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Small AWD SUVs Comparison



  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    "You want to talk about taking designs from other automakers"
    I have never said Honda copied anybody, just that styling of the front, back and between do not match. It is like two gloves not from the same pair. Other than that (and performance) it is a fine vehicle.
    "As for the no V6 option, Honda's goal has always been to have fuel efficient cars"
    Yes, and the way to do that for SUV is fuel efficient V6 - ex. Toyota RAV4.
  • Was wondering if anyone has test driven the new Ford Edge yet?

    Understand it is now shipping.
  • I personally think Santa Fe, CX7 or Mitsubishi Outlander look better, are more fun, have more space, more power, better handling and performance, and better value.

    I found the CR-V to be better than the SF, and I did not look at the CX-7 and I cannot stand the back end of the Outlander. I compared the CR-V to the SF, Equinox/torrent, Escape/Mariner/Tribute, Rav4, Tucson/Sportage. The closest comparison was the SF, but I thought the interior was a little cheap, although better than all the others. I did like the exterior. Another thing I wanted that many competitors did not offer was the navigation system.

    As for Mitsubishi, I have known people with them and they were not happy overall. They felt they lose value fast, and they were getting fixed a lot. I really do not like the back end of the Outlander, it looks squashed down. I really do not like the third row in the outlander, it is so stupid looking. I like the dash and first and second rows. I really didn't need the third row, but if I got a vehicle with one, I would want it to be OK looking. The vehicle was just not right for me.

    think Toyota/ Honda domination era come to end, same way it happened to domestics in the 80'. Not like they are not good, just competition is not behind them any more.

    I see what you mean, but Toyota will be taking over as worlds largest automaker within the next few years. The quality gap is closing between other brands and them, but ToyHon is not sitting still, they are making better cars every year, and having new innovations.

    Out of Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai in my opinion, is the best. Although I think their resale value could be better.
  • I see what you mean, but I really like the back end look, and I can live with the front end look.

    Honda prefers 4 cylinders, Honda would not have put a 268 HP in the CR-V. They only put that size engine in Acuras, not even the Pilot has that much horse. It would have been nice for a 250 HP V6, but that is not what honda does. They probably will add a 200 HP V6 for 2008.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    1. Navigation is available on Outlander and CX7
    2. Most reviews (professional and private) praise new Outlander design, you are alone on this one, but this is personal. Can you point me to any forum with so many bad opinions like Autoblog with CRV about Mitsu?
    3."I have known people with them and they were not happy overall" With cars build with Chrysler in Normal, IL maybe, any prove for ones build in Japan?
    Toyota taking over as recall king as well. From my own experience, our Mitsubishi was as reliable for seven years, as our Honda is so far.
    4. I don't like 3rd row seat in Outlander too, but this is “me too” approach in many SUV’s of this size.
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    I am sorry, from all these posts about the CRv, would someone point out one advantage to this vehicle? I see it being kicked by every Suv in class?! Serious were does this car shine so we would talk about it? The dash setup and the shifter looks like an Odyssey. The Exterior seems to not make any sense(it hits me as a Buick from one side, and as a Hyundai from another?)..performance? room? A question: How many of these vehicle would be sold if it had a different badge? Great value?
  • Please dont take offense. In my reply " I " knew " I " was missing something. When I went to the site to configure the Outlander " Fully Loaded " as you stated, the price was $ 34,790.00. Based on your second response I now understand.

    I owned and enjoyed manual shift vehicles in the past so I was not comfortable with the paddles. I already had a portable GPS so that didnt move me much. I must say the HID's look absolutely awesome.

    I think Outlander is a great SUV. My final choice came down to the AWD, a little more power and the blue back lit dash on the Santa Fe.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    I'm glad we are on the same page now. You must have added same equipment as package and accessory again. I still have not decided which SUV will replace mine. Sure Santa Fe, Outlander and Mazda are on the short list, but who knows? I still have soft spot for Subaru Outback. Enjoy your new car and drive safely.
  • 1. I know about the available navigation in both models, but I do not like the look of the Outlander and I had already purchased my CR-V , when I was researching CX-7
    2. In my opinion, the back end of the Outlander looks squashed down. All I was saying that, I know people who have had Mitsubishi's and were not impressed. They no longer own those (Galant, Diamante, Montero).
    3. I am not sure where the cars were built, but that is what my friends were saying about them. I have read about Toyota recalls increasing, and that is not good. In any case, the Toyota's are still better than any Domestic.
    4. I just think the third row seat is funky looking, I was looking at the picture on Mitsu's site, and it looks very thin (just opinion).
  • The CR-V is better than most other small SUV's in its class when it comes to interior. Those include Tucson/Sportage, Rav4, Escape/Mariner/Tribute, Equinox/Torrent. The interior is simple and I think it is also a bit classy. It has nice plastics, very good leather, it has more room than you think inside. The exterior on the other hand is up to the beholder. I happen to like it, some people hate it (although I am not in love with it). As said in other posts, it is not super powerful (not like the RDX, or CX-7) but it is fine for highway merging and cruising. I do think that what helps it sell is because it is a Honda, but what is the problem with that, it is a good car. It has great quality, and you can not forget about the resale value. Compared to its biggest competitor, the Rav4, it is a great value.

    The Outlander, the Santa Fe, the CX-7, and the CR-V are all good buys, it just is up to your priorities in a car.
  • Taking one's time and testing several different vehicles is important plus checking prices at different dealerships.

    Many folks worry about saving a few bucks on a vacation but then don't think anything of spending more than they should for a vehicle.
  • d_hyperd_hyper Posts: 130
    "The interior is simple and I think it is also a bit classy."
    Is it like "a bit pregnant"? :)
  • The Saturn variant will be assembled in Mexico and will go on sale in early summer 2007.

    link Link To Article
  • Looks like more and more Crossover SUVs are coming out?

    Wonder who will be next?
  • Understand that the lst of October the 2007 Santa Fe has XM Radio.

    For me it would just be another bill in the mail and I just use the MP3 feature as both of our vehicles can play MP3s.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,444
    acura version already has a turbo 4, so unless it moves to something else, i don't see a change in power for the cr-v.
  • See that the new Ford Edge puts out 265 horses + has 250 foot pounds of torque.

    It also has a new 6 speed automatic transmission.
  • Looks like both this year and next year will be the years of the Crossovers with many coming on the market!

    It also looks like GM will stop production of the minivan in favor of the Crossover!
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    Looks like you want to have last sentence in any discussion. Problem is you don't bring anything new with it, other that "I don't like this or that","I know people who were not impress",etc. We are not taking here about last generations of Galant, Montero, Passport, CRV or Accord. Nether of them was impressive (in BMW or Porsche performance or Lexus finish way). We are comparing 07 CUV's, their values, sizes, performance, pros and cons. Exteriors and interiors is strictly personal. So, I hope all your friends are now impressed with your new CRV. And before you judge any car, you should go out and test it, not only look at the pictures.
  • what a poor comparo. edmunds must've bought it from walton at a below invoice. even the ed had to overule the results.
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