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Volkswagen Jetta Starting and Stalling Issues



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    it sounds as if you already spent a lot of $$ on it (timing belt, thermostat, water pump) & got a tune-up & oil change. I estamate this was over $400.

    However, they did not fix the original problem you took it in for. If it were me, I would take it back and be VERY explicit explaining that they did not fix the original problem and expect them to fix it. (you already spent a lot of money)

    Some shops will gladly charge you so they can perform all kinds of expensive tasks on your car... but the bottom line is that you are complaining about "Engine dying". You should hold them to fixing the original problem. Fixing your car should not be a "trial and error" exercize at your expense.

    Keep in mind that the battery light is EXPECTED to come on any time the engine is not running. This may not be a problem at all and instead is normal when engine dies.

    If the battery lignt is coming on BEFORE the engine dies, that would be a concern.
  • bobalou1bobalou1 Posts: 1
    so my 98 jetta's engine stutters on the regular and recently its been having this wierd problem where about ever 2-7 seconds as im driving forward the gas pedal cuts out and i have to play with the clutch to get it to accelerate again. it doesnt do this when i reverse only on forward. its a manual transmission
  • cevin7cevin7 Posts: 1

    my late model 99 jetta 2.0l wont start.

    If i open the door the clock and odometer start flashing. if i turn the key or turn on the head lights the dash goes blank.

    leading up to this the car randomly wouldn't start with out ether and at random times the check engine light would flash and the car would try to stall.

    battery is fully charged checked the cables etc...

    i am baffled.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • i have a 98' vw jetta. 2.0 automatic, ran fine until a so called professional put a system in. little did i kno my anti theft system ran through it. he told me it wouldnt affect anything,. now my car doesnt wanna start. it occasionally starts but other than that it wont. i tried putting the old radio back in and the problem still continued. i replaced the starter, ignition, and many more and still nothing. Can anyone help?
  • first start of day no issues, when the car is warn, sometime have to press on gas pedal to start?
  • It still wont work., i think it has something to do with the anti theft system running through it,. i paid 200 to put in the system and i think the guy cut or shorted out the wire for it. tried abs everythin the car only starts sometimes wen i jiggle the key in the door for 30 mins if that.. when the little red light is on by my locks. but most of the time it wont even work
  • cz3sn1cz3sn1 Posts: 2
    My car died and it will not start. It turns over, but will not fire. Sounds like it is not getting gas. Any ideas?
  • cz3sn1cz3sn1 Posts: 2
    How do you prime the carburetor in a 1994 Jetta?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    VW has been using fuel-injection since the 1970s..... hence, there is no "carburetor" in your 1994 VW.

    However, when you turn the key on, (not starting engine) you should hear the hummmm of the fuelpump which is located within the fuel tank. (It will hummm for about 4 seconds and stop if you do not start the engine.) It is the fuel-pump which "pressurizes" the fuel-system prior to starting the engine.
  • amo327amo327 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I just got a 2010 Jetta with a 5 speed manual. I've driven manual my whole life but have stalled the Jetta a dozen times getting into first gear in the two days I've had it. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Maybe I just need to get used to it but any suggestions would be great.
  • biomassbiomass Posts: 7
    Just keep your foot away from the brake when you apply gas
  • it usually happens after i drive it for 5 or 6 dies...i put it on park turn it off then turn it back on and it starts 8 times out of 10...i have had the fuel pump replaced a week ago and it is still doing does it when i have driven the car all day....does anyone have anyting like this happen to them
  • I have a 2006 jetta. i am wondering if anybody else has had the same problem i've been having.

    I've had to have my car towed 4 times in the past month to the dealership because my car keeps dying on me. and every time the dealership cant "duplicate the problem" so they send me on my way after keeping my car for 2-3 days, and like clockwork, my car will die again a week later and i'll have it towed back in.

    What's been happening is that i will be coming off of the interstate and will come to a light. after about 2 lights my car will feel like it cant kick into the 2nd or 3rd gear. and by the third stoplight my car will just lock up and die. a battery light will flash for a few seconds but that's all that happends on the dash. i can normally start my car back up and drive it into a gas station. but it will continue to shut off, flash the battery light. I will have it towed in to the dealership, and when they look at the car they cant find anything wrong. they drive it 40+ miles, called the vw techs, run tests..etc..and nothing. they replaced the battery thinking it may help. but nope. car died again. i have no idea what could be wrong. the vw dealership is at a loss too because they cant figure out what is wrong. i do not feel safe in this car, but i feel stuck with it. HELP!!!
  • We had a similar problem. Car would lose power on the freeway, not die but unable to accelerate 10 to 15 seconds later would get power back. In at dealer 4 x for them to look at. The 4th time they said they fixed it, I traded it in that very second. We bought another jetta and no problems, yet.

    Good luck.
  • This sounds like what is happening to my 2006 Jetta. It usually happens mid evening on my way home from work when i am getting off the interstate, and it will just die. i can normally start it up again but it will end up dying shortly after. My battery light flashes right before it completly shuts off. (just replaced battery, so this isnt the problem). the VW techs are baffled. they have no idea what is wrong with the car, because when they get a chance to look at it the next day after it was towed in, it is fine.
  • Try pushing up on the key slightly when starting in that siuation. differen temps can cause ignition problems in the switch, sounds crazy but try it
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    edited November 2010
    Your stalling issue is obviously not the battery - the reason the battery light flashes is thus...

    That is not a "battery" light... but a "charge indicator light". If the alternator is not charging the battery, then the lite comes on. When your engine is spinning sssoooo sssllooowwwlllyyy that the alternator is not putting out enough power, the light will begin to illuminate.

    In other words, that light has very little to do with your battery at all besides tellin you when it is not being charged.

    So - the real question is how does one troubleshoot such an elusive stalling problem?
    ANSWER - Use laptop computer to monitor critical engine sensors while driving. The computer will take a 'snapshot' of all sensor conditions every second or so.The next time the stall occurs, the computer will have "captured" all the data leading up to when the problem happened.

    The computer can graph all the data on the screen for human consumption.

    Any reasonably intelligent tech should be able to troubleshoot the problem using this technique.
  • I have a 2002 jetta and when I turn the car on it makes a sound that sounds like when you turn the key when the car is already on. What can it be?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    It could be the Starter
  • Sounds like a draw on the battery. Probably need to replace alternator. Consider also replacing door latch on driver's side. controls a bunch internal lights somehow.
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