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Nissan Versa Interior and Passenger Comfort Questions



  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    What the A/C is doing in the defog mode is to act as a dehumidifier. Also, the A/C system is "piped" separately from the heating system. That is why it is completely possible to run the A/C when the temp setting is set to "hot," and in doing so, there is no harm done. The A/C's compressor is kicking in to make the air dry while the heating system is pumping in heated air, both of which can help with the visibility and passenger comfort. It's a team effort, so to speak.
  • tyou08tyou08 Posts: 16
    Thanks for your reply. Does the A/C blow cold air or hot air when set in this mode, as a dehumidifier? If it is cold air, does it make the heater less effective in a way, but of course the main benefit is dehumidifing the air.

  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    The A/C, at least the manual A/C which is most common in North American cars (versus an automated climate control system), is always working to send in the chilled air. When it meats the heated air at the vent, the cold air is, in the strictest sense, canceling out some of the calories it took to heat up the air (or, in the reverse, the heater is canceling out some of the work the A/C compressor did). So yes, you could say that this action is not thermally efficient. However, the true benefit in this situation, just as you have pointed out, is that the HVAC system in your car is working in tandem to warm you up while removing humidity in the air to defog the wind screens. Seen from this angle, it is a very effective system. No, it is not the most efficient thermal exchange (not to mention the gas it takes to run the A/C compressor), but it may be better than not being able to see out your car! ;)
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    I agree it's normal. My ten-year-old Corolla does this, it's nothing new.
  • athertonatherton Posts: 9
    2008 Model Versa SL Hatchback.
    -I want to NON-destructively remove the rear seats ( and be able to re-install them later ) from my Versa. Has anyone else done this ? I am not sure of the method, 'cant find the bolts readily accessible, and don't want to indiscriminately pull all the upholstery apart looking for them. If the interior space can be made to flatten out more from the "trunk" area forward up to the rear footwell point, it would help me alot with my use of the space, even if it requires storing the seats in my garage for the duration.
  • athertonatherton Posts: 9
    No relpies indicate that this is not a subject of interest to anyone, but the removal of the rear seat and backs went successfully, Now the car is a two seat hatchback with a continuous flat cargo area accessible thru the rear hatch and the rear side doors.
    I removed all the seat belts under the seats, replaced the bolts thru the floor pan with nylon bolts, and put down 2 layers of thick car insulation, with a cut-outs for the center hump and other obstructions. Then after fitting a 1/2" fiberboard floor over the insulation mat, I covered the board with a close-match carpet fastened with stainless steel staples to the bottom after cutting and folding it around the corners and edges. Two large nylon bolts hold it to the front of the floor pan bulkhead behind the back seat footwell, so there is storage there too. If anyone else wants to do this, I can send you more detail, and digital photos .
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,415
    Actually, your CarSpace page would be a perfect place to post an album of photos about this project, maybe even blog about your Versa.

    If you need any help or have any questions about your CarSpace page, feel free to click on my username and pop me an email and I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.


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  • Actually , yes. I also have a 2007 Versa bought in Nov 2006 and the finish on my steering wheel is getting abraised in some spots. Never, had this happen on a car even after 10 years in the past. Also , the rear window rubber siding came loose twice.
  • bewittybewitty Posts: 1
    Could you please send me some info on how to do this ??
    We have 2 Great danes and want to remove the backseats so they ahve more room .
  • computer problems kept me off several sites until the recent restoration I performed on machine, .... apologies for the lapse ....

    while the paragraph I wrote above on how to do the rear seat removal and decking off of the interior for a flat cargo space seemed clear to me, I see it might not be enough explanation .... If you want me to email you some more info maybe there is a PM feature you could contact me thru.... or send me a phone number to discuss it live.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,415
    If you click on Forums Preferences and set your email to "public" then forums members, and ONLY registered forums members, can click on your username and find your email address to contact you directly.


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  • dav4dav4 Posts: 2

    I am going on a road trip this summer and would like some extra room for gear.

    Will you please send me the uninstall instructions for the rear seat?


    grusum _at_
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    - pull seat cushion up, then remove seat cushion from the seat cushion hook
    - remove center seatbelt anchor bolt from under the seat
    - remove the seatback mounting bolts from the right rear seat back brackets
    - remove the seatback mounting bolts from the left rear seat back brackets
    - remove the seatback from the vehicle
    - remove the kicking plat rear inner
    - remove the bolt under the seatback side
    - pull seatback side up, and then remove the seatback side
    - remove the bolts, and then remove rear seatback center bracket
    - remove the bolt, and then remove rear seatback side bracket from the vehicle
    - remove the rear seatback finisher
    - remove the bolts, and then remove the rear seat striker
    - reverse procedure to install
  • dav4dav4 Posts: 2
    Thank you kiawah!
  • CyndeeTCyndeeT Posts: 2
    I am very interested in your method
    also for transporting my dogs
    I have no use for the back seats
    I'll put them back in if I ever decide to trade it
  • I am a new owner and fan of the Nissan Versa. I was wondering if anyone has heard of any problems with the automatic windows? Today I noticed that when I put my window back up, some skinny, spongy/foamy things were coming up with the window. They are sticky on one side, which leads me to believe they are suppose to be sticking down inside the door for possible protection of the window. Any information please feel free to email me....
  • thewyzthewyz Posts: 9
    Hello All

    We just bought a new 2009 Versa. Strangely enough, the salesman told us that it came with just a single key and that we could get an extra key made. It did however come with two remote keyless entry remotes.

