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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • drasbachdrasbach Posts: 2
    Don't think they are from the same batch. I live in Pennsylvania and my door motor went in my power door after 2 years but thankfully was still under warranty. Now, my sliding door on the drivers side is broken, they said it was the latch and motor assembly and, of course, it is now out of warranty. Also, I am having trouble opening my power door now which is the one that was fixed but it now seems to be a door handle issue. My van is only a 2007. The passenger sliding door will cost $1,100 dollars to fix. I am going to look into having this door turned into a totally manual door as another person in a previous post did.
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    I called Toyota about my door not opening, they told me if enough people call them, there will be a recall. Please call Toyota and complain and ask them to recall, this way you can save your $1,100, I have seen over 1,000 Sienna owners with the same problem, Toyota needs to fix the problem. Hope this helps you.
  • nora7nora7 Posts: 2
    I spoke with a body repair shop, and he looked at my nonoperating van door.l said he can fix it simply and will do so in less than a l/2 hour... to make it operational.... not a perfect fix, but a fix... thanks.. I will also call toyota, they should be addressing this problem!!!!
  • drasbachdrasbach Posts: 2
    Thank you for responding. I just called Toyota because my dealership told me since Toyota is aware of the problem they would pick up the cost of the part and we would only have to pay labor. Well, just as I thought, they would do nothing because the van is out of warranty. But it did serve the purpose of logging my complaint. I leave for vacation in a week and I have to drive 600 miles with a door that is not closed all the way. We stop at hotel and I may have to unload all my belongings because the door does not lock because it is not latched all the way. Needless to say I am not happy. Will have to pay the $1,100 so we can be safe on vacation.
  • carol87carol87 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Toyota Sienna with the same problem. Toyota service is charging $1100 to repair the cable that is broken. I called toyota and they recommended for customers to call and file a complain.
  • kline4kline4 Posts: 1
    I'm glad I checked this site. We have a 2008 XLE with 50,000 miles and the passenger sliding door cable snapped ($529 for the cable plus the same amount in labor charges). When I questioned the fabulous quality of Toyotas (this is my first one) the dealership assured me this is a rare problem and they have only seen this happen one other time in all the time he has worked there. I guess it must by his second day on the job ;)
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    Get on the phone and call Toyota about this problem, there have been thousands of people with same problem and it is not rare!!! We need to make Toyota accountable for this problem. This is such a concern, not only because of the expense we have with it, but, also due the the safety factor, it just needs to be addressed and recalled to be fixed by Toyota!!! When I called Toyota, they told me "if enough people call about the problem, there will be a recall". I plan to tell everyone who has this problem to CALL TOYOTA!!! Hope this helps!
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    I have a sliding door problem too, I called Toyota, they told me if enough people call about the problem, there will be a recall. Call Toyota PLEASE!!! I wish you the best.
  • vmorvillovmorvillo Posts: 2
    I thought the problem I experienced today was uncommon, but after seeing so many similar problems, I am joining the community....I created an incident report with Toyota and am awaiting their response. I know there is no recall on this problem, but with the door unable to be opened or closed because of the snapped cable, I believe this is a dangerous situation, especially if one needs to quickly open the back door to remove a young child.

    The convenience of having a power sliding door is not worth it.
  • sopmansopman Posts: 46
    I have a 2006 Sienna and there are two 12v adapters below the radio and one 12v adapter in the back. One of the adapters in the front and the back adapter doesn't work. Does anyone know where the fuse is for the 12v adapters?
  • I had a sliding door problem with my 2008 Sienna. After reading about everyone's problems, I was nervous to take it in. They told me the frame was bent and since I was out of warranty in years but within the warranty in miles, it would be my responsibility to pay for the cost of repairs. The service advisor at the dealership suggested that I call Toyota Corp and state my case. I did just that. I then had to take it back to the dealership so they could inspect the car to make sure the problem wasn't related to an accident. After inspecting the paint and I don't know what else, they accepted responsibility for a fault part and agreed to fix the problem at no charge to us and even provided a rental car. All of this did take some time. But it was well worth it. I just wanted to advise everyone who has an issue to contact Corp and push your case. It worked for me! Thank you Toyota!
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    Thanks for sharing your positive experience with Toyota!!! I hope everyone with this problem calls Toyota making them call a recall. Thanks again, I am happy for you.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    Finally fixed the problem with my door. took the advice in post 321 and that did the trick. cost was about $110 for the part and about two hours of my time. If I had to do it again I could easily cut the time in half.

