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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • I have a 2005 (identical to the 2006). Both my sliding doors broke and and my 7 year old can't open the door.

    I have a quote from Toyota for the first door -- $1,800. I am furious they will not fix this defect on a complimentary basis.

    Who do I contact? Consumer reports? National Highway commission?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Call Toyota's 800 number, and see if you can plead your case.

    Be nice, trust me - I used to work at a Help Desk. You get more bees with honey. I wouldn't be surprised if they at least offer to pick up half the tab, maybe part or labor. I doubt it'll be a free fix though, otherwise why would anyone ever buy an extended warranty?

    Then report the problem to NHTSA's ODI online:

    Click File a Complaint.
  • alhockalhock Posts: 6
    Ours sliding doors finally went out a year ago as well, and we've been nursing it for the past year. But as of last week it doesn't open at all now. We took it to the dealer today. They are replacing our seatbelts that are stuck--a few years after the recall was performed I might ad. (Did they even repair it correctly the first time?). I'm waiting to hear what they will charge to fix the sliding door.

    On another issue, I noticed someone video taped Toyota's faulty weld on the driver's door and posted on YouTube. It got 40,000 hits. Then Toyota announced a recall. Someone should do that for the sliding doors. There are 500 posts on this website about sliding door problems. Someone should video tape their problem and post on Youtube.
  • re: Youtube- GREAT IDEA! My guess is your door will be between 900 and 1,000 dollars. I got mine repaired at my own mechanic for about $280.00. The latch (original) was plastic and the replacement he ordered was metal.

    My driver door broke once and I had my mechanic fix it (before the recall) then after the recall they "repaired" it for free... it stuck closed three times after the dealer repaired it.
  • alhockalhock Posts: 6
    Here's a link to a YouTube video (with 46,000 hits) that someone posted a few years ago about a faulty weld on the driver's side door on the Sienna...then magically, Toyota did a recall. Wow, how 'bout that! If someone could post a video of the sliding doors problem on YouTube, I think this could help us all. Anyone got a Youtube video of the Sienna sliding door problem? YouTube Sienna Defect Link below...
  • dk2005dk2005 Posts: 1
    My two sliding doors on my 2005 Sienna van would not open yesterday. Don't think they are frozen (that does happen A LOT, but usually unfreeze after being in warmed-up car for awhile).
    Today, they still won't open. The alarm was sounding that they were open, and then the "open door light" was not coming on, but alarm was still sounding. The door locks are clicking normally when I lock and unlock the doors, and the sliding door main switch is showing red. I pushed on the door to make sure it is closed properly, and heard it click. Again, tried to open the doors, and still no luck.
    We also had problem with the driver's door welding; popping sound. My mechanic able to fix it, for now, but want to look into getting the passenger door fixed because I understand the defect is in both doors.
    Very frustrating to say the least.
  • I am one of the people here that has had the motor in the sliding door of their 2004 Sienna break. The people at Toyota have done nothing but ignore this issue. Maybe if we could get someone who can do video editing to compile lots of short shots of the broken doors, then make a video of it and post it to YouTube we'd get some attention. At this point I have cut the cable to the broken motor and use the door manually, but it is heavy and will slide back if we are facing downhill (I live in a hilly area). Not safe.

    Boo to Toyota! I used to be a fan, but now that we are looking to replace one of our cars we are looking at Hyundai and Ford.
  • carofthedaycaroftheday Posts: 8
    edited January 2011
    Our automatic sliding door is not working at 55,000 miles. The Toyota Company refuses to pay to fix the sliding door. I am surprise with Toyota ’s reputation that the automatic sliding door has stop working. I am very concerned about the automatic door not working. Right now the door is on manual. It is very difficult to open and close for my family. My spouse and my hands hurt when we pull to open and close the sliding door. Our three kids are unable to open and close the door on their own. I am very concerned because God for bid if we were to get into an accident my kids may not be able to get out. If anyone else has the same problem and/or knows of an inexpensive fix, please let me know.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Well, the warranty is just 36k miles. Did you ask if you could buy an extended warranty and have the door covered retroactively?

    Thing is, some folks paid for those warranties, if everyone gets the same fix, what exactly did they pay for?
  • tc2903tc2903 Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    I've a 2009 Sienna LE with 100k miles. As you can see after I pressed the open button on the remote(or either of the two buttons inside the van), the top of the door just pops opened a bit. The bottom of the door is jammed/stucked against the body, thus preventing the bottom to pop out too and allowing the door to slide open. But if I pull on the outside door handle with a little bit of force, the door operates normally. The problem started to happen a few weeks ago when it started to get cold here in the northeast. I lubed the front and rear lock mechanisms, and I took off the 'L' bracket located on the inside bottom left of the door. Unfortunately, the problem is still occurring more than 50% of the time. HELP? btw, once it only popped open a little, I can't close/open from the inside/outside unless I first push the door back in from the outside.
  • alhockalhock Posts: 6
    My suggestion is to video tape it and tell everyone you know on Facebook, etc to view it so it racks up a lot of viewings. Someone else did that for another Sienna defect and it got 40,000 views. Toyota coincidentally did a recall after that...check out the video...

