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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    I have a door that does not work, and have also turned it into a manual door.

    I just pushed the button on the dash that makes the door manual. Why do you need to remove the motor?
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    With all the motor, cables etc., it is a bit too heavy for kids to open and close the door.
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    Even you replace the assembly N times, it is still going to give u problems because there is a design flaw on the assembly. This is according to my mechanic and he got this info from parts dealer and their warranty is only 90 days...
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    I will not touch a first year model at all.
  • Two days after buying our 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE, we started experiencing steering and braking problems.

    Two weeks after buying it, the trunk door stopped operating. It now opens and closes at will and is completely misaligned.

    The trunk door's remote controlled electronics are screwed up and we have to manually force it down to close shut and stay shut.

    On top of that, the dealership claims WE "bent" it (there are no dents or dings anywhere btw, and we are lost as to how it got "bent"... maybe we took a sledgehammer to the door joints??).

    What next... the passenger seats start sliding at will and the seatbelts start popping out?

    This car is a danger.

    Toyota is right - with a Sienna, ANYTHING could happen. How magical is that?

    Of course, Toyota refuses to fix the problem... on a brand new less than 14 day old car (with additional 7 year extended warranty above and beyond the regular warranty).

    What's the point of paying close to 40 grand? You get to be the biggest fool you'll ever know.

    You also get to think each and every moment how much you are playing around with your children's safety by having this car in your garage.

    At any time, the mechanically-astute passenger side door might decide it would like to open up right in the middle of traffic, and lo and behold, your kid is thrown out like bathwater. Or the wonderful sliding "captain: seats might just like to slip and slide around on their own while you're driving. Or maybe your sunroof will come crashing down and end your Sienn-ic misery. It's definitely a very... "Mommy" feeling.

    Trust Toyota - never again.

    Note: (This car was purchased in July 2010 from a dealership in MD. The owner lives in NJ and her local area NJ dealership has refused to even consider that the car's mechanism is faulty. Drive back to MD and face another rejection there? Sure Toyota, after stiffing us for 40 large, we've got nothing else to do but kowtow to you. Nice.)
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    Call corporate Toyota and file a complaint against the dealership. They have image problems right now and should be willing to try and make things right.
  • wowzerwowzer Posts: 1
    Good luck with getting Toy-car-ota to fix anything. I hate my 2004 Sienna LE with the power sliding door because of this disaster. When my door went bad, it was 1 month over the warranty---1 month. Neither Toy-car-ota nor the stealership was willing to help...the price was $2000, IIRC.

    The problem is that the sliding door coil is housed inside a paper thin plastic assembly. When that 1 cent assembly cracks, the spool unwinds and the door stops working. I had a local body shop pull out the power assembly and now use the door as a manual. I watched the guys open the door...the plastic assembly is all 1 unit so that you cannot fix or repair it. The whole item must be discarded. This is to ensure that Toyota will charge you $1500-$2000 to fix the power door.

    As for the liftgate, I reported Toyota to the NHTSA for that problem. I was under my liftgate when the thing collapsed right on top of me. It is a big heavy door. Thank goodness I am a big could have killed one my kids (I kid you not). If you don't believe me, just remove 1 strut, lift the gate and let will collapse with a massive 'whomp'. I had to replace both struts as Toyota refused to fix it either (it was 3 and 1/2 years old at the time). Of course, about half a year later, I get a notice in the mail that toy-car-ota will replace any defective struts, but this was not a recall. I didn't retain the receipt of the strut (who would after 6 months?) and Toyota would not reimburse me for the cost.

    I hate toy-car-ota and will never buy another one again. I should have saved my money in anticipation for the repairs and bought a Chrystler or a Dodge. Oh yes, I forgot that my time wasted on this piece of junk was not factored. Repeat after NOT buy a NOT buy a NOT buy a NOT buy a NOT buy a NOT buy a toy-car-ota.

    I sincerely hope that your experience will be better than mine.

  • foxyesqfoxyesq Posts: 26
    Our 2011 Sienna (Ltd. AWD) has problems with the rear sliding doors. If the doors have been closed for a while (about two hours or more) and you open them using the handles (interior or exterior -- but not by pressing the buttons to automatically open the doors) the latch sequence does not release properly resulting in a loud popping sound and a rough opening of the doors (both power sliding doors).

    Less than one week after purchasing the van, we had our dealer look at this. They witnessed the problem and claimed that there was a programming error. They re-programed the doors and sent us on our way. Next morning -- same problem. This time, they kept the van for several days, videoed the problem and dealt with Toyota in California (we are in NJ). According to Toyota (as explained by the service foreman), there is a glitch in the timing sequence of the latches -- a latch is apparently not releasing fast enough resulting in the fastener being pulled out while still latched -- hence the popping sound and rough opening.

