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Toyota Avalon Rattles and Noises



  • don_wdon_w Posts: 3
    I took my '08 Avalon xl back to the dealer this week to give them one more shot at finding this popping or cracking noise, and they seem to have found it! I got it back today and it is very quiet, for now at least. I spent some time riding around in it with a lead technician before I dropped it with them so he could hear it in varying circumstances (over bumps, corners, stop/start, etc) and the noise was not being caused by road bumps; he felt it happened whenever the body had to 'flex' and he felt it was not inside the dash. They did a lot of removing of various pieces and then driving it to see if the noise was still there and that also convinced them it was not in the dash. They eventually found a bad weld in front where the front passenger side fender joins. :You have to remove the fender to get to the weld. They re-welded that area and that seems to have worked.
  • samskssamsks Posts: 12
    I also had a clinking noise in my 06 Avalon near the rear seat, sometimes I thought it was coming from the rear deck. It turned out to be the "rods" that counterbalance and help hold the trunk open. I don't know the correct name for them, but you see them when you open the trunk. When the trunk is closed, they were rattling against each other. I could see where there was some sticky adhesive left on them from what appears to be a missing piece of foam tape. Not a great design. I fixed mine with a piece of foam pipe insulation, and a couple of wire ties to hold it on. Took me quite a while to identify it, might be something to check.
  • tourbustourbus Posts: 14
    After many tries to isolate the source of this creak, rattle whatever you want to call it I found it while sitting in the passenger seat while the wife was driving. Turned out to be coming from the area between the A pillar and the dashboard. Pushed some cardboard down between the the A pillar and dashboard, eureka, the noise is gone. Have listened to this noise for a year. Hope this helps someone. This was in a 2008 Limited.
  • Could you share how you exactly put the cardboard down between the A pillar and dashboard. I have this exact rattle and it is very annoying
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