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Dodge Ram Transmission Problems



  • randy3566randy3566 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Ram 1500 with 46re trans. While driving down the road at 60 m.p.h. the converter will kick out for a second or two and then return to normal.The r.p.m. raises about 200 r.p.m. and then drops back down.This seems to happen worse on rough roads.Does anyone have an answer?
  • phil81phil81 Posts: 2
    I have a 1996 1500 dodge ram pickup, auto trans. My problem is When I start off it seems like it is out of gear, then there is a slight bump into gear...
    Having a hard time going from 2nd to 3rd, early morning seems to do better... will go sometimes 1day or 2 real good, almost normal then back to acting up. I had a guy to work on the trans about 1 month ago, I think all he did was clean out (not sure) it ran real good about 1 month , now back to the same shifting problems. DO I NEED A NEW TRANSMISSION, I HOPE NOT....any help?
  • I have a ‘06 Dodge 3500 Cummins Diesel with a 5.9 engine. Yesterday I was towing my equipment (total gvw about 24k) and as I was going up a hill in tow haul on the interstate at about 65mph I heard the engine/transmission slip. It seemed as though the gears slipped and made a whining noise for a split second. I kept going and was noticing the engine/transmission noise had changed but still had plenty of power. After my job was done and heading back home I was going up another hill on the interstate and this time the rpm’s went to about 3000 and I could tell I lost some power. After I pulled over and checked the fluids I resumed my drive. This time I kept the truck at about 55mph and when I went up a hill lowered the mph so the engine would not drop into a lower gear. This seemed to work but I noticed the usual pleasant hum of the engine was not the same. Today I changed my oil and air filters (it was due), and the mechanic cleaned a “coil” that is under the transmission. The problem is still there. Any suggestions? I have about 72 k on the odometer.

  • usmc63usmc63 Posts: 1
    Help! Okay, I have a 2001 4x4 3500 Dodge Dually Diesel engine. All of a sudden out of the clear blue it started acting like it was out of fuel, then the engine stopped. I managed to get it off the road and even though my fuel gauge said I had 1/8 of a tank and the digital fuel gauge said I had 60 miles left, I went ahead and put 5 gal of diesel in it to eliminate that. Still wouldn't start back up.

    Towed it in and the guy checked everything out with the computer and said everything was okay. However, he had to vacuum out the fuel filter before he could get it to start again. The truck runs, but still acts like the truck is surging. Especially going uphill. It acts like it doesn't want to shift. However, if you tromp down on the accelerator peddle, it will shift.

    Now, to further complicate things. I took off the transmission relay switch and cleaned it off. The truck ran great, with no surging, for two days, then starting acting up again. I decided that must be the problem so I replaced it. It still does it! I really don't think it is the transmission but am at a loss as to what it could be.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    Coincidence? The gauges are all messed up, both the one on the dash and the digital one over the rear view mirror. Could it be electrical?
  • tamsguy62tamsguy62 Posts: 10
    Hi. I was just curious if you resolved your trans problem. I have the same problem, but still searching for an answer.
  • tamsguy62tamsguy62 Posts: 10
    Have you found a soulution to your trans proble ? I have the same problem with mine.
  • rdbartonrdbarton Posts: 4
    Not sure if you were asking me for a reply, but yes I did. Two sensors, vehicle speed sensor and the transmission speed sensor.
  • tamsguy62tamsguy62 Posts: 10
    Thank you. I'll check then next.
  • cwiseguycwiseguy Posts: 6
    I start my truck and take off. It shifts fine until I slow down or stop. Then it stays in first gear. I can get in it ten minutes later and the same thing again.

    NO CODES on the odometer or LIGHTS...

    I have first and reverse...

    I supposedly had the Governor solenoid and sensor changed as well as the filter and fluid and the same problem still exists.

    The Check-ball has been removed from the line too.

