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Dodge Ram Transmission Problems



  • timb5timb5 Posts: 4
    I don't have a solution for you but it might actually be happening is your torque converter is unlocking. I'm experiencing a similar situation and, after a test drive, was told by a AAMCO service guy, the torque converter is on it's way out.
  • Funny you say that. I called on tranny shop and told them my truck was showing code 740. That's a torque converter lockup issue.They told me I need a need a new trany now, I'm no rocket scientist but I thought that cant be right so I took my truck to another shop they took off the pan and there was almost nothing on the magnet. No sign of clutch material a little very fine metal shavings more like dust really. Had it flushed and new atf 4 installed. They told me I need a new computer. These shops are just trying to make money off of me. I dont need a new computer all I have to do is take it to the dealer to have it flashed. I have done a lot of research on this matter.It could be a number of things causing this problem. Output speed sensor,Governor pressure sensor,Throttle position sensor and I'm sure the list goes on.My local Dodge Dealer told me they replace these thing's on a regular basis because they fail. They told me to make an apt and on that day take my truck on the interstate until it drops out of overdrive then drive it there while it's actually happening so they can hook it up to a computer and find out what is causing it.I was just hoping someone on here would know what sensor or solenoid I should replace first.
  • timb5timb5 Posts: 4
    Yep. The P0740 code is for a Torque Converter Clutch Malfunction. I'm not sure exactly what would trigger that code. I am pretty sure your vehicle should have the same tranny as my truck, the 46RE. From what I'm told, the torque converter (and lockup) is controlled by a sensor and solenoid in the valve body. My issues seem fairly similar to yours and I'm going to replace my TPS ($30 at Autozone), tonight, and I just tossed a bottle of Lucas Conditioner in the ATF. If neither of those improve my Torque Converter performance, it may be time to replace the valve body. I'm told the sensors/solenoids (gov.and tcc) are $100 each so, I'm being quoted $350-375 for the entire valve body, which includes those parts and the labor is basically the same. Good luck. Please post any results and I will do the same. Tim
  • Tim, I will keep you posted.I just replaced the Output Speed Sensor on the trans $17.00 Next step would be the TPS or Governor pressure sensor. GPS Dealer part at $118.00 or Internet at $56.00.I wont know if any of these parts fixes my problem until I get it back on I - 70 so this is going to be a long slow process.
  • liny3liny3 Posts: 7
    i was using the 4 wheel drive i n my 03 qc 4.7 when i was stuck in a deep pile of plowed snow i needed to use 4x4 low after getting out i shifted the tranny to drive before putting transfer case back into 2 hi heard a wierd noise and shifted it correctly everything is good now 4x4 still works fine but since then the indicator light comes on when in 2 wheel or neutral and goes off when in 4low or 4hi what would make this work opposite???
  • I have 06 3500 w/diesel, getting a vibration at a steady speed [50-70] and it increases when going uphill or when I accelerate slowly
  • It wasnt the output speed sensor. Time to keep at it or buy a rebuilt trans for 1900.00 Installed? Might be worth the 1900.
  • I have a 96 Ram 4x4 318ci w/143000 miles on tranny. No repairs made to tranny, only change fluid and filter. Truch has new motor w/15000 mi. Motor revs about 500 rpm around 50mph to 65mph. This also happened with old motor. Motor runs steady if OD is turned off. No local mechanics have answer but willing to tear apart. I prefer answer first.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Can you replace a 1996 tanny with a 1999 tranny?
  • Have inherited a 97 ram 1500 4x4 with a 360 / automatic trans from stepson. 130,000 miles. It had multiple problems. Main shifting problem is shifts hard into reverse and you have to let off the accelerator to shift from 2-3. All other shifts are fine. It had a plugged catalytic/muffler so now the exhaust has been replaced. Transmission has been flushed recently. I had the same 2-3 shifting problem in my 95 Dakota and it went for 50,000 miles before she quit and had to get a new transmission. I am hoping to fix something (hopefully much cheaper) now and save the transmission replacement later.
  • once the truck rolled over 100.000 the transmission was slow to respond, at cold temperature, when stopping vehicle the engine would stall. now this morning with temperature in the teens the truck would not move until it was completely warmed up I have replaced the sensors on the throttle body. my only other thought would be the torque converter clutch solinoid. I just hope the transmission is not failing because once warmed up it performs very strong.any insight would be helpful since I do see other vehichles on this site with similiar problems
  • My tranny has similar issue but will not go move foreward after leaving the truck sit for about two weeks. Once i shift it back and forth from forward to reverser a few times, it begins to move and after a while it shift normal. Have you had any replies on yours that might tell me what is wrong with mine.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    if they're the same model (example, both are 46RE), shouldn't be a problem.

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  • jswain2jswain2 Posts: 16
    I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500. It has the 5.9 liter engine, 4 X 4, auto. I'm assuming it has a 46re trans. It has 134,000 miles, trans serviced every 30 to 40k. I recently serviced it with ATF+4. Changed filter also. Saw no metal particles other than the usual fine sludge attached to magnet in pan. Recently it has been doing some oddball stuff. It seems to rev higher shifting from 2nd to 3rd. It has also missed 3rd and just acted as if it was in nuetral. I moved shift lever to nuetral and back to drive, and it was fine. I kept driving, and overdrive went out. The overdrive off light displayed on the dash, and no amount of pressing overdrive button would make it come back on. No other dash lights came on, and when I took it to a transmission shop, they said no codes were present. After sitting a couple of hours, it drove fine for 30 miles, then continued with the not wanting to shift out of 2nd bit. It then stuck in overdrive, I moved the gear shift to N and back to D, and it worked fine. I took it to another shop, 20 miles away, and it drove fine. No codes again. Have driven it 40 miles since and no problems. Trans shop said I would have to have a code to determine the problem. Trouble is, I don't want to screw the trans up internally driving it around waiting for it to get stuck in OD or whatever it's gonna have to do to set a code that can be read. Any ideas? It is currently driving fine, however, I do believe it is holding 2nd a little longer than normal. Trans guy said it shifted fine, but I've had it since new and I can sense it holding 2nd a tad longer than normal. Anyone else had anything like this to happen?
  • well, i guess i jinxed it, my tranny is acting up. go figure

  • The tranny in my truck seems to kick in and out of overdrive at about 35-40 mph. When its not in overdrive it is fine. Any ideas what the problem is ?

    Wayne K
  • Overdrive kicks in at different speeds all around 35 to 45 mph,if you are at the range as you drive speed changes may cause the trans to shift,in the manual it recomends not to use o/d under 45 mph,which everyone uses it almost all the time,as I do as well.I hope this helps.
  • jswain2jswain2 Posts: 16
    I think you may need a throttle position sensor replaced. I've heard similar complaints fixed by replacing tps. Not for sure, but I think I'd try that first. I actually have a spare one off a junk 98 ram 318 auto. Have no idea if it works...but let me know if u want it. Damn, I'm a nice guy.
  • greetings - i have a 97 dodge 3500 with a cummins and i was wondering can i swap the current 5 speed for a 6 speed and if so, what are the challenges i face -thank you
  • ramlovrramlovr Posts: 17
    You are a nice guy. Wheres mine for a 98 5.9 ?
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