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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • jeanaejeanae Posts: 1
    WE FIXED OUR DOOR (!!!!) and hope this might help others: From inside the car, my partner (stronger than me) gave the door a good hard whack toward the back edge, and it cleared the jam.

    I guess there could be other issues, but this worked for us. Good luck.
  • Question for somebody or anybody: I have 2006 Toyota Sienna with 77K miles now. My van’s power sliding door stopped working about 1 1/2 year ago on 55K miles. Toyota dealer told me it will cost me $1500 to $2000 to fix it and that Toyota won’t cover this cost. Then I started researching and reading books on how to fix this problem myself. After a strong understanding, I started working on it and after 5 hours I was successful in fixing the problem. Today my van’s door works beautifully.

    Recently, I found out Toyota is offering extended warranty on these door problems and they are ready to reimburse parts / labor cost associated to fixing these problems. When I contacted Toyota and asked them to reimburse me for my cost of part and labor, they reimbursed me for the part I purchased but denied to pay me for any labor cost. They said they would only reimburse labor cost from a Toyota dealer or any individual mechanic shop. They asked me for an invoice, like I mentioned I had fixed the door myself, I don’t have any invoice from a mechanic shop. So my question is, should I sue Toyota in ‘small claim court’ for not reimbursing me for my labor and inconvenience and if I do sue them what kind of result is expected? Please note again, they are ready to reimburse me if I had got the work done from any mechanic shop or Toyota dealer but they don’t want to pay me because I fix it myself. Waiting for your respond. Thank you.
  • mugsismemugsisme Posts: 4
    So, how did you fix it?
  • bdub3bdub3 Posts: 3
    We took our '04 Sienna to the Toyota dealership's service center today. It has 119,000 miles on it. We were told that it was not covered under this warranty extension because the warranty coverage ceases at 9 years after delivery date, or 120,000 miles (whichever comes first). They said that it's been longer than 9 years since delivery date so it's not covered. We are not the original owner. How do we tell when "delivery date" was?

    I think that can only tell you the year (not month and day) a vehicle was purchased (assuming they have record of it). I don't want to pay for a carfax report without knowing for sure that there's not a better way of knowing.

    I do plan on asking the dealership when I pick the car up what they've determined the delivery date for our car to be.
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,496
    The manufacturer always knows the original in-service date because dealers are required to report their new-vehicle sales to the manufacturer. That information is entered in the Toyota computer system that any Toyota dealer can retrieve via VIN.

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  • Long story short by reading books and searching on the internet, I open the sliding door panel then inside there was a motor assembly, with motor assembly there was a actuator, that part was dead. I replaced that part after that my door start working. But it was long job and need good attention on every step.
  • jrmacjrmac Posts: 5
    Being a handy guy, I would like to know what book you read on this and what websites you went to. Also, can you tell me if your door was stuck shut when you removed the inside panel? If so, how did you do that? Thank you. My concerns are simply from a safety perspective. Not having that door operable is a concern.
  • bdub3bdub3 Posts: 3
    Thank you kcram.

    When I went to the Toyota service center to pick it up yesterday I learned that the Date of First Use (DOFU) was 4/18/2003 for our '04 Sienna. So, we aren't eligible for the extended warranty because it's been > 9 years since the DOFU. :(

    However, in '09 I went to a Toyota service center and had an estimate done for fixing the sliding door. That shows record (which the Toyota Customer Support can see in the records for the VIN) of the problem long before the 9 year warranty expiration. So, I've opened a case by calling the Toyota Customer Experience # to find out if we can possibly receive some remuneration for the door under this extended warranty. We'll see how it turns out. . .
  • slyonsslyons Posts: 4
    We also have a Sienna that we purchased in May 2003. We got the service enhancement warranty yesterday and went to the dealership today. We are a month shy of the 9 year requirement with 90,000 miles on the Van.
    I had taken it in to our dealership when the cable on the door broke and got a estimate. We called corporate and they said that they do not see a estimate being given. Of course we have not been able to find the est that we received. Corporate did indicate that alot of people have been calling and that the 9 year warranty may change. I am very disappointed with Toyota. our cable borke at 38,000 miles and when we took it in that is when they told us it was not cover the first time. Then now a month out it is still not covered. I did not buy there ext warranty because that had such a good quality of work. Boy were we wrong. I am not done yet though because it is a faulty workman ship or engineering on Toyota's fault. I would love to hear what your final outcome is. My husband and I feel like that sent us this enhancement warrant late so that they would not have to pay to fix our vehicle. I have seen post on here from people who have had there's fix back in April and May.
  • Well, 1 ½ year ago I did this job, like I said I read a lot of material on this matter. I don’t remember any a specific web site but I remember one thing, the article was keep saying “check the actuator” because it was related to my door’s symptoms. The door was stop working from inside two buttons, one button on the sealing beside garage button and other from the side panel close to passenger seat. My door was not stuck anywhere after I put together everything. I hope I answer your question. Good luck.
  • midadmidad Posts: 1
    We have a 2006 Toyota sienna with 85,000 miles on it; we are the second owner. Last year we started having problems with our automatic sliding door with both the buttons inside the van and our key chain remotes-when we push the buttons, the door makes its normal sound and tries to move but can't. Track is clear and nothing is visibly wrong. We have received nothing on the enhancement warranty . . . Would this be eligible under it?
    Thanks so much for any help/advice!
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    edited July 2012
    Same here.. brought my sienna to the toyota dealer and told them the cable of the door is bad, the rubber cover is ripping apart. Before this at around 45000 miles brought it to the dealer about the door not shutting correctly, they told us it will cost us 2000 dollars because the warranty is over. We took it to a independent repair shop, they fix the hatch that connect the door. The problem is fix.

