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Toyota Avalon Rattles and Noises

jimpaljimpal Posts: 3
I have an 05 Avalon limited and am experiencing a popping noise from the passenger rear. It happens when turning (right most of the time) and when the back springs are being depressed like in going over a bump or hitting a depression in the road.

Anyone else experiencing anyhting similar?


  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    My Limited has been in the shop a number of times to get same rattle fixed and back last spring, the rattle was finally isolated and was found to be coming from the right side of the moonroof. To see if this is the source of your noise, when you hear the rattle, apply upward pressure of the front portion of your moonroof and, if it goes away, then you know the source. Unfortunately, I have had my Limited back to the dealership a number of times to get this resolved. I even had a Toyota rep meet with me and he acknowledged the rattle. Although I thought this was finally fixed last Spring, it has now returned. The rattle always occurs during "cold" periods, so my guess is that it was never fixed and now that the mornings here in New England are becoming cool,I have to get this addressed again. Good luck! dan
  • johndjrjohndjr Posts: 80
    Does anyone here know if the 05 Avalon Limited has an electric fuel pump that is located in the rt side of the tank?
    I get a pulsating noise just after starting and it sounds as if that is what it may be.
    At times I get it before the car starts to move, so I am assuming a fuel pump?

    John D
  • I have an '06 Avalon XL and I've been noticing a squeak/rattle somewhere in the dashboard area when going over bumps. The car was very quiet when I first bought it a year ago, but I started noticing the noise a month or so ago. I'll probably have the dealer look at it during the next oil change, but in the mean time, has anyone else experienced this and do they have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  • Yes and they finally found it. I alos thought it was in the dash but it wasn't. After trying a rear strut TSB that didn't work, someone on this forum told me to have them check the sunroof. That was the problem and it is now fixed.

    It took three days to fix it and they ripped the headliner which they had to replace. I made them give me a loaner free of charge.

    Too little, too late I was so sick of bringing it to the shop I traded it on a new 06 Acura RL.
    Good Luck!
  • 44394439 Posts: 21
    It is in your dash because I have the same problem also. It only occurs if the tempertaure is below 40 degrees and it does not occur all the time. I've had this same rattle last year during the winter. I was able to determine that one of the rattles was coming from the pillar speakers. Toyota fixed it with some foam tape but now the rattle is back again. I'm just turning the stereo louder to drown out the rattles. :P
  • gpciiigpciii Posts: 13
    I have an 07 Avalon. Toyota hasn't learned anything. I have this noise. It sounds as if it's coming from the dash but sometimes from the passenger door. And it's when the temp is in the 40s or below. None when car was new. After about 2000 to 3000 miles it came. Not all the time - viturally none when warm outside to almost all the time when colder. Rough road or smooth it's there. I haven't had the dealer chase it yet but plan to. Will try moonroof as source as described in this email chain.
  • gpciiigpciii Posts: 13
    Just wanted to add note that I've never had a bothersome noise such as this with any Toyota dating back to 85. This is the most expensive model (07 Avalon) I've bought and so far the worst as far as little nuisances, e.g. windshield wipers squeaking right out of the chute, 2nd master key lost in dealer transfer and new one having to be made, missing an instruction manual.
  • I own a 1999 Avalon, 125,000 miles, and have a thumping noise on passenger side of vehicle. Sounds like the muffler pipe is thumping against the undercarriage when going over small bumps around the passenger seat. My garage says the muffler is attached securely and isn't causing the noise, and that nothing is loose. Any ideas? It's been going on for over a year. I had a problem with the air/heat fan making a ton of racket and my mechanic popped the cover off the fan under the dash and found a mouse nest that caused the circular fan to be off balance...disgusting...he says it happens all the time and that the little critters pull the insulation out of various areas which might be causing the thumping noise...doubt that as the thumping sounds pretty heavy. I'm thinking now from discussions that it might be the speaker in the door. I'll have to check that out with my auto body shop. :confuse:
  • This problem has had previous press in the Avalon forum. One of the things mentioned and you may not believe it is the passenger front seat belt. It has been known to hit the sides of the seat and center post the belt is mounted on. Make sure the seat belt is fully retracted. To test this theory, fasten the seat belt together and see if it goes away. Another method is asking yourself does this rattle occur when a passenger is riding along in the front and if so, are they wearing their seat belt? If they are and no rattle then there's your answer. Another rattle that can seem to come from different places inside the cabin is if you have a moonroof, open the ceiling cover and while your riding over bumps and hear the rattling, place your hand on the glass and put a little pressure on it and see if it stops or not. 3rd thing known is when no one is sitting in pass seat, grab it and see if you can wiggle it. There should be very little wiggle room. If there is a lot, you need to tighten it. There is a Toyota service bulletin on that. Last but definately not least is check the struts and mounts. The main top strut center bolt is known to loosen up anywhere from an eighth to half a turn over time and cause big time rattle. This happened to me. The mounts are also known to go. You are roughly at the mileage for these things. Hope this helps. Let me know how you make out.

    97 XLS w/ all the toys!
    My baby!
    Long Live The Avalon!
  • Have your shop check the strut plate/mount. Toyotas are known to need them around 75K to 100K. Have the struts or mounts ever been changed? If not you are probably ready.