    Thanks, Cwise

    I am thinking a speed sensor or a TPS?
  • somaddsomadd Posts: 1
    my 99 1500 4x2 is all wacky the trans does not not shift at correct shift points when warm. lights are on in my dash but not trans lights it has had a trans flush, fuel injector cleaning,tune up, new speed sensor in pumpkin, new speed sensor in tail trans shaft, and still the problem is there this problem all started when my speedometer went out please someone help me before i go postal.I hate taking my vehical to a shop and get a diagnostic and get the same crap it could be this or that well how do i know what to fix not made of money ready to spend money to rebuild trans but im afraid its something electrical newrebuilt trans and still the problems there please help
  • I can't remember what it's called, but it's a plug that just screws into the tranny. Basically it's a sensor that tell the truck what the tranny temp is. Mine would read negative 7 at all times and never shift into overdrive. Ask a shop that may be the problem. That is something you can also go to a dealer for and they did my truck for $85 and they diagnosed the problem
  • Hello Phil, I have a 1999 dodge ram that is doing exactly what you say yours is doing... Did you figure out what the problem was?? It would help me have a place to start looking into my problem. Thank You!!
  • I got into my truck the other day & backed out of a parking spot with no problems. I put it into drive & couldn't feel it shift into gear like it normally shifts (it usually shifts hard due to shift kit). I tried 2nd and 1st but they were all acting like it was in neutral. I checked my linkage & of course my trans fluid & everything was working like normal, except my truck just wouldnt drive. Eventually, i got it to drive & my shift kit was prevalently working, but now my reverse isn't. Any ideas? I keep getting all different ideas from shops around here. First one says its my tranny pump, the next says its electrical, & another says i need a new tranny (even though it was just replaced a year ago).

    Any ideas would be appreciated,
    Thank You,
  • squid121squid121 Posts: 1
    Here are some symptoms that started to occure this week. First I noticed when starting out pulling a light boat out of a launch it wouldn't go into first gear- felt like second to me. Then towed same boat approx 300 miles with no prob. when reached destination got stuck in mud so went to shift into 4 wheel mode, nothing, no 4 wheel at all. got pulled out and tried to drive down the street and now it wont shift out of first, the only way it would shift is to put it into neutral while moving and back into drive. I drained out some fluid and put in a couple of bottles of lucas trans. medic cause I was 300 miles from home. now sometimes it shifts but most of time, no. Once on the highway under a load it shifted fine, but around town with no load I have to force it to shift and of coarse no 4 wheel drive. Can anyone suggest a place to start on this. The local tranny shops are rapists. Thanks..
  • skkramskkram Posts: 1
    The transmission light and the OD off light (along with the chime) have been blinking intermittently. They never stay on, just flicker or blink briefly and inconsistently. The truck is running and shifting fine except at highway speeds (when in overdrive) it will disengage briefly as the lights blink. There is no consistency to when this occurs; warm, cold, highway or city driving, towing or not, smooth or bumpy road. It has been getting worse (occuring more frequently) lately. No check engine light either. The truck has 107K miles, I've had the transmission serviced regularly and have no reason to believe it's a mechanical (versus electrical) problem. Any suggestions?
  • tamsguy62tamsguy62 Posts: 10
    I feel your pain. I have to the same problem. I was told a broken valve or throtle linkage. let me know if you figure yours out, and I'll do the same with mine. Good luck, stay in touch.
  • i have a 1997 dodge ram 4x4 wtith the 5.2 46re transmission it was rebuilt 2 months ago and now when i put it in reverse or drive there is a really loud whining or squealing sound it goes away in neutral or park but it still drives and shifts flawlessly any ideas please help i can afford another 2400 dollar tranny
  • phil81phil81 Posts: 2
    No, I have not figured it out yet. I have talked to several people and they don't think it it serious. But did not have the time to help. I may just get the trans rebuilt, that seems like what most people are after..."the money".
  • jay1164jay1164 Posts: 3
    A little background truck stole they popped the ignition used a screwdriver for 1 1/2 yrs starting it no problems. On way to work in morn. wld run fine but afternoon it wld start to drag a little at about 60-65 mph til u hit 70 before wld engage next few weeks speed dropped to 50-55 with the drag til u got a little faster then did fine for a bit then decided to drag longer before kicking in to OD until eventually if u were lucky it kicked in but only stayed in for 30 sec's or so if that. Lower gears no prob. Finally swapped out steering column no change when first done but next morning drove it and it decided it wanted to work again but not on the way home until about 10 mins from the house for some reason it started to work again did nothing different during the drive all hwyway miles. When not working turning the OD button off doesnt seem to change anything (i dont touch it if its working tho) ? is wld the TPS going bad or being bad cause this or some other kind of sensor or maybe a bad ground somewhere? Im lost i need places to start looking any help wld be great. Thanks
  • i have a 1999 dodge 2500 4x4 diesel, i have a a 8' cab over camper on it and the transmisson overheats, and kicks out of overdrive. the owners manuel states that this is normal. but is it. i will be changeing the fluid and filter and putting on a bigger transmisson cooler. what do u think. any help -- thank you
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