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New R-Class Owners - Give Us Your Report

PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
Congratulations on your new vehicle. This is the place to post your initial impressions.


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  • We just took delivery of our R500 yesterday. It is great! We have been more than impressed. We purchased one pretty much fully loaded. Very smooth, powerful, luxurious So Far So Great Plenty of Space and I do mean Plenty :)
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,690
    Be sure and keep us posted on your driving pleasure. Sounds like a wonderful vehicle. I think I will wait for the diesel version nest year.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Also, did your dealer indicate how the response was to the R-Class so far, or how many they've sold/pre-sold so far?

  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    I just traded my 98e320s in on a Silver/black R350. I love it! The air suspension is awesome btw. I just hope I get to use the extra clearance option and all time 4wd this winter. Pray for snow. We don't get much in the south but with the ice that we do get the ESP ASR function will come in handy. This is my wife's vehicle. I just can't part with my 82 300TD. With only 70k I just can't let it go. I am heading to Gatlinburg, TN on Wednesday. I suspect this will be even better than the E. The low noise level, lots of room, stereo (single CD up front)w/ changer in glove box, side windows that roll into the doors (all the way down :p Yukon), BIG rear doors mean no stepping up over a fender well into a vehicle with no foot well room, cup holders in the console with room for a big Gulp (no more flip-flop-and-fold MB cupholder), make this vehicle a big YES. I could go on. I still reach for the shifter in the console when I get in and my wife laughs when I use the steering wheel shifters. My kids love the panorama roof. Every day she comes home and tells me about all the positive comments from friends and co-workers. We asked for a bigger ML and the answer is the R. If you are hung up on a "truck" get the new G-wagon replacement (suburban size). For my family (wife, 13 and 11 yr old)this is perfect.
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    I was able to pick my new R 350 up on Friday, in time for our weekly trip upstate. It exceeded my expectations. I put nearly 400 miles on it over the weekend and it performed brilliantly.

    I was always concerned about the ride -- whether it would be close to the standard of my E Wagon -- and after a weekend of hauling stuff back and forth between a couple of houses, cruising highways and carting a xmas tree home -- I have to say that in several ways I found it superior. It is rock solid, got nearly 22 mpg on the trip home (110 miles) and averaged 18 overall over nearly 400 miles of very mixed driving.

    The handling (I have the air suspension) is excellent, with a good steering feel and a very stable attidue in turns. It drives and rides like a Benz should. It doesn't feel anything like its size.

    I know from experience that MB's gain efficiency after 5,000 miles or so, and I am hopeful that the mpg will get even better.

    In short, a very happy camper.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Good to hear! Do keep us informed. It *seems* like the stuff out of the Bama plant is much better regarding reliability so far. I haven't seen nearly as many complaints about he new M-Class compared to the previous generation. Hopefully since all three of these vehicles R/ML/GL use the same "stuff" underneath (more or less) they'll all be way more relible/trouble free than the first generation M was.

  • you haven't seen that many complaints on the new M because it is too early, and plus does not seem like anyone is buying them.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    and plus does not seem like anyone is buying them

    Well the sales numbers YTD say otherwise, they're way up over last years. Sales aren't the M-Class' problem. Qualtiy? We'll just have to see.

  • 5total5total Posts: 15
    Panarmaic sunroon, Trim package, 18 inch wheels, wood steering wheel, Entertainment package, rear DVD, air matic suspension. I walked in with all my numbers a ended up getting it for 800 under invoice. Good deal I think. I will give you my feed back as we go.
  • yes, they may be up over last years, but does that really say anything? last year, they had an outdated, underperforming model. i would hope the all new vehicle would surpass the previous model in that category.

    they did do right by me given my problems, and i hope people are having better experiences with theirs. it is a wonderful vehicle otherwise.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    i would hope the all new vehicle would surpass the previous model in that category.

    Well that is all you can expect really. It says that the new one is a success. The old M-Class sold pretty well right up until the end for it to be so outdated.

  • albellalbell Posts: 185

    What are the colors?
  • 5total5total Posts: 15
    Sorry it took so long to reply. Took a drive down to the Bay Area for a couple days. The R is a Black on Black. I wanted silver but the car is for my wife and ultimately it was her call.
    It was a great drive. I found it took a little getting use to. The view out the front windshield does not include the front end. As I look out my E320, I see the hood of the car and the Mercedes hood orniment. With the R-Class you see nothing. It is a very different feeling. It took about an hour to get use to it. But then again, I have been known to be a slow learner.
    I will keep you up to date as to my (our) opinion. So far I think I got a great deal on a great car.
  • We picked out a silver R350 with no options. After thinking about it, we didn't need the navi, our kids are grown up so they don't go with us thus eliminating the rear DVD package. My wife can't be exposed to the sun for long periods so scratch the sunroof. No 18" wheels because we wanted comfort not performance (we'll drive the AMG for that).

    I wish they had kept the hood ornament because it also served the purpose of knowing how close your front bumper was to the wall.
  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    Great! I hope you get as much enjoyment out of yours as we do ours. 4500mi. and very happy.
    MB design in reference to the sloping hood should dissapear and give a "better" view ahead. If it dissapears under the hood you are close enough.:P It takes some getting use to certainly. We shall see if this stands true for the GL (square hood).
  • templeton3templeton3 Posts: 69
    So after spending over $50,000 for a R Class, there is no Cargo Cover. $173 for a Cargo Cover. Parts dept told me $262 for a Cargo Cover for an M Class.

    If no Cargo Covers are included, what else did Mercedes leave out. For on overprice car, they still look for a way to stiff you. Is it the Chrylser influence?
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    Without a bench seat how can they do a cargo cover. I need the dog barrier, but again, without a bench seat??? They should have taken the wagon and made it better, rather than a cheap MB or an expensive Chrysler.
  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    Mine has one (cover) and can be moved foreword if the seats are down. The ML has one as well. The dog net is separate (not like roller shade in wagon attached to seat).
    It comes in the comfort package in addition to the cargo cover.
    Man, if it came in it you would complain, " I don't have a dog why am I paying for a net". You guys......
  • templeton3templeton3 Posts: 69
    My wife old car (2001 E320 wagon) had one that was a cargo cover and net built in together as one. It came standard with the car. You could remove the whole thing when you needed more space. Even though we didn't have a dog, it came in handy. We would put the dog net to prevent things from flying forward in case of a sudden stop or if got rear ended. Of course the cargo cover was always used.

    My wife doesn't care so much about not having the cargo cover on the R because she reufses to drive it.
  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    So you are saying that the issue is that the wife does not like the R. Why do I get the feeling you are in the same boat?
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