    Hope this helps!
  • jbw1jbw1 Posts: 2
    I like my 05 XLS except for the wind noise. I had it at a dealer and they say, yeah its pretty noisy..and thats it. Anyone hearing of anything? Thanks
  • johndjrjohndjr Posts: 80
    My '05 Limited has noticable more wind noise on the drivers side than the passenger side (my wife and I both have noticed it). Mentioned it to the dealer at the service meeting--they said "it's normal".
    Oh well!
    John D
  • I also have the same trouble. Noise in my dashboard. I too notice it more under 40 degrees. It does not matter if I am on a smooth or bumpy road. I can not believe I left GM to go to Toyota the $ I spent and now this car sounds worse than any of the 14 GM cars I have owned! Last year I brought it in and the Toyota dealership said with newer cars sometimes the plastic contracts and expands thus the noise. I knew I shouldn't buy that answer, but didn't want a new car dashboard ripped open! I have another appointment tomorrow 1-15-07 because the noise is now so loud it is distracting when I drive and driving on the highway is dangerous enough without distractions. I do not have a sun roof so I can't go that root! I will post any new finds [ right like they can find anything! ]
  • ok boys, I bought my car back in sept, an 07 xls. All along I've been reading all these posts about rattles here and there and have thought to myself, lucky me... no rattle anywhere...that is until today. I pull out of the parking lot at work and for the first time since I"ve bought this car i hear this rather loud rattle.. like a "knocking" sound that sounds like it's coming from the dashboard area in front of the passenger seat.. I should note, that this is the first time we've had a real cold snap down here..temperature was below freezing, around 30 degrees. Funny thing ( good thing I guess ) is that that rattle dosn't last long. It seems like after about 2 miles or so the rattle just goes away. Even after the rattle went away I drove it over a relatively rough road and still no rattle.. yet when I went back out and drove it again, about 4 hours later sitting in the cold, there was the rattle again.. and again, it lasted for 4 or 5 minutes then went away. any ideas. I appreciate your help.

  • johndjrjohndjr Posts: 80
    If it is cold when you start up, and then the car interior warms up and that is when the 'rattle' stops, I would say it is normal.
    I've had in every car I've ever owned. If you think about it, it has something to do with co efficiency of linear expansion. Most plastics and metal shrink and expand by the temperature change, and they do so differently based on the composition. I guess if everything was bolted tightly together all over the car, then it wouldn't be noticeable. But that is not the way cars are put together.
    I think of these noises as more like a 'squeek' than a rattle.
    But this is all just my opinion.
    John D
  • gpciiigpciii Posts: 13
    Best thing to do is to sell it, and just take the loss. Over a lifetime, no big deal. I bought an 07 Avalon XLS in Aug-Sep timeframe. At first, no noises or rattles. Now and for several weeks, when the temp is in the 40s or below, I have the most annoying rattle. But it's coming from the sunroof. It stops if I press up and hold the force on the sunroof. The dealer confirmed its the sunroof. (Sounds like it's coming from the dash or maybe passenger side of car.) The dealer has ordered a new frame and housing or something another and says they know what to do-involves dropping the head liner in the car. First time in 20 yrs I've ever taken a Toyota in for anything under warranty. Have n 04 Highlander also. Toyota has over the years cut costs and cheapened construction & materials. Probably will my last Toyota buy. Geo
  • I did change those struts and still the noise is there! That has to be something else.
  • geo123geo123 Posts: 33
    I had a similiar problem with a Avalon 2000 XLS. I installed four new struts. Then everytime I hit a bump in the road I would hear a right front thumping noise. Surposely, the shop that installed them checked everything(twice)--struts, mounts, front-end, tires, retighten, etc. No luck. Even took it to the Toyota dealership and they cound not find the problem. Took to another shop(same company that installed the struts) and found out the right front mount was cracked. They installed a new mount and warranted the right front strut since thought maybe it was also damaged. Now it rides, drives and sounds like new!

    If you did not install new mounts I would sure check them out. The guy that fixed my car said the mount was usually the cause of front-end noise problem after insalling new struts.

    Good luck!

  • I guess they call it "strut tops" or some like that. It looks like there is not much to it and very unnoticeable for anyone unaware but the cost is like $600, an estimate I got. So, I am not sure if he included all the other adjustments like alignment that has to be done as well.
    Thanks much,
  • have an '05 xls and have a rattle on the right topside of the dash,but this only occurs when i hit a hard bump.
    have noticed many comments about toyota car has 20000 miles and picked it up from the dealer today for 3 warranty fixes..all of these problems had service bulletins issued on them,so they must be common problems.
    1. noise(rattle) in the rear of the car seemingly near the rear of the seat..apparently welds have broken loose.
    2.on acceleration,the sulfur smell is overpowering with the roof open..replaced exhuast pipe and cat converter.
    3.drivings lights were loose..there is a replacement holder for these..

    still have to resolve :
    4. headlights stay on too long after the car is shut down.
    5. rattle in the front dash
    6. front bumper cover has pimples,i.e. when you rub your hand over the cover it is rough and there are probalby 150 very small "pimples" said stone chips and i told him i couldn't get that many chips in a 100 yrs. of driving..besides,chips take out paint,not cause a raised surface..this one looks like court..

    i feel with this car i have bought a gm or ford with 100,000 miles on serves me right that i tried to save some money by buying the avalon and not replacing the LS400 which i still have ..that was a car..!!
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