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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Electrical Problems



  • my flex fuel sensor has an error. so i figured its either the sensor that has went bad but i checked the voltages from the wiring harness and they are not what they are supposed to be. anyone know where the wiring harness is routed or how i can trace the problem. thanks
  • I have a 93 sonoma with the 4.3L and 4WD. recently I have been having some electrical issues. A few days ago I was driving and the engine just died. I let it sit for a few moments and it would start back up. The next morning i needed a jump to get it going. So i thought it was the alternator, took it in and had it tested 3 times. Passed all 3. The guy at the autoparts store said to check all the grounds, which i did, and even replaced the negative batery cable. now the voltage will fluctuate from about 10 to 16 volts. To make the issue more confusing, 1st gear on the transmision has never worked like it is supposed to. but now... when the voltage is high like it should be, the transmission shifts smoothly and 1st gear has all the horsepower you would expect. but as im driving the voltage will drop and bye bye 1st. Any ideas on what i can do to fix the electrical??
  • I have just recently purchased this truck that had a motor swap with another 2.2 liter and after the swap they didnt strap the positive cable down and it burnt up , they replaced the wire and it ran fine drove it for a week and then it died now the truck turns over fine just wont start , so i replaced the fuel pump and still nothing ,so then i hooked my snap-on scanner to it no codes but i noticed on battery voltage with the key on only reads 5.0 volts and theres 12.0 at the battery i checked the grounds but maybe im missing something any suggestions?
  • When the cab is warmed up the meter is fine, I had alternator replaced 2 times, new battery, Check cables at battery and on starter.While cold and rev eng,lights go dim then meter drops I am going insane with this problem. I am wondering if the instrument cluster is bad since cold contracts and warm expands, Maybe volt meter gauge itself , maybe the starter? Any suggestions would be appreicated. One person told me a ground problem. If a ground problem wouldn't it do it all the time? Thanks in advance :confuse:
  • cwildcwild Posts: 2
    My 2.2 S-10 started having issues starting, at first I took the starter out and since it was o.e.m with150000miles. replaced with brand new (not rebuilt). Still had the same problem so I traced all the wiring where it went, tested the relay by swapping with headlight relay, and everything looks good. Took the plastic cover off pos. terminal and cleaned all corrosion off. Yet I'm still having the same problem. The starter kicks the bendix out when I turn the key and just spins, it wont turn the engine over. I have been informed by Napa that there isn't a shim pack for this model year. does anyone have any ideas.
  • cwildcwild Posts: 2
    Just wanted to update found the problem in case anyone else runs into this. The flywheel is not connected any more don't know if bolts are broken or vibrated out. will update later. Found this by pulling inspection plate and watching as someone else turned key. Saw flywheel spin but didn't turn engine. had helper stop and was able to spin flywheel with fingers.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    My flywheel broke near the C/S under warranty, they installed the transmission wrong at the factory. There was even a service bulletin on it.It broke at 10 K.
  • Hi!
    Check for the ground connection, it's a tab between the motor mount bolt and the motor case, it could be broken !
    I had that problem ...

    Hope it'll help !!

  • On my 93 Jimmy, used during winter only, everything was ok went I park it last summer but now the wipers start but do not stop and my windshield washer doesn't work !!!

    Is anybody got that problem ?
    Any help would be appreciated !

  • ted42ted42 Posts: 2
    I'm wondering if you got a solution to your problem because mine does the same thing. Please reply!
  • Hi Ted42,
    My problem was the wiper-motor itself, I open the motor case and the parkswitch was stuck, tried to fix but broked the plastic lever acting that switch, so i replaced the motor assy and everything is ok now .

    Hope it'll help you !!
  • ted42ted42 Posts: 2
    Hey, thanks a lot! I noticed my wiper blades don't work always. I will try this. :)
  • 2000 S-10... I have no lights on the 4 wheel drive switch, the indicator for the transmission and the odometer will not light up. It has been very cold and snow here... Any ideas? :confuse:
  • Same truck, same year, no lights on the 4 wheel drive indicator. We thought maybe we had blown a fuse. My husband ended up stopping and taking it out of drive, then back to drive several times. Then we got the lights back on the indicator but it got stuck in 4 low so he went through the same process and finally heard the electronics kick in and now it's in 4 high. Leaving it there for now because we have so much snow. We were never successful in getting it to go into 2 wheel drive but I guess we'll worry about that when the weather warms up later this week
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Could be the 4WD switch. Check out the discussions under "Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma 4WD Issues" or "Blazer Jimmy 4WD Questions." Try a search under "switch." Good luck.
  • I have a 1995 chevy s10 2.2. I have done a lot of work to it over the past few weeks. I've finished and am getting no power though the battery is fine. I think it may be how I attached the wiring for the alternator but am not sure. I have the wire bundle plugged in. The positive to the battery is attached, but I also have what looks like a ground wire attached also. I don't know if that should be on the alternator or if I should have put it on the block.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    The battery positive goes to the starter, the battery negative goes to the engine block or any where on the engine for good contact.
  • DasyonDasyon Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 S-10. Twice today, my electrical systems seemed to restart in the middle of driving. The engine stays on, but my radio and dashboard lights all cut out and came back up twice in succession. Happened once in the morning and again in the afternoon. The both times I had just turned on my turn signal, but it does not happen all the times when I have the turn signal on. Any ideas?
  • Sounds like maybe the wiring harness at the base of the steering column may be loose. I had a simlar problem once too.
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