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Chevy Suburban and Tahoe AC and Heater Problems



  • My 1999 Suburban blows warm AC in the front, and ice cold air in the rear. It also does not have the lower fan speeds, most of the time they are not working, but intermittently they will work, while the high speed position works most of the time. I think this problem might be a bad fan control resistor, but I am not sure how it would impact the front AC operation. Any suggestions?
  • I have the same problem on my 1999 tahoe did you find the problem?
  • bamahoovbamahoov Posts: 1
    I have a 04 Tahoe, and its doing the same thing with the AC. The front vents blow hot ait, but the back vents blow out cold air. What the deal? Thanks guys.
  • Problem fixed. I went down to Walmart, bought a 22oz can of R134 freon with oil and sealant in it. I turned on the Suburban, put the AC in max high, heard the AC clutch engage, disengage, engage, disengage, a sure sign that the freon is low. I had two ports to choose from, only one is small enough for the coupler to snap over. I blew some freon through the hose as I connected it to push any air in the hose out. I squirted freon into the system until the AC compressor quit clicking on and off. Then I continued to squirt until the pressure was in the low range on the gage for the given outside air temperature. The instructions for this are right on the can, it is a no brainer to do this! I used almost the whole can. Towards the end of the recharge the cheap hose connection started to leak, so I disconnected. But it was a good enough recharge that the Suburban has cold air in front and in the rear. I still have a bad fan switch problem that remains unsolved. I think we have low and high, but nothing in between.
  • I have an 02 Tahoe LS 2WD. Something weird has been happening lately. I've searched through a lot of the posts in this thread and haven't seen this issue exactly.

    I usually run the front AC on the mix setting where it's blowing through the dash vents (not the defrost vents) and the under dash vents with the air set to recirculate. When using this setting, and the fan is at 2 or higher, all front dash vents work normally. If I switch the fan to 1, the vent in the center of the dash (by the radio) stops blowing air. This just started. I know there are actuators under the dash but why would one change it's configuration just because I changed the fan speed? The only other explanation I can imagine is that he actuator won't move fully into the proper position and the fact that the air speed is lower on 1, it doesn't generate enough air pressure to pass the actuator. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
  • z7onez7one Posts: 1
    i have read some post on this site with people having the same problem but i have not found the answer yet. the front climate control is working just fine with the heat , ac , defrost, ect... the problem is that nothing at all is working for the rear climate control. if anyone has the answer that would be great or even just a starting point.
    i have checked all of the fuses hoping that it might be that but they all seem to be just fine. thanks for the help,.
  • frankd28frankd28 Posts: 1
    This thread saved me some time and money so I thought I post my experiences in case it may help someone else.

    Vehicle: 2002 Chevy Tahoe with climate control
    Problem: AC ran full blast constantly (when set to auto)

    Replacing the aspirator as described in this thread fixed the problem.

    I bought the part( pn: 25903301 ) online from GM Parts Direct for $24, shipping and handling was another $13. I did find the part online at another vendor for the same price but $5 bucks less in shipping. But I placed the order with GM Parts Direct since they had done the legwork regarding the part number. They were prompt and efficient; delivery took 5 days.

    Installation took me about 30 minutes after doing some reading on how to "loosen" the b-pillar. It turns out you just give it a tug straight out. It snaps on and off. Finding some online notes on how to replace the headliner gave me the confidence to just pull on it. It was tight quarters to get at the aspirator to replace it but doable.

    The boss tells me her AC works great now so I'm very pleased with how this repair went.


    P.S. Our Tahoe has been very good to us and we hope to get several more good years from it. It has 97,000 miles on it and the only significant repairs have been a new fuel pump and some substantial rear brake work. (knock on wood)
  • Anybody remember how much PAG 150 oil to put in the compressor when you change out the AC parts. Thanks in advance for the help
  • By the way the vehicle is a 1994 chevy suburban with rear AC, thanks.
  • e7boatse7boats Posts: 1
    Dash A/C Blows cold. Rear Blower works, air flow is correct, and rear evap is cool but not cold. Anybody got any ideas what the problem could be?
  • I have a 2002 Suburban and the A/C in the rear works great but the A/C in the front only works occassionally. Sometimes it automatically comes on when you start the vehicle other times it will cut off while driving, other times it may click off and then comes right back on. I initially noticed that when set on auto and a 70 it would not stop blowing once it got to that temp, it would keep blowing full blast. My main concern at this time is the front controller shutting on and off. Any suggestions or solutions from others having these problems.
  • Your compressor is going out. The noise is the idler pully pounding on the metal hydralic line for the transmission cooler. You will need to change your compressor!
  • I recently purchased an 04 suburban with 124500 miles. It has auto climate control with front and rear A/C. It works great sometimes, every once in awhile it'll be blowing cold air, front and rear, all of a sudden it is as if the driver vents (driver's side, the one to the left of the steering wheel and the center one) will blow hot. As if the heater was turned on, and the passenger side and rear vents still blow ice cold. Any suggestions as to what may be causing this? ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    have freon level checked
  • It seems like it would be thermostat related, the passenger side and rear blow ice cold, and the driver HOT. It has separate controls for the driver and passenger. It's really irritating. When this happens, I can turn it off, and start it right back up and it will all blow cold. It all happens sporadically, not all the time.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    That's what you might think, but there's been a number of posts in the last month on a couple of these forums (on different mfg's), where left side blows hot and right side cold, and the fix ends up being topping off the freon. Problem solved.
  • Thanks for your help, I will get it checked and post the outcome.
  • I am having the same problem with an 05 LT. Driver side blows hot, passenger and back cold. Hopefully you have fixed it. Could you update us on your progress?
  • natalenatale Posts: 5
    Since my last posting last year, i have not been able to resolve the issue i am having with the AC on my 2002 Tahoe. Now that we are on the verge of fall i am not going to worry about it as i am in an area of the country that will not require AC. I will probably be holding on to my Tahoe for about another 6 - 8 months and then i will be selling it.
  • May '08 Bought used in Alaska and July '08 drove to Louisiana

    July '08 A/C-Heat not blowing on driver side and leaking something(freon?) on Passenger side floor causing puddles...Dealership In Arkasas replaced blower motor. Wound up doing it again a day later...

    August '08 Mechanic replaced something that made it all work until...

    November '08 A/C-Heat went out throughout the whole vehicle in ...Mechanic replaced some box on passenger side which caused it all to work except the Drivers side.

    July 09- Dealership in Louisiana says there's a leak and bottom half of a/c needs to be replaced, along with a part on the drivers side...$2,000. Bringing it back to my mechanic(friend) rather put money in his pocket AND he said, "no way on costing $2,000"

    Any help info on this situation would be helpful!
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