    The worst part about it is that Toyota knows about the problem but does not have a fix! There reaction was yes, its a problem, but your stuck with it. Now take your $45,000 van and go home and hope that Toyota comes up with a fix soon.

    I usually make it a practice not to buy a car in the first year of production. However, I liked the van and thought I was getting a good deal. I also believed that Toyota was different and would have gotten a car right by the time they brought it to the market. I also thought that Toyota would stand behind their products. I should have listened to the countless anti-Toyota posts on this and other sites.

    We like the van, but fear bigger problems with the doors down the road. It is probably just a matter of time before the latches or parts of the doors that are getting pulled out fail from the stress of repeatedly being pulled out. Hopefully, Toyota has a fix before then. Glad I purchased the extended warranty.
  • janmorjanmor Posts: 3
    Just to follow up...our door was fixed by the charge! They had done some work with it the month before, so I don't know if it was because of that, or what. But what a relief, :)
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    When we bought our 2004 sienna, we thought toyota is reputable with everything. What could have gone wrong right. Everything is wrong with this van. Just to list -Welding problem with the front door, electric automatic sliding door, seat belts- seat belt does not release easily and does not retract at all, steering wheel control arm, rear disc brake housing - it is a air-tight housing does not allow brake dust to escape. Eventually, the dust will got into the brake and create noises etc. Engine/trans mount bushing worn off (it is a piece of rubber), engine will slide. Most of the defects are on small items like rubber, cushion etc., but it will cost us thousands to repair. I am really quite disappointed to see their 2011 model failed again.
  • faultysiennafaultysienna Posts: 10
    edited July 2010
    just to follow up, we saw another brand new (less than a week old) Toyota Sienna 2011 at the Toyota bodyshop where our less-than-ten-day-old 2011 Sienna's door is now being replaced (yes, they have dismantled practically the whole van and are now putting it together with another new door, that they will have to paint .. how wonderful is that, especially after forking over 40k you get a .. hurray.. newly replaced car door...)..

    ..and that person's van also has the EXACT SAME problem that our car has. The tailgate is "bent" in both minivans. In the exact same way, and the exact same location even.. right at the top of the tailgate/rear trunk door, where no one would ever think something can get "bent" as if it was a piece of paper. The mechanic said something about the body's metal being a single sheet and so it got bent or whatever... how does that happen??? Does no one check these things before they sell them??

    In the other person's case, the door just doesn't open anymore. In our case, it opens and shuts and opens and shuts without ever really staying shut.. or open. These are BRAND NEW less than twenty day old vans we are talking about. So there is something definitely WRONG with the new 2011 Siennas coming out.

    Toyota is going to have a major recall on their hands. The best part is, they don't even care. There was a guy from Toyota looking at and photographing both vans when we got to the bodyshop, the minute we showed up and the mechanic said we were the owners (we'd gone to take some library books out of the van), the Toyota guy literally just ran away. We learnt later that he was from Toyota. We were disgusted and shocked to see that the Toyota guy did not even bother to give us any basic customer service or apologize that our car was having problems. That's called running away from your responsibility.

    I am so upset ... we had the car for barely TEN DAYS!! And it now looks like a pigsty now that all the body shop people have been all over it. The repair people said they will "detail" the car after "fixing" it. What is the point of that? It was a brand new car right out of the factory floor!! It's like giving me a stale pancake that's been pulled out of the garbage, wiped up, plated and served. Would you like syrup with that?

    The mechanics kept saying "Toyota is a great brand, great car, this Sienna is so great to look at". Yeah, right. It's a junk pot now... in under ten days. I appreciate the fact that cars get a kinda-smelly "bodyshop" feeling once they start to need repairs and all that.. but isn't that supposed to start AFTER the warranty period has expired? ie, in about 3-7 years?? This was my new baby!!! And now it's... not so new, and not at all nice anymore.

    I am never going to ever recommend this brand of car manufacturer to anyone ever again - even my worst enemy doesn't deserve something so obviously UNSAFE and totally... quality-less. I'm just afraid the doors will start falling out, or even OVER my kids... One of my friends was going to buy a Sienna right after us. They were there when our door failed, and now they've bought a Honda Odyssey just yesterday. Thank goodness atleast one family is safe.

    Toyota is now, for us personally, the worst car a person can get. It's getting worse, and worse, and worse. This dealership is trying to help us, but it's not going to give me back my brand new car. It's been dismantled, left near giant junk heaps in the body shop repair yard, driven probably by a dozen people, poked, prodded, sweated in, had its innards taken in and out, and all in ten days. It was a dream turned into a nightmare.

