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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • dodong12dodong12 Posts: 1
    The first 3 years of owning my 2006 Toyota Sienna LE in Nov 2005 I did not encounter real problems but as soon as my manufacturer warranty expires problems start popping up. One by one.
    1. Front Passenger Door Popping when opening and closing - got fixed because there was a recall on it. Toyota dealership also replaced the 2 shocks on the back door because it won't hold the door when opening. that's the 2nd.
    3. Airbag lits on the dashboard. They said airbag on the driver side is open. They're charging me $2,000 to have it fix/reset. Gosh! I cannot afford it so problem still there.
    4. Two weeks ago, I noticed my RPM went wild up to the red mark while I'm driving 70mph on the freeway and somehow felt a loss on my speed. When I exited, I felt the surge during turnings but no indication on my dashboard for engine or transmission failure. The next day I went to Toyota dealership in Temecula, Ca for check up and after road test with the manager and inspections he advises me that my transmission is about to go bad. Total cost for parts and labor, they're charging me 5k excluding tax. Naturally, I seek for 2nd opinion elsewhere and mechanics was puzzled because there should be messages on the dashboard when something wrong with the car specially engine and transmission. However, they replaced my tranny for 2400 hundred including tax. Of course its a rebuilt.
    Yesterday, is my 5th major discrepancy with this van. my power sliding door quit working. Did I bought a lemon van? Please advice.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Your case is not common, but it's a reason why I'm considering an extended warranty. There's so much that could go wrong (e.g. power doors).

    Technically, a lemon is a repeat problem in the first year, 3 times to be exact.

    So no, not a lemon, but you have had bad luck. :(
  • I have a 2001 sienna. My problem seems to be different than those posted ie cable not broken, latches working etc. The door opens fine but when the buttons are pushed to close, the door tries to move further back. If you pull the door to close, the door moves one foot, then returns to full open position. I have taken the interior panel off to inspect and find nothing amiss. Is there any experience with these symptoms? Is the computer controller possibly to blame?
  • dunkin2dunkin2 Posts: 5
    Contact number to complain on these doors on Toyota 1-888-327-4236, there are many technical service bulletins on the door but Toyota isn't fixing the problem.
  • mred1976mred1976 Posts: 3
    Just purchased a 2006 sienna limited ,Drove 30 minutes and stopped at store. sliding door jamed. returned and told it is broken 1500 for repair . Cable damaged but you cant replace cable, have to replace entire motor and clutch also which was working fine.makes no sense.
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    My advice to you is to file a complaint to

    I have encountered more problems than you and the Toyota dealer do not care at all.
  • Hello
    My 05 sienna sliding door siezed and I was forced to cut the cable in order to shut the door. The Toyota dealer quoted $2100 for the fix which is consistent with other quotes posted on edmunds. I registered a complaint with Toyota and NHTSA both and of coarse Toyota stated that this is an isolated incident and would do nothing for me...sounds like Toyota gave me the same company line they gave the victims of unintended acceleration. This wont get fixed until someone is injured or killed. By the way, the door shut on my child while parked on a hill.
    I spoke with a Toyota dealer mechanic on the side and he said "oh yeah, this is an 80,000 mile problem". He said I am lucky because I got an extra 9,000 miles before it broke (my Sienna had 89,000). I will be "Moving Forward" with the 2011 Honda Odyssey.
  • macdukepmacdukep Posts: 14
    I filed a written complaint with the NHTSA. I also wrote to Toyota. I got a letter back from Toyota asking me to call their 800 number to discuss my complaint. I called a few times, and hung up after 20 plus minutes on hold. Their recording says try their online contact which I also did. I Today I was on hold 60 minutes before a customer service rep answered and said the door problem is not a proven defect so ta ta- you are on your own. All of us with door complaints are on our own unless we can get someone to listen. Since Toyota is inundated with "real" safety complaints" (i.e. sticking accellerators) they are not going to entertain our complaints of sticking doors. But to me it is a safety concern: About a month ago, my drivers side door malfunctioned (after having it to the dealer TWICE for the recalled front door problem). My two sliding doors and hatch would not open (because it was cold and rainy and they freeze shut in those contitions) and the only wan inot or out of the van was the passenger side front door. All of us from front and back seats had to crawl to the passenger door to exit. Now thank goodness we did not get in an accident or have a fire in the vehicle that day or we would have had a lawsuit ! Please keep letting Toyota and teh NTSHA know of your Sienna problems on a regular basis. Maybe one day they will take responsibility insetad of treating us like we are trying to pull something over on them.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Please keep letting Toyota and teh NTSHA know of your Sienna problems on a regular basis