    Not happy that it broke in the first place, but at least the problem is solved.

    I am sure if I had taken it to the dealer they would have gouged me.
  • rhkirchrhkirch Posts: 1
    My 2005 Sienna has a power sliding door on passenger side. Recently we discovered that if the door is in the process of closing or opening (via motor), and the vehicle's ignition is engaged prior to the door fully closing or opening, the motor immediately stops. At this point, the only recourse is to manually close the door, as none of the power switches/handles respond again until the door has been manually closed.

    I've attempted limited trouble-shooting: I disconnected/reconnected the battery in hopes that any disruption in the circuitry would be cleared, but no change to the situation.

    In summary: The door motor stops functioning if interrupted by the ignition place in "start" prior to the door fully opening or closing. Once we manually close the door, the system resets and works normally. As long as we avoiding operating the door at the same time as we are starting the van, there is no problem, but I'd like to find a solution before it stops working all together. Ideas?
  • kristygkristyg Posts: 6
    Shortly after we bought my 2005 Sienna XLE Limited the driver side power door failed, but only when using any of the remote buttons. The inside and outside handles worked fine and the motor seemed fine. After following post 583 to post 321, we were able to fix the door this weekend for only $100 and a couple hours time!!! I couldn't be happier, and DH is pretty happy for the savings. Toyota said they would need to replace the entire motor for over $1000. A repair shop seemed to think they could do it for around $500. Additionally, I searched on the part number 85620-08061 and found step by step instructions in a pdf file. Unbelievable. It's a link under a forum called Tundra Solutions. Unfortunately, I can't insert a link, but if you search 85620-08061 tundra solutions - it will be the first one. Thank you all for posting your problems AND solutions to these Sienna doors.
  • kristygkristyg Posts: 6
    Just wanted to say thanks for posting - this information saved us a ton of money and the door works again. Also, there is a link to step by step instructions if you search 85620-08061 tundra solutions - it's the first choice, a pdf. Walked my husband thru it and had no trouble at all. Wish there was a way to find out who created and posted that document so I could thank him, too.
  • sdr2sdr2 Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    Your problem, unfortunately is not uncommon. What's even more disconcerting is it won't be over until you hit the trifecta -- both sliding door mechanisms fail because of cable failure, and the driver's door starts to click because the spot welds holding the door check mounting cup in place fail. I've experienced all three, and learned that telling its customers to log a complaint appears simply to be a mechanism Toyota uses to get unhappy owners off the phone. It doesn't appear to offer any benefit to the owner. I also made a post on the blog concerning the driver's door check -- there's a lot more unhappy owners posting there.

    Also, don't forget that your vehicle uses the same type of carbon steel airline cable to hang the spare tire under the car. That, however, is subject to a recall. Toyota is exposed to legal liability if the spare falls off on the highway and becomes a projectile other startled drivers have to try to avoid hitting.
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    Toyota needs to be responsible for these doors, I still remain firm on asking people that have the problem to make the call to Toyota, let`s not give up. If for safety alone, Toyota needs a recall on the doors.

    I did get a recall on my spare tire and it has been corrected.

    Thank you for your input.
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    Thanks!!! Your message is encouraging, I looked up the info and it sounds great!! I appreciate your information.

    Please be sure to call Toyota, let them know you want a recall.
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