    Q1. I looked in the forums, but didn't see anything about a single key

    Q2. Do I have to go to the dealer (and pay $$) to get an extra key?

    Thanks for any assistance.
  • Hi,
    I just bought a 09 Versa SL FE+. The car came with two Smart Keys.
    I am sure they all come with two remotes. If the dealer lost one they should pay for the replacement. Check the Nissan web page under power package.
  • thewyzthewyz Posts: 9
    Thanks for the response -

    It did come with two remotes, but a single physical key. Also the power package info on doesn't specifically mention two keys. I guess I'll try calling another dealership and ask about it.

    Can anyone else confirm?

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,415
    I know my 2007 came with two remotes and two keys. Honestly couldn't say if this was standard or if it was the fact that we've been buying Nissans/Datsuns from the same dealership and salesman since 1979.


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  • flavifeflavife Posts: 20
    Every car I have purchased new had had 2 keys and remotes. My 2009 Versa bought in Feb-09 came with two keys and two remotes. If you bought the Versa new they owe you a second key for free; accept nothing less than a free second key.

    09 Versa sedan MT-6 34.5 MPG average over 5800 miles
  • Two remotes, and two keys.

    I made the dealer give me two extra keys, also programmed, for a total of four programmed keys and two programmed remotes.

    They all have to be together and programmed at the same time, to make them all the same.

    After learning about the keys, I knew more about them than the dealer technicians, and had to teach them how they work, and when they aren't supposed to work.
  • I have a 2007 Nissan Versa with a little over 50k miles. A few months ago my rear defroster stopped working. I took it to Nissan and they told me that they would need to do diagnostic and it could take all day. I passed. Now just recently when you turn the heat and use the fan, the A/C wont turn off. It used to be able to turn off by pressing the button, but now it stays on. Has anyone ran into this problem or knows how to fix this or what is wrong? Thanks
  • Hi - could you email to me the digital photos. We use the car to transport our dogs to local dog events with travel time less that 2 hours. We just got a 4th
    dog and we need more space.

    Dave Proe
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 366
    We have had a Versa 4 door sedan w 1.6L motor, AC, & cruise. The seats are very comfortable, the ride quiet & smooth, & handling better than I expected based on reading many reviews. Power from the 1.6 was also better than expected with no problems keeping up in the city, freeway & climbing several steep, long grades.
    I would definitely consider the Versa for a economical,, basic transportation rig (preferably as a hatchback). My main concern is would be that it seems to have developed a unreliable reputation.
  • I recently purchased a nissan Versa, And other than a few minor issues, minor issue number one, when I turn on the air or while I am driving down the road I hear
    a noise like the air is restricted from comming out, this can range from total failure
    to partial failure, It seems like shutting it off and letting it sit for awhile might be the ticket.. But I am looking for a fix if anyone know what is going on please give a shout. it restrict the air flow from the defrost vent and at the bottom when you turn it on the heat. There must be a fault part, the part that switches the vent to be wide open instead of closed, had a little problem like this on my montana van, would not
    open all the way for vent, but thats another story, thanks fro your help in advance.
    2007 nissan versa, thanks
  • mac4lbmac4lb Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2010 versa 2 months ago and already have a problem with the AC. I took it to the dealer complaining it was making a loud clunking or grinding noise when I turned it on. They said it was the compressor and ordered a new one. I took it back and they installed the new compressor but after the 2nd day, it's doing it again. Has anyone else had this problem? Now I have to go back to see what they say this time. I've also noticed the engine seems to run a little rough at times and the car is slow to accelerate. It's a bit frustrating since this is w brand new car. Anyone have any input?
  • I JUST purchased my first brand new car, and as I was driving along it felt as if the A/C clutch was turning on and off. It would blow ice cold, then the compressor would turn off for about 3 seconds, and then it would kick in again (I can feel it doing this while driving) and blow ice cold again. This does this on any setting at any time, continuously- over and over, off and on, off and on. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,415
    There certainly will be times that you'll feel the AC compressor kick on or off, but it shouldn't be doing that continuously as you describe. Since it's brand new, you should definitely go back to the dealer and show them what it's doing. They should correct that for you at no charge.

    When we bought our 2007 Versa, it was February. We didn't discover until the weather got warm enough that there was a leak in the AC system and it wasn't cooling. Dealer fixed it, no problem. Haven't had any issues with our 2010 at all.


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