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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • Received the enhanced warranty notice 7/17/12; car was purchased 5/17/03. 2 months OUTSIDE the enhanced warranty period. Toyota refuses to honor the enhanced warranty, only 75,000 on car. Door originally failed in 2008 and we reported to Toyota in 1/09. Curious to see if anyone had any luck with getting Toyota to honor outside of the 9 years. These vans went on sale in March of 2003.
  • I had 155,000 miles on my 2005 Toyota Sienna. I got the letter indicating that they would extend my warranty for the Power Sliding Door Assembly. However, when I called Toyota's Customer Service to discuss this issue, they informed me that my car was over the mileage limit. The customer service representative was able to pull up how many miles I had on my car at my last service visit. So I wonder if Toyota only sent letters to people that they knew would not be covered. I am irate. I asked to speak with upper management (the people that make the decisions) I was told that I was not allowed to do that. Again, I am the customer and I want answers as to why this problem was recognized by Toyota as an issue and not fixed as a recall. I will be writing a letter to upper management. There are 77 pages of complaints on rear sliding doors on Toyota. Feel free to write to them at Toyota Motor Sales USA, National Customer Relations, 19001 Southwestern Avenue, Dept WC11, Torrance CA 90501. I would appreciate better customer service from such a large company.
  • Received this letter a few weeks ago, and that was very timely since the cable broke 3 months ago. Unfortunately I lost the letter (ironically the Toyota dealer lost it, it was in the car and vanished...) and I still need it, to claim reimbursement for the expenses occured to un-jam the door when the cable failed. And despite the time spent with the customer service on the phone, they won't send me a duplicate or anything. Can somebody be kind enough to scan this letter and email it to me? Or simply type the paragraph regarding the reimbursement at the bottom, that would be very helpful. Many thanks!
    Antoine (Sienna 2004)
  • ckirkckirk Posts: 17
    :) I scanned as PDF, copied and pasted and below is what came up, but I think the section about "If you have previously paid..." is clear at the bottom. Good luck.

    y.o.Yf product expectations, Toyota would like to advise you o"f an exiension to portions of your Sienna's New Vehicle
    Limited Warranty.
    Toyota cares about our customers
    Toyota has received reports of customer concerns regarding rear sliding doors that gradually become difficult to open or
    close in certain 20041o 2007 model year Sienna vehicles.
    Although the Rear Sliding Door Latch Assemblies and Power Sliding Door Cable Assemblies are covered by Toyota,s
    New Vehicle Limited Warianty for 3 years or 36,000 miles (whicheueicomes tiriti *" at Toyota care about your overall
    ownership experience. To assure our customers'satisfaction with that ownership eiperience, we are offering an extension
    of the warranty coverage {or your vehicle's Rear Sliding Door Latch Assemblies and
    Sliding Door Cable Assembly.
    Please see your Toyota dealer for additional details.
    Cable Assembly for a period of 9 years from the vehicle's"date of first use or 12O,O0O miles, whichever comes first.
    This offer is limited to your specific Sienna whose VIN is provided above and is subject to the same conditions and
    exclusions set forth in your owner's Warranty lnformation booklet. Tnis coverag;l;'f,or warranty work performed at
    an authorized Toyota dealer only.
    Please note that, as specified in the New Vehicte Limited Warranty, damage incurred from abuse, an accident, theft,
    vandalism, or other similar event is not covered by this warranty Extensioh.
    What should you do?
    It you have not experienced this condition, please insert this tetter into your Sienna,s Owner,s Warranty
    lnformation Booktet for future reference.
    lf you experience a difficult to operate rear sliding door, please contact any authorized Toyota dealer and make arrange-
    ments for diagnosis and, if.covered,
    repairs for the near'SitJinj ooor r-itcn or the power
    Stioing Door
    Cable Assembly will be performed at NO CHARGE tor up to s years from the ueiicle's date of first use or 120,000 miles,
    whichever occurs first. Please present this notice to the Toyota bealer when you-biing ihe vehicle in toryour appointment.
    Rgar Sli-ding Door Latch Assembly requires reptacement, the repair witl tat<e ipproximately one hour. lf the power
    ,t,#iq:"::^c,:1,1" f:"t"Tlry:lr'l:sl9nt19emenf
    the repail *rr ta[e
    tow hours; however, dependins
    Certain 2OO4 to 2007 Model year
    Rear Sliding Door Latch Assemblies and
    Power Sliding Door Cable Assemblies
    io make tne vbhicre
    to;-; i;ft;;;;il;i'i,.;;:
    We wanted to advise you.of this warranty.extension and provide reimbursement instructions in the event you have
    incurred expenses for previous repairs to help minimize the inconvenience to you.
    lf you would like to update yourvehicleownership-orontactinfgrmation, pleasego towww.teyota.eom/ownersupdate,
    You will need your fult 17-digit Vehicle ldentification Number (vlN) to inpuiirre n-ew"intormation.
    lf,you have previously paid.for the repair or replacement of the Rear Sliding Door Latch Assembly and/or the power
    Sliding Door Cable Assembly and/or the Motor and Power Sliding Door bable Assembly to address the covered
    condition, please mail a copy of your repair order, proof-of-paymentl and proof-of-ownership to the following address
    for reimbursement consideraiion:
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., lnc.,
    Toyota Customer Experience, WC10
    19001 South Western Avenue, Torrance, CA 90509

