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Kia Spectra Audio & Entertainment Questions



  • rxmacrxmac Posts: 12
    Hey, Flipx! Check out the following website for KIA Spec5 mod ideas:

    Still trying to source a turbo myself, keep you posted.
  • rxmacrxmac Posts: 12
    OK, Flipx - here's the turbo source:

    You'll still have to find a reputable wrench to install it and say BuBye to the 10yr/100K warranty... but, hey, we can dream can't we?
  • I had a similar Problem Years ago with a 1991 Gt Escort. Hard to get to and not enugh room for a serious upgrade. What I did was disconnect the Speakers, put an amp under the rear Deck and install 2 Pioneer Egg Speakers on the top of the rear Deck. I don't know if Pioneer makes them anymore but they sounded great! It's been such a long Time ago I can't remember the actual name of the Speakers but they where Egg shaped and had a low profile in the rear Deck allowing only a partially restricted view. The only drawback to this was the fact that once done, You can't remove the Deck anymore to gain room for loading large items in the hatchback. I think if I was to do it now with My Spec 5 I'd put a quick disconnect for the unit so I could un plug it and take the Deck out for hauling large items. The only problem then would be only getting Music from the front Speakers while the Deck was removed. After reading this I'm going to start looking around because like most Spec 5 Owners I'd like allot more out of the rear Speakers Myself, I'll let Ya know what I find out or if You see something out there, let Me know. :shades:
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
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