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Volkswagen Jetta Starting and Stalling Issues



  • kmr92kmr92 Posts: 3
    Well the problem had progressively gotten worse, it had gotten to where just sitting in park for about 10-15min it would die. So we went ahead and changed out the computer. So far it runs without dying on me, but now I have to change either the alternator or volt. regulator.
  • hallheidihallheidi Posts: 1
    COOLANT LEAK MIGRATION MAY BE CAUSING TONS OS ELECTRICAL/misc. ISSUES!!-I have been scouring the Internet looking for answers to my recently purchased used 2001 vw new beetle which intermittently stalls while driving... On the freeway or surface streets, it doesn't matter but it is very intermittent. After looking through the glovebox into all the repairs done in the paperwork, it looks like it has been an issue from the beginning of this car! Unfortunately we bought it "as is" from a private seller so there's nothing we can do about it. Anyways, we have taken it to a few different highly recommended mechanics specializing in foreign cars and even specifically VWs all to no avail. They even were able to reproduce the issue which scared them half to death when it stalled on them on the freeway. They too, reviewed all the previous repairs done changing everything from the throttle body to the mass air flow sensor and much more multiple times! They were unable to find any definitive answer and did not charge a penny due to being unable to diagnose and suggested taking to a vw dealer to hook up to their computer. Today after scouring the Internet for possible answers I came across one thing that finally sounds like a possible answer.... A coolant leak migration that can migrate as far as back to the tail lights! It supposedly is due to the reservoir design up to a certain year where the connector is tilted down in an angle that somehow can allow a leak to migrate all thought anywhere on the whole wiring harness and affect a plethora of things throughout the vehicle causing you to need to repeatedly replace parts over and over thinking it is defective parts when the actual cause is actually the coolant leak migrating throughout the whole car! We just found this possible idea today and I wanted to share to help others be aware of this possibility when you seem to feel there is no answer! I will update after my husband takes a look at all and we check where there may be any corrosion from coolant migrating to what areas and affecting electronics and other things, Heidi
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    edited July 2013
    The "Coolant Migration Problem" is well-known, easy to detect and easy to stop.

    The Technical Service Bulliten is dated April 2001 which proves how long it has been understood.

    However, a vehicle suffering from the symptoms of the "Coolant Migration Problem" may have too much damage to be financially feasible to correct.

    In other words, it is FARRR easier to be proactive and often check for "Coolant Migration Problem" than it is to FIX the damage it causes.
  • jetta2012jetta2012 Posts: 1
    Not sure if this will help at all but I have a 2012 Jetta that randomly shuts off when driving. I've had it in the shop numerous times and they couldn't figure out what was going on.

    Fingers crossed, I will be picking my car up again today and they think they may have found the problem. A software update was needed. The dealership contacted VW who told them they have been having a few issues with this and said after they run the software update the problem seems to be fixed.

    I love my Jetta, my experience with the dealership and VW has been the best I have received anywhere. I hope this fixes the issue and maybe can help you too!
  • carimaricarimari Posts: 8
    :blush: The Stalling Issue occured again last week. I have it on video because the dealership never believed me. When I called the dealership they wanted $120 to put it on the computer again.. since this never produced anything last year... I did want any sensible person would do... I now drive a Honda and am so happy that I don't ever have to worry about stalling issues again :) Good Luck, my heart goes out to everyone that has this issue!!!
  • I did 2 things that solved the issue:

    1. Removed the steering power sensor plug from the sensor.
    2. Changed the fuel pump (it was cracked, and hardly notice!).

    Since then i have no issue. Hope this solve your issue too.
  • tat2dqteetat2dqtee Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    Ok this is my first post so sorry if someone has already asked/answered this question but i have a 1999 jetta manuel transmission that will run fine for a short time then it will start sputtering and trying to die to the point that i have to pull over and kill the engine. After doing this it no longer wants to start and i have to sit and wait. At first it would start after just a few minutes now it takes any where from 30 minuts to an hour before it will start again. I have been told it is the fuel pump so. purchased a new one yesterday but before i put it in (cause it was $350) i would like to know if it might be something else. Please help a girl out. Thanks in advance. Oh i have also already takin it to have codes read to try and fimd out what it could be and it wouldnt communicate with the machine
  • cl002004cl002004 Posts: 1

    I had an issue where my key would not go in my 2005 Jetta ignition. I literally looked around the stuff in my car to check that I was in the right car. A locksmith came out to try to fix it, but they weren't able to. Ultimately, I had to get my car towed. The dealership quoted me around $700 to replace the ignition lock. I have no idea what was going on with my car? Was it something I did to somehow break it?

  • pickel62pickel62 Posts: 1

    I have a 2003 Jetta VR6: and my friend a 2002 Jetta, both cars stall if fuel level is at or under ¼ tank. After many Web search results I see many stories like mine, car stalls on Highway, traveling at speeds from 50 to 75. Sometimes I can feather the accelerator and will save from stalling but if not I have to pull over put the car in park and it will restart.

    This has been trouble on both cars for over 2 years, we never let the fuel get below ¼ tank. The tanks get flushed and filter replaced every two years but same problem. VW had done many tests but can’t figure it out. Someone said the fuel pump could over heat and shut off, that the gasoline keeps it cool, it makes sense when the gas is below ¼ tank that the pump is more above the fuel than under. If the manufacture had the pump designed with a low heat tolerance than maybe all the OEM replacement pumps and aftermarket pumps would react the same causing same failure and confusion after replacing one.

    In conclusion, I believe there are multiple diagnoses posted that are correct. More than one specific failure could cause the same symptom. I’m told by VW a faulty crank shaft sensor would typically cause a computer error code, they are either working or not unless it has poor connection. The tank is clean so I am going to try replacing the fuel pump with a more superior one pump like BOSH and not an OEM part.

    I’m curious as to the person that posted they used the BOSH pump and seems to have worked if this stall had resurfaced or not.

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    edited February 9

    Lets be clear, this car is over 10 years old and not worth a whole lot. It makes no sense to pour money into this 'problem' you describe.

    Personally, I would not waste much time nor money on this 'issue'. Since you have already diagnosed the problem as happening ONLY when the fuel-tank is less than quarter full.

    Hence, you have already figured out how to resolve the 'issue'. JUST KEEP THE FUEL ABOVE QUARTER FULL..

    End of problem, worries and no money spent.

  • I have a 2011 Jetta S that is having starting issues. Been at dealer 4 times. They can't repeat or get error codes. My lease is up today. I opened a ticket at customer care. Any advice? I took a video on my phone to have proof.

  • @unhappyvwown said: Mine never got fixed! I gave up and traded the 2010 in and the 2012 does it too! I am totally disappointed in VW. Story now is it is a "software issue" and that the NTSB has to bless the update before I can get the car to quit stalling in intersections... been about a year not, waiting... not happy!

    Did you get a new car? It's not you.

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