    lnclude your name, address, and telephone number(s) in your request. Please allow 6 to g weeks to process your
    We have sent this notice in the interest of your continued satisfaction with our products.
  • I had such a great experience with my old Toyota Sienna that I didn't even shop for anything else before I bought my 2008 model...big mistake. Today the 2nd of the two automatic doors failed - $1,700 each to repair. The first time I chose the manual door instead of the automatic door (less than $300) and now whenever I park on a downward incline the manual door doesn't lock open and comes slamming closed - great safety for a family vehicle, right? Toyota is no longer the company they once were and are continuing to limp along on a no longer deserved reputation. I wouldn't take another Toyota if you gave it to me. As soon as I figure out how to file a complaint with the DOT I will do so. When I made my profile in order to post to this website, the ID TOYOTASUCKS was already taken and I had to settle for TOYOTASUCKS2!
  • I too was told I do NOT qualify for the Warranty Extension for the Sienna sliding doors. (I miss the cutoff by a few months). I had the car in for service on FOUR previous occasions for these door problems but decided NOT to fix them due to the high cost for repair. Now Toyota is saying that if I HAD them fixed they would have reimbursed me.... !!!??? If I had a CRYSTAL BALL I would have had the repairs done, but who knew Toyota would FINALLY FESS UP to a known problem with the doors ! They need to issue a RECALL, not an Warranty extension (which most people do NOT qualify for!) Toyota is showing a lack of integrity.
    I will NEVER buy a Toyota again.
  • I COULDN'T HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG IN MY PREVIOUS POSTING! I marched myself into my Toyota dealer today ready to rant about the failed sliding doors only to learn that Toyota has extended the warranty on the doors to 120K miles! Now, this is the type of thing I have always expected from Toyota but had mistakenly thought was a thing of the past. Both doors will be repaired at no cost to me. I couldn't be more satisfied!
  • larz5larz5 Posts: 2
    Yea, that's what I thought until they actually looked at my Sienna and informed me that the part needed to fix my door wasn't covered under the warranty extension. And by the way, they charged me $80 to let me know that. Good luck. I have since traded for a new Explorer
  • victor23victor23 Posts: 201
    I too "experienced this condition". As well as a number of other "conditions", either covered by numerous TSBs or not. When the door stopped opening at all, I took Sienna to the dealer. They first told, no easy solution, prepare to pay $1300 or more, but in a couple of hours a smart tech was able to take the door apart from inside and to fix the problem without changing parts. I paid about $340, and was happy. Now, after receiving the warranty extension letter, I submitted for reimbursement and received a denial letter. I called Toyota and asked for clarifications. Their explanation was that the reimbursement was denied because no parts were ordered. So, I asked, if the tech were stupid and changed the whole thing, it would be OK, but if the tech is smart, I am penalized? They said, yes, we are sorry, but that is how it works.
  • harpermharperm Posts: 1
    Please, join the Facebook group "Toyota Sienna Faulty Power Sliding Door" so that we can have strength in numbers. I am beyond frustrated reading the hundreds and hundreds of posts that are just like mine in dealing with their faulty Toyota Sienna Sliding door. If we band together, in one place..we can make a difference. Toyota says that they don't have complaints about the parts that aren't part of the CSP, and that's ridiculous. Please, if you have a problem with your door call Toyota at 1-800-331-4331.
  • slyonsslyons Posts: 4
    I did call and got know where. Not even sure they recorded the fact that we called. Also, so frustrated. I will not buy a Toyota again.
  • Hey guys, I had much of the same experience as you guys, I don't have $2000 to fix my sliding doors and having a new born and 2 lil ones, being able to open my doors with the press of a button really helps, especially since I don't have 3 hands. My local shop told me of a place in Los Angeles that rebuilt my cables. They sent in my old unit and Benson's Auto fixed them for only $350! My mechanic installed it for $100. Now both my sliders work! You can find them at!
  • Toyota just extended their warranty on this problem for certain 2004-2007 Siennas. I just received the warranty enhancement last Friday and it's in the shop now being warrantied. There are some catches though.