    Here's one with the sienna sliding door defect...
  • To me it looks like the door was frozen shut and once you opened it it work ok.
    Mine has done this. I have tried silicone, dry lube and that has not done the trick. I was sent this suggestion but have not given it a try yet.
    "Prevent car doors from freezing shut with cooking spray! Spritz cooking oil on the rubber seals around car doors & rub it in with a paper towel. The cooking spray prevents water from melting into the rubber"
    Worth a try.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Careful - petroleum-based products can damage rubber seals over time. I'd use something like lithium instead.
  • jivanijivani Posts: 1
    My driver side sliding door's cable was broken in Jun 2009. I went to dealer and they quote $1800 to fix the door. Then I went to local mechanic and fixed it for $1000. Last week, my passanger side's sliding door's cable is broken. It looks like I will spend more in repairing my car than my original purchase price. Now I have decided that my next car can not be TOYOTA.
  • Cooking oil is a vegetable oil from corn or olives thats why you can eat it. It is not a petroleum based oil!
  • Here is a short list of 3 videos on YouTube of people with similar problems as us. All are different owners. Please spread the word and view the videos as much as possible so we can increase the pressure on Toyota to do a recall--for our mutual benefit! Or post a video as well! Thank you
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Still, doesn't it damage natural rubber seals?
  • verv1verv1 Posts: 2
    We also experienced the same failure in our R sliding door in our 2004 Sienna. A strand of the Cable came loose and jammed the pully mechanism on the door. I pulled the offending strands from the pulley and gave it copious amount of WD40 and moved the system back and forth until I can get some movment. I can now open and close the door manually but with much effort. The electrical does not seem to work any more.I also believe this to be a SAFETY ISSUE How do you open a jammed door in an emergency ie submersion, fire etc.
  • This happened to me twice. I paid for the repair out of pocket the first time, the second time, the part was still covered under warranty, so Toyota had to pay for it and they had to send my vehicle to the body shop to repair the damage that the faulty part had caused.
  • Hi, Folks,
    I purchased a 2011 Sienna in November 2010. Almost immediately, I began experiencing intermittent issues with BOTH rear sliding doors, where they would not open automatically (either with my hand, or by pressing any of the number of buttons one can use to open these doors). It would open about 1/2 inch, issue a high-pitched electronic sound and then stop. The only way to open it at that point was manually - but it only opened in jerks and with great difficulty. Once the door was open all the way, the only way to close it was with the same difficulty. I brought it to the dealer, who politely told me they could not duplicate the problem (of course - it was intermittent!), and they sent me home with my car. The issue kept intermittently reoccurring. I brought the car back again, and insisted they keep it for a period of days and try (and I mean really try) to duplicate the problem. They willingly agreed, and they gave me a loaner car. They apparently tried for several days, with no success. They even called a Toyota rep, who told them he had not heard of this issue, but gave them suggestions of things to try in order to duplicate. Finally, on about the fourth day - success! They duplicated it and got the "error code". I was told it was a problem with the motors. I was a bit suspicious, as I thought it odd that BOTH motors would be defective. In any event, the car went back in early January for the motor replacement. Unfortunately, the day they replaced the motors, the Toyota rep called to tell them that they discovered that the motors are NOT the issue - it is, instead a computer problem. They are now working on getting whatever necessary replacement computer parts (sorry - I'm not a car "techie" so I don't know correct terminology) needed to fix this (hopefully) for good. I understand the parts will be available in late March 2011.
    In the meantime, all power doors in my vehicle (including the rear hatch door) stopped working in their entirety and would only operate manually. Unfortunately, the left rear passenger door got stuck in the OPEN position in my driveway. We finally forced it closed, but I took the darn thing back to the dealer the 3rd week of February, and have been in a loaner since then and will be in this loaner until they fix the car.
    My dealer is wonderful, by the way. They have been helpful and patient and, most of all, persistent, throughout this process. They truly want to see this problem FIXED. (They are Balise Toyota in West Springfield, MA. Great people to work with!!)
    For all of you who have been struggling with the same issue with no help from your dealers - show them this post! Toyota corporate is COMPLETELY aware of this problem, and you should not be told otherwise! According to my dealer, I am apparently the "pioneer" for this issue because my car was the first one for which Toyota correctly diagnosed this issue. Also, please know that my dealer told me they are dealing with this with several other people who bought their Siennas there. You are not alone!!
    Thanks for reading this very long-winded post. I wanted everyone to know that a fix is coming - but you will probably need to inform your dealers. Good luck to all!
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