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Dodge Ram Transmission Problems



  • i take it in and get it diagnosed, my truck wouldn't go into over drive and i took it in about $85 and they said that the tranny temp censor was bad, it made the truck think it was at -7 degrees all time and they won't shift into overdrive until the temp is up tranny temp censor runs about $100 i believe.
  • While backing out of my driveway, my 2001 dodge ram w auto trans 2wd stopped moving. The engine revs, but does not move. It did not make any sound, vibration or indication thee was a problem at all. The truck works in drive fine. Is there anything I can try to resolve this on my own before taking it to a shop?
  • Did you ever find out the cause of your problem? My 1998 Ram 1500 is doing the exact same thing -- some power when started cold, then nothing after a very short time of the engine running. If I let it sit and idle for a few minutes before putting it into gear, it has nothing at all to offer. (The transmission is also making a whining noise sort of like when the power steering is a tad low, but still functioning properly).

    Over the past six months (leading up to the current problem), I would sometimes have it where it would not shift out of low gear; after several miles of that, it would suddenly straighten up and operate correctly. This particular symptom would only occur when the fuel level was near "E."
  • I need to know where the anti drain valve on a 1999 dodge ram 1500 automatic transmission is located thank you
  • zara3zara3 Posts: 12
    We have a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel with Big Tranny problems. We plan to have our Transmission rebuilt since 3rd gear is gone and made plans to ship it off to a rebuilder. We had to drop the unite as a whole because the problem is that the Transfer case will Not separate from the transmission.. plus a couple of the bolts that hold it on came completely out.. the other 3 stayed in! Somethings not right there... Has anyone had this problem??? No amount of pulling or hammering seems to budge the case so we can get them apart.
    Can anyone give a guess as to what is happening here and What we can do at this point? Isn't it just suppose to come off with a few taps of a hammer once the nuts are off the bolts??? This is crazy.. :cry:
    Thanks for any advice
  • The anti drain back or check balls are located in the two transmission cooling lines that run out front to your transmission cooler. They are usually inside the metal line, and witnin 6 or 8 inches of the cooler. You can drill them out or cut off a little of the line. bobwinner
  • I have a 05 dodge ram 1500 4x4 daytona, the trans dont shift right and now the 4x4 light dont come on when its in 4 wheel drive. I changed the oil sensor in the trans and still doesnt shift right, feels like it bogs out the more i step on the gas..any ideas? :mad:
  • zara3zara3 Posts: 12
    Never mind.. Finally came apart by using a come-a-long, loads of liquid wrench, wedges and hammers.. it was corrosion and extra lock-tight from the factory that was sealing it together.. unbelievable!! Thanks anyway~~ :shades:
  • First of all I have been having problems with my ABS lights staying on. They have been on since I replaced my hubs. Recently the check engine light would come on and when I would push on the accelerator... nothing... I would do it a few times and a couple minutes later it would accelerate. Then this prolem would subside for a few days then come back again. About two days ago though my transmission will only shift once at about 22 mph and it stuggles to shift then. I just replaced the speed sensor on the transmission. That didn't seem to help, I drove it around for about 5 or 10 mins, should I have driven it more? ABS light is still on but there's no check engine light anymore. I am going to replace the ABS Speed Sensor in the morning. Do you think this will fix my problem? If it does not do you have any other suggestions. When the check engine light was on the code was P2121 and it came up twice, but like I said the check engine light isn't on anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :sick: :mad:
  • I have a one ton diesel auto tranmisson. i have to get my RPM up to 3500 before it will shift into 3rd. I replaced the transmisson speed sensor but this didnt help. After it finally shifts into 3rd and over drive it does just fine. does anyone have any advise.
  • Sounds like low line pressure. My 04 did the same thing as a result of metal being injested by the pump from a bad brass bushing in the torque converter. $1800 later it works great LOL. Pull the pan and check for exsess metal in
    pan. It won't show on the dipstick cuz it is to heavy of a particulate to be suspended in the oil itself. Good luck but sounds to me like your converter is on it's way to the scrapper. Maybe not? I'm not an expert, just an owner with similar problems. Cheers, Casey.
  • My truck has come up with a new problem when starting out from a stop. It is slow to take off and i have to give it more throttle then usual to get it going. I have been putting it into 2nd gear (automatic) and it will take off fine then shift it back to drive. Once it gets past taking off it acts fine and shifts good. Fluid level is good and it doesn't look burnt and smells normal. Truck has 130,000 on it and is in good condition. Thanks for your input.
  • The automatic transmission in my 2001 Ram started shifting from 1st to 2nd late. It just started a couple of days ago with no other indication of trouble. If I accelerate very slowly, it shifts okay. If I accelerate normally, it shifts at 3000 – 3500 RPM. After shifting to second, it drives normally until I stop. I can force it to shift by taking my foot off of the accelerator for a second and waiting for it to shift, but then it may downshift seconds later.
  • 1999 Dodge 1500 5.2l 4x4 Transmission works fine when it is cold. Drives fine while warm, but once I stop anywhere, get back in, it will not engage ANY Drive Gears. 1, 2, or 3 WILL NOT Engage. REVERSE works perfect. I have to wait till it is fully cooled down before it will engage drive again. Just changed the Filter and Fluids, was very dirty, planning on driving for a week, then doing a Full Flush and Filter/Fluid change again. I really thought the dirty Filter would fix it enough to at least drive it for a week or so and repeat. Any help is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! I'm getting frustrated and not sure what could be the issue?
  • I have a 2000 2500 ram with a 5.9l cummins, had the tranny replaced 3 years ago, recently the trans temp light comes on for a second or two then goes out, also the od off illuminates which kicks down to 3rd . The fluid level is good and the fluid is pink and doesn`t smell burnt at all. The lights will come on when idling in the driveway, I`m thinking that the temp sensor is faulty, any tips how to check this or how to change it out. I dont have a trans temp gauge but thought I could tape my wireless barbeque temperature gauge to the tranny just to confirm that high temp is not a factor. Thanks for any ideas.
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495
    Another thought beyond the sensor...

    Since this happens mostly when you're stopped/idling, you may want to check your fan. The trans cooler by the radiator may not be getting sufficient airflow. Keep an eye on your engine temp gauge when the lights come on.

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  • Hi Guys, New Here.
    When driving my truck, from second on, the tranny wont shift propperly unless I let the Gas Go a Bit. Once in O/D I have no problems. The tranny doesnt slip at all.
    82K, oil and filter changes recently. Check valve at the cooler also checked and it doesnt seem to be cloged.

    Thanks in advance,

  • od turns off. and trans temp light comes on.Have changed filter and fluid plus torque converter.Any suggestions please
  • O D turn off and O D OFF light both indicate overheat of fluid. Check your tranny cooler to. If it is cool, your lines are plugged. Probably the check valve need removed. bobwinner
  • I get mine at this place
    They take credit cards and ship, about $50 bobwinner
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