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Buick Century Transmission



  • I have a 2001 buick century and I have lately been having a problem where at around 30-35 mph, it feels like the car won't shift into the next gear and then after it speeds up it won't slow down or anything without me putting on the breaks, even when on hills, and sometimes it even feels like it speeds up on its own without my foot on the gas at all. Does anyone know what this could be and/or how much it would cost to fix it. I am poor and in college and I have had soooo many problems with this car that I am thinking of trading it in to a dealer and getting a different one that hopefully won't have as many problems. If this repair would cost too much I would just trade it in for something else.
  • My 2005 Buick was absolutely perfect until I had the trans fluid flushed, then it began to intermittently shift hard, mostly 2nd and 3d gear, usually when warm. The quicky oil change place I had it done at says they did everything right, put in the right fluid, and didn't use any cleaner, just extracted the old and replaced with new fluid. I had to have the dealership diagnose and fix the problem, it cost me $1,100 to have the PC solenoid replaced.

    The oil change place uses DM3, which they said is the right stuff. But when I looked this up online, it said it was not approved for use by GM cars that called for Dextron III. My owner's manual says it needs Dextron III. Should I go after the oil change place?

    Thanks for any advice
  • nappanappa Posts: 1
    The car will shift harshly at times, slip at times like many other Buick Centurys. The problem lies in the transaxle position sensor (on the opposite side of the throttle position sensor on the throttle valve after the air intake )
    It will stick. You can either replace it, instead of all the other crap they try to sell you or pump the gas pedal a few times before you start it. best when engine is cold.
  • abouttowne1abouttowne1 Posts: 3
    edited February 2013
    I have a 2000 Century that had intermittent transmission trouble. The check engine light would come and go. It would start to surge and hard shift. Sometimes would not go into 1st gear and would stay in overdrive. I did some research and found that the cars tend to have electrical shorts in the wire harness that plugs into the transmission, drivers side above the tranmission housing. There is a plug that has about 20 wires. They can break internally. You can try unplugging it and cleaning the connections. I did that and it corrected for a short period of time. Eventually it no longer worked. A new harness runs about 70 bucks. I went to a junk yard and cut one out of another Buick for $5 bucks. Was a pain to splice all of the wires, but I have driven it for 2 days with no surging, no shift problems and no check engine lights. The wires on the old plug were smashed and twisted where they go into the plug.

    Try that first, I see that the fix the repair places want to do is rebuild or replace the transmission and the problem seems to come back. The real problem was the connection. Good luck and try that, it is better than replacing the transmission if it is not the problem.
  • 1995 Buick Century 3100 v6 145,000 miles
    My 95 Buick Century acts like the parking gear is stuck no matter which gear you shift it into even neutral. It feels like it shifts into gear but wont move. I had to rev the engine in neutral and drop it into drive and it popped, then I could drive it, but as soon as i shift it into reverse or park then it sticks again. I checked the fluid and it looks fine and is at the proper level.
    I ran my scanner on it and it didn't show anything. Any ideas?
  • Need to check electrical connector at transmission on drivers side. Wires go bad. Picked up one out of a junker and spliced in. Took care of mine. That is why people who have the trans replaced are having the trouble recur.
  • Friends replaced transmission about a year ago. Today the transmission won't shift into any gear. Dip stick is dry! Saw transmission fluid leaked out under car. (Just drove over 100 miles yesterday!) Since replaced a year ago it still whined, shifted roughly after warmed up at around 35 mph, so my question is do we replace the transmission or check for other things first? (Like wire harness gone bad, filter, transaxle position sensor, 4 solenoid switches and use seafoam transmiss. treatment with dexron VI) My son and ex are willing to go at it again!
  • mikem41mikem41 Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm looking for some guidance for the issues I'm having with my Century.

    I have been experiencing shuttering and slipping in first gear even after a rebuilt transmission was placed in it by a reputable shop that we have had no issues with in the past. (These problems were happening before the swap as well).

    I've also experienced what seems like a lag in full traction in my transmission. I'll be in first gear speeding up, or even second gear as well, and it will feel like my car has power and it is accelerating, though slower than normal, and then a few seconds later it will feel like it catches full traction in the transmission and be back to normal. Sometimes there will be a thud or at least a noticeable noise or feeling.

    When we brought the car in initially to have the transmission replaced the torque converter passed the test it had done on it. I'm wondering if this part is the issue at all?

    Also, for many years I have not completely stopped when switching from R to D. I've been switching gears at 2-3 mph, but I'm curious if that has some effect on the performance of the transmission.

    Any suggestions you might have as to why I'm having this problem and any possible solutions would be much appreciated!


  • Ok my buick has 130,000 on it and if i drive it for 20 mins or so down the highway the transmission overdrive kicks out and i lose 10 mph on the speedometer so it says im doing 50 but im really doing 60 with everybody else. I replaced the speed sensor yesterday and still the same thing. Other than that transmission shifts nice and smooth
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