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Lexus IS Audio System

kungfufikungfufi Posts: 5
Has anyone used an Ipod integration kit for their IS with navigation?
I think there are a few on the market at the moment: SoundLinQ, Neo ionSP and the DICE integration kit for the IS.
Wondering if anyone has used any of these on their IS and has any recommendations.


  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    what is the story with that AUX jack anyway? what do you need to buy to connect an ipod to the car?
  • you can buy a connector on ebay for like 5 plugs into the lexus and ipod and you can listen to it via the AUX on the still have to control playback and skips through the actual ipod....the volume also has to be put higher - I would go with the gold plated connectors for better quality (couple bucks more)
  • I'm using my iPod with my '06 IS350. When I have it powered from the 12V outlet in the arm rest where the aux socket lives I get lots of electrical noise through the audio. If I disconnect the power adaptor so the iPod is powering itself it quietens down alot, but there is still a small whine that rises and falls in frequency in time to the engine revs. I'm using a Belkin power adaptor and Radioshack audio lead.
    Any one else getting this?
  • I didn't notice any interferences with the same setup I have in my IS 350.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    while under its own power seems pretty clean.
    owners manual says you may get feedback when using cars power, but i have never tried it.
    maybe cable is no good?
  • This is a common problem when using vehicle power to a audio device. You will need to add a device called a ground loop isolator into the audio circuit. It will have RCA plugs for input and output. Check RadioShack, Best Buy, or other electonics sources. Easy to find!
  • I have a 2003 IS 300 and want to install an ipod. Which one is better or does it matter? SoundLinQ, Neo ionSP and the DICE? Is it complicated or can I do it myself?
  • Thanks for the replies. I'll look into the ground loop isolator.

    Anyone getting the whine in time to the engine revs when the iPod is under its own power?
  • I tried to connect my iPod (5th gen) to AUX in 06 Lexus IS 350. iPod worked OK but no volume through Audio. Nav display just said NO CD! Any suggestions?
  • The "aux" is a separate input that I think the stereo thinks is discrete. It's more like "disc 7" in your 6 CD changer. I have to hit the "mode" button on my steering wheel to switch into aux input if I'm listening to a CD.

    I'm not sure this helps as I don't have navi.
  • Since it is virtually impossible to get the Levinson radio in a IS 250 in So. Cal - I was wondering if there was a major difference between the factory installed radio and the Levinson upgrade?

    Also, has anyone had XM dealer installed and, if so, do you recommend it?
  • Let me try this another way: I wound up not getting XM when I picked up my car - I was just wondering if anyone has installed the Lexus XM after having the car and also wondering if it needs to be done by a Lexus Dealer.
  • scuba077scuba077 Posts: 9
    Hi..what type of connectors on each end of cable ? are they the 2.5MM sim to headphone connectors ? thanks in advance
  • i have a question i just got my lexus is350 one week ago and i want to get the XM radio installed in my car but i dont want to pay $800 from the dealer
    the last ting i want to do is get an external XM recive and antenna please help

    i want it to work with my NAV screen and my stearing wheel

    DOES ANYONE KNOW A BETTER WAY TO GET XM RADIO IN MY 07 is350?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • 2nd that. Anyone know how to get Satellite radio without letting the deal screw you?????
  • souji3souji3 Posts: 9
    What you guys think? worth the extra money? or is stock good enough?
  • kgk3kgk3 Posts: 19
    I'd go with the ML. The stock radio is good but not great.

    Also, the XM radio which I had installed by the dealer SUCKS. It sounds like an internet radio broadcast. Brought it in 4 times, but they were no help and XM just was going down the algorithms. Their customer service is completely worthless. I'm not happy considering it cost $800. "Near CD quality" is a load of c--p!

    Hope this helps...
  • Since it is virtually impossible to get the Levinson radio in a IS 250 here - I was wondering if there was a major difference between the factory installed radio and the Levinson upgrade?

    Also, has anyone had XM dealer installed and, if so, do you recommend it?
  • Sorry this wont be of too much help, but I got the levinson upgrade... but i havent rode in a IS without it, i cant really tell you the difference.

    I play the iPod using the aux port, but like everyone else with or without levinson, you have to increase volume on either the iPod or car, or both. I just ordered the Belkin Auto Kit, which lets you play the iPod through the dock connector, NOT the headphone jack. suppossedly this will improve quality.
  • Hi - I just got the 2008 IS 250 with Prem + Nav and the basic radio. I was under the impression that when I loaded the CD, I would be able to see the title of the album and the track names. I cannot see either. Do I need to do something to make this feature work? I am using real - original CD's, not copies or homemade or anything like that.
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