    From the letter..."This warranty extension is for your vehicle's Rear Sliding Door Latch Assemblies and for your Power Sliding Door Cable Assembly for a period of 9 years from the vehicle's date of first use or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first. This offer is limited to your specific Sienna whose VIN is provided above and is subject to the same conditions and exclusions set forth in your Owner's Warranty Information booklet. This coverage is for warranty work performed at an authorized Toyota Dealer only."

    There is also some additional information about being reimbursed if you have paid for repairs in the past for the same issue. I wasn't able to find anything at the Toyota website, but found this in the Sienna chat. na/9534-04-10-sienna-extension-warranty-coverage-rear-sliding-door-parts.html

    Good luck!
  • We are very disappointed in our Toyota Sienna (2006) also. Got a recall for the electric sliding door so I took it to the dealership. They refused to repair the doors because they said the hinges were damaged rather than the cable which was supposedly warranted. The paint and rubber is wearing worse by the day. If anyone knows how to get these repaired under recall please let me know.
  • I was also told by Tustin Toyota that my sliding door was not covered by the warranty or recall since it is the hinge that is failing. I had to turn off the auto button and tell my kids to only use the driver side sliding door. The passenger side slider has also damaged my paint. I was quoted $800 to fix. Crazy..... If this is a manufacturer problem, then it should be fixed by Toyota. If anyone knows how to get around this, please let me know. Thanks
  • Hi Everyone,
    Speaking of Sliding Door cables and hinges....guess what happened to me....
    I was flying in from my vacation (Tuesday, July 31, 2012) with my kids(4) my husband picked me up. Next Day my driver side sliding door gets stuck halfway! IT WON'T BUDGE!! I took it to the dealer in Anaheim and they said its a SAFETY ISSUE, SO TOYOTA won't release it. Because of the extended waranty on the cables they will replace those, PLUS out of Curtesy (yeah right) they are paying for one motor and I pay for the other $270. So we agreed to it, we figured 2 new mechanisms on both doors.... good deal! I live in the Bay Area so they had to give me a rental, I still have it (1.5 mnths later)...
    I got a call yesterday they tell me the hindges on BOTH SLIDING DOORS are going out and if I dont repair them the cables are going to break again because of it. $1500+ in repairs! I think this should be a recall and we should all report to TOYOTA. I cant afford it, I could use that money to feed my kids and buy them Clothes! They should be responsible and take care of it. I have a rental and they are paying for it (the rental) so if they dont want to fix it they will keep on paying the rental until they do.... Good luck to all of you that have the same problem.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 372
    What year is your van?
  • I have a 2004. I can't afford to pay for the door, so I keep it locked. I have 3 kids and we are adjusting the best as we can dealing with only one door. I agree, we need to contact Toyota. Does anyone know who to call? Thanks
  • Paying over a thousand dollars to fix a door isn't really an option for me. Luckily I can help you out for a fraction of that price. Check out . I will replace your cables with brand new stronger ones and ALSO email you instructions on how to remove and replace the EDM unit yourself.
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