    Now the rubber is ripping apart, they said it is over 120000.. we are only over by 3000 miles. When i was there , the service guy said our car is not under recall. I ask him how do they determine which Van to recall. He said it is all issue by the manufacturer by the vin number :mad: . It is just BS.. They just delay the extension until most of the earlier sienna ran more than 120000 and justifying their recall/extension "policy". And the dealer is also denying i took the car to them when we have the problem. They just said they do not have the record... So f**King convinence. I really really hate toyota.. they are bunch of crooks....
  • verv1verv1 Posts: 2
    This is the way my door went on my 2004 Sienna. The problem was caused by the failure of the covering on the wire that the door travels on. As the wire covering unravels it jams in the pulleys etc then the motor burns out etc.
    When I noticed this is was too late but I managed to free the door enough to use it manually using penetrating oil.

  • I think it should cover under extended warrantee. I would call to local toyota dealership and find out from them. Their extended warrantee on sliding door cover 9 years and/or 120K miles, which ever come first. Good Luck!
  • yifangyifang Posts: 2
    That's exactly what the headquater in Ontario told me! I paid the bill myself. Now there is a huge crank noise at the driver door whenever I open or close it. It is said to be related to the weld of the door between the two hinges. Not know how to do, probably another $2500 (estimate from the expert) to replace the door! What a buy I made!
  • cheranecherane Posts: 8
    Mine was covered to repair drivers door by Toyota. I have a 2006 xle. I got a letter through the mail took my van to the dealers with them giving me a rental and repair at no cost.
    now, my sliding door is another matter.
    I'm ready to let my van go for sale...sick of this and I only have around 35,000 miles.
  • fix_it_againfix_it_again Posts: 9
    edited July 2012
    My Sienna drivers door made the same sound at around 40,000 miles and a recall came out about the same time. It was fully covered. My RAV4 (also 2004) had a similar broken weld at the back door at 7,000 miles and I was told "doors falling off" is not one of the 500,000 things covered by warrenty, but I was welcome to look through is fat book of warrenty items if I didn't believe him. A week later, the dealer fixed it. Both vehicles have about 130,000 miles on them now and except for door issues, I am happy with both.
  • easyas123easyas123 Posts: 1
    Wish me luck on Monday. I have a 2004 Sienna XLE with 188,500 miles. I have NOT received a letter yet from Toyota re: CSP for "Extension of Warranty Coverage for Rear Sliding Door Latch Assembly" and "Extension of Warranty Coverage for Power Sliding Door Cable Assembly." The passenger sliding door lock actuator failed in March 2010. At that time I was given a verbal quote of about $1500 to repair unless I paid for the diagnostic up front. Given that the door operates manually if you "hang" on the door handle for about 2 seconds, the stealership is assuming that yes, the issue is with the actuator and repair is NOT COVERED under this CSP.

    The draft CSP letter that I have is for the "Rear Sliding Door Latch Assemblies". Why wouldn't the actuator be included in this? I have a feeling that I will be paying a several hundred dollar diagnostic fee and that they will tell me, like they have told others, that the door lock actuator is not covered. I do not want to pay $1000 for a $10 part plus labor.
  • 54marty54marty Posts: 1
    I received the warranty enhancement letter on 07/16/12. The letter is titled Certain 2004 to 2007 Model Year Sienna Rear Sliding Door Latch Assemblies and Power Sliding Door Cable Assemblies Warranty Enhancement Notice.

    Purchased new 2004 XLE Limited: May 2003. Mileage: 220K+

    The driver side (L) door stopped opening and closing a long time ago, at least 2 years ago, maybe longer. After about 1 week of operating in manually it got stuck in the open position! The dealer (Miller Toyota in Culver City, CA) told me cost would be around $1500 and recommended I let them fix both sides. I didn't have $1500 so I cut the cable and now the door operates just fine manually. Funny thing: when I push the automatic button I can hear the motor working, so the problem was clearly the tangled up / seized up cable.

    I'm about 2 months beyond the 9 years and well past the 120K miles of the enhanced warranty. I have zero expectation Toyota will do anything for me. I base that on my previous experience with them and their refusal to help me with problems it turns out they knew about for a long time but kept secret, such as:

    Laser cruise control failures / alignment issues ($700). Not repaired.
    Electric seat heater element failures: replace with new design: $750 each (x2). Not repaired.
    HID headlights attracting moisture resulting in control unit failure: replace with same design: $1000 each (x2). Not repaired.
    Rear hatch lift failure: This one they fixed AFTER I reported to NTSA and other agencies.

    I paid $35K for an XLE Limited and ended up with the same features as the $17k base model. All this happened just outside the 3 year / 36K warranty period except for the rear hatch, which was just outside the years but well outside the mileage.
  • beninibenini Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    I would very much appreciate whatever you have in writing about this failure.
    This has happened to us and the dealer is asking for $1600. I would like something in writing about the warranty extension we can show the Toyota dealer here.
    Thanks so much.
    Lorraine Benini
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