    Yes, definitely, here's the link again:
  • dunkin2dunkin2 Posts: 5
    please everyone who is encountering problem please keep complaining. I called that 1-800- number from Toyota and that gets you no where. What is it going to take for something to be done. My children and family can't get in the car becausee both doors, manuel and power doors won't open. Go on facebook, go to AG, go to National Highway Safety department. Whatever just keep complaining. It's crazy that car doors malfunction like this.
  • We had our passenger side power door close 3/4th of the way when pressing the power close button. We had to use the manual override, and was able to close it. We brought it into the dealer which said our 100,000 mile extended warranty did not cover us. Toyota is clever enough to exclude coverage for what the dealer defined as a hinge failure as the warranty documents listed hinges as a exclusion. The dealer said it would be $450 to repair this, I was not happy and ended up paying them $109 to diagnosed the problem of which they lubrucated the door and it worked for 7 months flawlessly, but now is failing again. We still have about 3,000 miles left on the extended warranty, should I try another dealer to see if they come up with a different cause that may covered?
  • I too, have had several issues with my passenger side automatic sliding door. I own a 2005 Sienna and a few years into owning the vehicle, the sliding door, which is supposed to have a safety feature if something gets in the way of it, should it automatically close, would automatically bounce back. I myself, an adult, have stood in front of the door only to have to push myself back because that safety feature did not work. God forbid if my child got in the way and got crushed. I tried to contact Toyota and was basically told there was nothing they could do because the vehicle was out of warranty. We now have the problem with the door not closing automatically and we have to manually help it along the way. I was told by the dealership that they wouldn't repair it because they said because it appeared to the service manager that the vehicle had been in an accident because it had been keyed. They also commented that it probably was my 4 year old son tugging on the handle and that took the door off the track. My child could not open the door if he wanted to. The door only opens and closes now when I manually help it along the way. I am so disgusted by how I was treated and will never purchase another Toyota. This was the first Toyota we ever purchased because of all the great ratings it received. No so great on customer service. I have reported to the Office of Defects Investigation, let's hope they can help.
  • Last night I went to shut the automatic sliding door on our 2006 Sienna and had it stop half-way. I took it to the dealer this morning and got the shocking quote of $1800 to fix. They have to replace the cable, motor and clutch system. What is this motor made out of? Gold? He said he sees this a lot. We only have 48,000 miles on this vehicle. We have on-going problems with the hatch as well. Ninety percent of the time, it doesn't latch when closed and goes back up. We have to push it down manually to get it do latch. I turned down the extended warranty when we bought this car because I have heard of Toyota's legendary reliability. This car has been in the shop at least 10 times in 3-1/2 years. Anyone who buys this car better buy the extended warranty, they will need it. This is my first and last Toyota. I've had three Nissan's that have all gone 100k+ miles without any costly repairs.
  • bvmurphybvmurphy Posts: 3
    We ended up taking ours to Abra Autobody (I'm not sure if that's an national or just regional chain) and they replaced the parts from a vehicle that had been in an accident (not involving the door). The whole thing cost less than $400 and it's worked great for over a year now. After this I would never have my vehicle serviced at Toyota.
  • janmorjanmor Posts: 3
    I have had the same problems with the passenger sliding door sticking. We bought our van 2 years ago, and have had numerous problems with this. Others mentioned that the dealership said to wipe down, and apply silicone, we have done that and sometimes it works. It is really frustrating havign the kids climb in (not to mention a tad embarrassing. sliding door fell off the track and broke the back window in the process. Someone told me to check online for recalls, and here I am...apparently this is a problem everyone or many are having. The screws were loose on the part that attached the door to the roller...which someone in here mentioned they found as well. I have had to push the door open manually because the automatic opener wouldn't work. I am so relieved to find that I am not a lunatic!

