out. I've actually been in a wreck due to the vehicle going into reduced engine power. GM offered me a $4000 certificate towards FINANCING a new car. That is a joke. I will not settle for nothing less than a replacement vehicle. Pain, suffering, inconvenience. You have no idea what i have been through. Cutting out in the middle of the interstate. Busy traffic with my kids. Almost rear-ended at 70 mile an hour....and no loaner vehicle while GM engineers "look" at my papers....NOW, my truck sits dead at a Walmart parking lot and i have NO car. I can't take my son to a dentist appointment tomorrow, my 4 year old to preschool orientation....I need HELP.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. Since you have spoken with GM Customer Assistance could you please email me the case number? I would like to look further into your situation.

    You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • paco51paco51 Posts: 10
    I'm interesting in any law suit because I have the same problem I change the engine, transmition, throttler body, gas pedal module, catalytic converters , and still have the "REDUCED POWER ENGINE'
  • paco51paco51 Posts: 10
    I forgot to mention that I own a suburban 2004
  • paco51paco51 Posts: 10
  • My yukon was actually in an accident because of it going into reduced engine power. My claim was forwarded to Esis GM and I am waiting to hear from their 'engineer' and 'legal' who have taken a look at the 50 plus pages I had to scan in but no one has ever physically looked at this truck which is now DEAD. The dealership here, Wyatt Johnson, Clarksville TN is a joke. My truck was there over 25 times for reduced engine power and as you all know, reduced engine power, stabilitrak, etc comes and goes. If you turn your truck off, it may go off. It's like a never know when it will happen. Well, when I would take it to the joke of service dept while it was in REP, they would check it in and not look at it right then and there. So of course, when you turn it off, and look at it a day or two later, IT MAY NOT BE IN REP. That's what they reported to the engineers. But, tell me then, why did you replace motherboards, o2 sensors, gas pedal, gas caps, wire harneses, etc. REALLY? Liars. This has been going on for over 50, 000 miles and with it continueing and no solution being able to be permanently fixed, the car continued to decline. Most recently, when my Yukon would go into REP, it would just cut off no matter where we were and how fast. On the interstate at 70 mph...NO JOKE. Sometimes, it would take then 30 minutes to restart. All systems were failing all stemming from the continueing REP not able to be fixed. PLEASE start this class action suit. I feel my reply from Esis GM is not going to be a replacement vehicle. This is going to kill my family if we stay in it.....if it ever runs again.
  • ebonyhebonyh Posts: 5
    We have a 2004 GMC YUKON.  Since we've had it, Reduced Engine Power has become a constant and dangerous problem. Most recently, yesterday, my husband was trying to accelerate to pass a slower vehicle with huge tires on the back only to have this happen. If someone had been behind us, we would have been hit, seriously injured, maybe even dead with some of the circumstances we have had on the interstate. Today is August 23, 2011. We had this vehicle fixed on July 28, 2011, paying almost $600 for it to be taken care of. It says on the ticket that we told them about it and were under the impression this would take care of it.  They replaced the accelerator pedal assembly, which I believe included the app sensor, and cleaned the throttle body of excessive carbon build up.  After spending $500-600, I want to know why we are still having this problem along with so many others I have seen complain about it online? GMC has a KNOWN PROBLEM that needs to be resolved.

    This is the complaint I filed with NHTSA. I got in touch with an attorney today, and I filed a complaint with GMC yesterday. Please do the same, get a case number, and make them recall and replace these faulty vehicles. I write this as I sit in my local GMC dealer's waiting room. I am so sick of this happening. It is scary and completely unsafe.
  • paco51paco51 Posts: 10
    well I have the same problem, I complain to HTSA and to GMC I fine out in the internet that can be the Harness that's go to the throttle body I even change the engine in my suburban 2004 the catalytic converter and the throttle body, and the gas pedal module, and still the same problem, the GMC is telling me to bring it to the near dealership for diagnostic, but I'm not going to do that because they do not the problem and I will spend thousand dollars for nothing, please make complaints and get a lawyer
  • paco51paco51 Posts: 10
    I change the catalytic converter in my suburban for the same problem Reduced Power Engine and still the problem there
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