    If any $5 item from Walmart is defective, you can return it and get a refund or exchange it for a non-defective piece. Walmart cares about their $5 items. TOYOTA on the other hand, does not even care about it's $40,000 item that you've paid your hard-earned money for. I think they have made too much money, that's the main problem. They have become used to cheating people our of their earnings.. and in fact, in the case of the 50 people who died because of faulty pedals, cheating people out of their lives.

    We put a call into corporate Toyota HQ, caseworker was supposed to call us. No call as yet. They probably are waiting for this problem to just go away in time and they don't need to do anything about it. Trust me, it won't. The next time you sit in a Sienna, think about the safety of those latches and doors. This is a major disaster waiting to happen.
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    It is kind of sad that Toyota did not learn from past mistake. Three weeks after we bought our brand new 2004 van, we had a recall from Toyota to replace the feul tank because of safty issue. Brought the van into the shop and they replaced the feul tank. We thought that was easy. Seven days later, coming out from a parking lot after picking up our kids and kids's friends from their music lesson. The entire Van just stopped and the gasoline was gushing out( i am not joking) under the van. I was panic and rushed the kids out. Even this had happened several years ago, It still scare me to think about it. What happen if there is a spark from the engine or whatever. It took them about 2 weeks to fix.......

    It is really troublesome to see a brand new car that has big problem in its early stage of life. What else could have gone wrong with it in the future right. A lot of problems with this van has happened. I do not want to repeat them again............

    Oh, I did not see the damage on your 2011 van but could it be the hydraulic lift that cause the bending?

    Anyway, Good luck with your brand new van...
  • slyonsslyons Posts: 4
    I had the same above problem with my Sienna 2004 and have not had the door fixed due to the cost of $2000 1 month after warranty ran out. If you do buy a Toyota buy the extended warranty. We did not buy it due to there reputation that is no longer is the case. I still have my van and it was in a accident we are toying with the idea of putting a new motor in the door while they (repair shop) have it disassembled. Anyone have a opinion on whether we should do that. My husband will put it in himself. Has done a lot of work on cars.

    I also had the same prolem with the liftgate hit me in the head so many times. I got the letter telling me it was unders some form of recall (but not a recall) and the Chantilly dealership told us it was not on our car. Proceed to tell us it was only on vehicles with automatic lift gates. I called corporate and they said that it was on our vehicle. Fought with the chantilly dealership for a long time. I finally went to Manassas and the guy pulled it up on the computere there they had it fixed in 2 hours. The manager called from Chantilly and did apologize after finding it somewhere in his computer that is was covered. He offered to do it. This of course was after I had it fixed at Manassas Toyota and I had sworn off the Chantilly dealership.

    I will never buy a Toyota again.
  • garrisagarrisa Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Sienna LE with a manual driver's sliding door. Today it would open only a few inches before something blocks it from opening further. I think there is a link between the door and the gas cap but the gas cap is closed. Any info out there?
  • macdukepmacdukep Posts: 14
    If your window is rolled down it won't open. Did you try making sure the window was all the way closed?
  • garrisagarrisa Posts: 2
    All the windows were closed. Too hot not to use the AC. I found a "thingy" in the lower track that I moved with a long pointed tool that allowed the door to open. This did the trick until we opened then closed the fuel door again. We have a temporary work-around but sure would like to know how to get to the problem.
  • IMy 06 seinna sliding door doesn't close all the way unless I go and push the door in which took several tries. When the door stays slightly ajar the lites won;t go off. Someone said to spray silacone on gasket. I'll let you all know
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    I have the same problem and my mechcanic fix it by replacing the latch that hold the door on the rail. It is a L shape latch. The cushion on the latch has worned off therefore the door is scratching the body of the van...

    It cost about $200 including the part.
  • Faultysienna, as much as I sympathize with your situation, I don't think an emotional tirade riddled with over exaggerations is really going to help anyone that reads your posts. You are obviously upset but you might want to try being a little more objective and realistic with your comments. You comparison to a stale pancake is a little over the top. Toyota is responsible for repairing your vehicle and if they are unable to repair it within a certain number of tries you can proceed towards arbitration/lemmon law. While you may think a product recall is in order based on anecdotal observations, this is a decision that would affect all sienna owners, including those that are having no issues with their cars such as lowering their residual values amongst other things. If your goal is truly help others (and not to simply rant) on this board, please share what the final outcome is while avoiding too much speculation so that others will know what to do if they encounter your situation with the least amount of grief.
  • faultysiennafaultysienna Posts: 10
    edited August 2010
    The pancake comparison was exact and not at all over the top, which you know very well. It's a direct slap in the face of toyota, that two Brand new cars were spotted by a customer with the same exact defect at the same body shop at the same time. Nobody likes to get caught. Toyota lost the ideal opportunity to put the blame on the customer, because if someone brings a car in with something wrong, hey it's always the customer's fault. Pls don't give me these company- scripted tactics, Toyota can't make a fool out of everyone.

