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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Electrical Problems



  • My 96' S10 headlights go out often when I driving on down the road. When they go off I hear a click click click coming from the glove box area. Daylight Driving lights are Ok, however the headlights are not functioning all the time. It's a problem because people think I'm flashing my lights at them. Any ideas on what it could be? :confuse:
  • The circuit boards on the wiper motor is usually the culprit on s-10's. the board under the cover on the wiper motor. Take it out...look for the BIG solder joints and reheat. That should solve the problem. Or you can buy a new board at auto zone or somewhere for a small fee.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    i read about the problem you had with highbeams on your
    s-10. did you get it resolved?
  • No I did not. Headlights now do not work at all.
    Driving lights are fine however, when I switch on the headlights I lose everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I'm working to fix a 1999 s10 with a headlite problem. By looking at the circuit diagrams in a Haynes manual 24071. here is an explaination.

    When you turn on the ignition key the Daytime Running Light (DRL) Relay back feeds power to the headlamps in series. This means that the power is fed backwards into the left side head lamp "ground" circuit and power flows through the left head lamps into the Right side head lamps to ground. When you turn on the head lite switch it provides power to the DRL module that turns off the running light function. This power line feeds the Head lite dimmer switch to direct power to either the high or low beams.

    Your description would seem to indicate that the DRL Module and Headlight switch may be working but power is not getting to or through the dimmer switch.
  • 92 S10 Blazer digital dash problem. I have good power at connector, good ground, speedo and trip light up, ses and other bulb powered things work. NO fuel, temp, oil, or volt indications. Checked refreence volt out of PCM which was good. Is there a pull up relay or what to provide a resistive load to the LCD displays?
  • dan85dan85 Posts: 1
    Tonight while driving with my windsheilds wipers, heater, radio and spedometer just stopped working and then every once and awhile they would come back on.I checked the fuses and jiggled all the wires but didnt seem to matter. Any thoughts?
  • check for a floating ground on the back of engine if W vin. Top front if Z.
  • mvolekmvolek Posts: 5
    U have a short in the switch of your seat. Replace the switch and should solve the problem. The 4 hi and 4 lo is supposed to do that cause its a safety feature so it doesnt rip out the transfer case
  • catdugcatdug Posts: 2
    I have a 1995 S10 and when the regular headlight's are turned on there is no light from the headlight's....the high beams do work when it is selected and when the light's are off the daytime running lights are working aswell, it's just when the regular headlights are turned on i get nothing. Can someone offer any advice????
  • I too have a 1995 S10 whose headlamps suddenly stopped working but the highbeams and daytime running lights work OK. About a year ago, I had a problem with the headlamps intermittently switching off and on; to fix, my dealer replaced the entire turn signal arm (with the wiper switch and cruise controls, cost more than $500). Am hoping the problem is NOT in that arm. Will welcome advice ... for my problem seems identical to that of catdug.
  • Hey There I am having a problem with my brake lights as they are staying on after I turn the truck off. I have just taken the fuse out for now but was wondering if there is a brake light switch or connection that is lose and where to locate it. Any help would be great thanks.
  • 2002 s-10 zr5 Every now and then when I start the truck the security system kicks in and I cannot start the truck until excatly 9 min goes by. Help has any one had the same problem? What can I do.
  • I have had the same problem with my 98 S-10. I have yet to figure out exactly what it is. but I can tell you what it is not. double check to make sure the brake light above the cab is not on. If that is working properly then it is not the switch on the brake pedal. Every mechanic I have talked to has tried to get me to change that, and I have and it won't fix it.

    Mine has since gone from staying on all the time to just being on when the car is running, to not working any of my blinkers, to last night everything electrical just died when I pulled in my driveway. i am not sure exactly what it is, but if you find out let me know.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    I had a similar problem with one of my kids car. Come to find out someone had replaced one of the rear tail lights with a wrong bulb which was causing a feed back problem. It was acting really weird. After I got the correct bulb installed it went back to acting normal.
  • HI,

    The wiper motor may is probably wired with a hold in circuit. Once the wipers begin a cycle, a seprate/other switch closes and remains closed until the wipers complete the cycle and then the hold in switch opens (and Wiper motor stops). This is so that when you manually shut off the wipers in the up swing of a cycle, the wipers complete the swing and stop at the bottom.

    I'd guess that this hold in position switch is bad, mis-adjusted or bent/damaged. I'm not sure exactly where iti is - but I guess on or in the wiper motor or linkage. If it's in the motor - you may need to swap it out. ...

    LEt us know what you find ???

  • Having problems with blower motor not wanting to come on. This has happened twice in past week and a half but it would then start the next time I started the engine. Now it has stopped and hasn't re-started. Checked fuse - OK. Which relay on the firewall runs the heater/ ac blower? That is the next thing I want to check.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    I had the same problem with my 92 S-10 a couple of weeks ago. I replaced the blower relay first but found out the problem was the AC Heater Blower Motor Resistor Assembly p/n 10039426. Its about a 10 dollar part at places like Advance Auto Parts or Autozone and takes about 10 minutes to replace. On my S-10 its located on the blower housing, under the hood, on the passenger side. It has 4 wires going to it and 2 screws holding it on. It looks flat on the out side with wire terminals. Once removed, the underneath side looks like 3 coils hooked together and reminds you of something you would get in a Heath kit or a left over from "My Favorite Martian".
    Good Luck :shades:
  • 1999 chevy s10 2.2l Can a loose connection (busted housing) affect trucks ability to start/Affect the electrical systems overall. MY S10 has died and doesn't seem to hold a charge.
  • dashaldashal Posts: 2
    I have a 1994 S10 standard cab that runs great but is starting to get quirky. The brake lights above the cab (3rd deck?) are out. The bulbs are brand new and there are no fuses out, not that I can figure out the appropriate one anyways, but regardless they don't work. The regular brake lights are operating fine. Also the far left side of the dash board has gone dark. This is the section that has the switch to turn the head/parking lights on and off. There are zero fuses out in the panel, they are all fine and I have no idea what operates the light behind the switch orhow to access it.
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