    Check your doors, and make sure everything is tight! I am crossing my fingers this won't be out of my pocket today!
  • janmorjanmor Posts: 3
    My bolts were loose, and were discovered by the tow truck driver who had to try and get the door back in its track so he could tow it to the dealership. The door fell out of the track and broke my back window.
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    You can change the handle that connect to the door. If you bring it to Toyota dealer, they will tell you to change the entire assembly which cost around 1000.00. I was told by my non toyota mechanic that the cushions(washers?) of the bolts on the handle that hold the door has warn off. I believe that Toyota is using inferior parts to assemble this van. So far i have to spend over 2 thousand dollar to repair this sh?t. I have to repair my power steering arm cushion ( it is a small piece of rubber). I have to replace the entire arm to replace the cushion. It cost me 800.00. Anyway, look for private mechanic to do the job to replace the arm that hold the door. I did mine for $200.00. But also beware that the rubber that wrap around the cable that pull the door will eventually cracked and worn off.
    I have so many problem with this van, you would not believe it.

    I will list it again.

    1)replace gas tank (recall) and a week after the replace , gas gusted out under the van . Took them around 2 weeks to repair.
    2) replace brake caliper to solve the half a year break pad worn off syndrome of this van. After my repair the break pads last longer than 2 years...
    3)driver side popping noise (recall). Welding came off. I just wonder when will my passenger side door will have the same problem in the future.
    4)light bulb burned out.
    5) replace seat belt of 2nd row. (recall)
    6) driver side automatic door will not work. replace the arm that hold the door but eventually the rubber that wrap around the cable that pull the door worn off and came off. The door is still working but with louder noise from the friction of the bare wire when we use it. I hope it will last until i have money to buy a new van.

    recent problem.
    7) driver side seat belt is hard to release. Brought it Toyota, hoping because of safety issue that they will repair it... Big NOOOOOO.. it will cost me 300. to fix.
    Not fix yet
    8) notice there is a brown residue inside my radio window, I think something is burned inside. Out of warranty.

    ON and ON ... this is a piece of junk that put together with cheap parts. Ironically, these parts that are either worned off or broke off cost very little to replace, if they design it correctly. But toyota has to make it impossible to repair unless you replace the entire assembly...This is all because of money $$$$$$$$$. I am used to be a Toyota lover... not anymore.........
  • humby3humby3 Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna. Both slider doors were not working because the cable broke and we did not want to pay $1600 to fix each door. We were using the doors manually. Today, I put my kindergartner and her two friends into the van after school. I pulled the slider door shut. I am guessing the slider door apparatus jumped the channel/track it was on and smashed into the back window. Broken glass everywhere, screaming children, the slider door hanging off the van. Very scary and unbelievable. I had to have the car towed and the tow driver couldn't believe it. He had me sign a damage waiver because he was afraid the slider door might come off in transit to the dealer. Has anyone dealt with this? Of course, my warranty is up but this seems like a defect in the car.
  • klimistklimist Posts: 5
    I just submitted my complaint to the NHSTA website. My driver's side sliding door cable is starting to fray and makes a grinding noise. The dealer quoted me $2028 to fix. That will be over $4k after the other door goes. I have a 2005 with 55k miles. Yes these doors get a lot of use but if the cables were designed to wear out after 5 years/ 50k miles then it should have been designed with a cheap fix, like brake pads. I have not had it fixed yet. I will check with my independent mechanic as well.
  • bigpoppa3bigpoppa3 Posts: 2
    I posted an add on craigslist for a toyota certified mechanic and he quoted me $800-$900 with OEM parts. This at least denies Toyota delaerships the service revenue and perhaps they will also pressure Toyota into providing a recall so they can benefit from the service revenue. After it is fixed, I will be purchasing a Honda. BOOO Toyota!
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