    Next, $40,000 might be loose change for lamborgini owners, but not a typical Toyota customer - ie. us. It's so easy to talk about someone else's money so
    casually. After all, it's not your earnings going down the toilet.

    I paid $40,000 for a brand new ( not USED) vehicle to go defective within 10 days.
    Do you think I am a fool to pay $4,000 per day for a car?

    Plus, it's not some luxury sedan, it's a MINI- V A N. What is a minivan for? For the KIDS. Nobody LIKES to put money in these things unless they have no choice!

    Kids equals safety first. That's why some companies actually have those words in their name. understand?

    What residual value? An Accord has residual value, a Volvo has residual, a Merc has residual value. A Camry USED to have residual value before the pedals fiasco.
    Nevermind, you're a Toyota person so who am I talking to.

    As you are aware of, 14 days AFTER being in the shop, Toyota motor Corp FINALLY decided to replace our car trunk door.

    this was not on day 1 or day 3 or even day 10. It took them. 14 days to come to the decision to replace the door. All that time they were probably wondering how they could get out of it. Now, we are in our 3 rd week of not having the car we paid for in full and own, a less than two week old car when it went to the shop.

    Pls bear that in mind. This was not a 1 month old, 1 year or or 1 decade old car. You expect me to pay $40,000 for something that works 10 days, and Toyota has the gall to sell me an extended 6-7 year warranty for that???
    Thats called take- my- money- and- run.

    Wake up! These kind of third- world tactics don't work anymore. Even in the third
    world, people know their rights by now.

    On top of that, you ( Toyota ) has no regard for the real customers of a sienna - the kids who sit in it. Just because they can't sign on the dotted line, you just ignore them, is that it?

    who gives a hoot about residual value when my kid's airbag won't
    deploy, or the sliding door shuts down on her?

    I'm not asking for bells n whistles. Build a solid car that works. We can buy a $100 portable DVD player And put it in ourselves, but we don't know how to build cars. We can just shell out for them, so you take us for a ride?

    That's just NOT done.

    Again, as you are well aware, since you've asked for a follow up which I was going to post anyway - the door is still on it's way. When it gets here, prolly Tuesday, it'll be put in and that's that. It's called what is commonly known as a quick- fix, ESP because this customer in particular is a headache. The engineers who came down from Toyota have zero clue what's wrong - otherwise don't you think our phones with be ringing off the hook with self- congratulatory smugness?

    After all this, we will be taking the thing back to the MD dealership we got it from. They have - so far- agreed to replace the vehicle. Do you know why? Because we have spent $100,000 at that same dealership, as all THREE of our Toyota purchases in the last 5-6 yrs have been from Laurel Toyota. In all this, TOYOTA CORPORATION has done fiddlesticks for us.

    It's the LAwrenceville NJ BODYSHOP that is getting the door fixed. It's George and Renee who've been so helpful. It's the lawrenceville bodyshop that's given us a rental till the car gets fixed.

    It's our laurel Toyota DEALERSHIP that's promised to replace the car. NOT TOYOTA.

    Toyota's doing zit.

    That defective minivan could have come from any Toyota dealersip across the nation. instead of me, someone else could have bought it. Regardless, a human being's safety is at stake.

    The dealer is just the middleman, they retail whatever they get in wholesale from the manufacturer. The bodyshop is the last place a car should be visiting, in it's dying days. It's not an ICU for newborns.

    TOYOTA made this car on IT'S assembly line in IT'S plant in Indiana. This car came out from IT'S line faulty and unsafe. It is a Toyota corporation fault plain and simple.

    The dealer has agreed to replace it because it values our safety like we do. That's called CUSTOMER SERVICE. We just hope that they stick to their promise, because the trunk door will likely take another 7 - 10 days to fix, so we are talking atleat two more weeks.

    I will send my friends and family to these two dealerships IF they Really want to buy Toyotas. If you seriously want to buy a Toyota, these are the places to go to. Atleast the people are human.

    But for now, after this Sienna, we are done with Toyota. There is something called ethics And decency which Toyota motor Corp seems to have lost.
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