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HHR Electrical/Lighting Questions



  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,187
    For the messed up temp display, I have heard the problem may be with the BCM (body control module) and in one case was resolved by replacing BCM (though it took a couple trys). If those options you mentioned (if they are programmable) aren't working, it would also be in the area of BCM problem.
  • jsherrilljsherrill Posts: 1
    Hey guys, Just bought my first HHR and i am already having a problem, I know this is probably going to sound like a joke, but here it goes, anytime I depress the brake pedal my rear windshield wiper starts wiping, i have tried replacing the relay and to no avail it will not stop, i even tried driving the car without the relay, which solved my problem, but without the relay in, I cannot open my rear hatch, because of the elctronic locking switch, I took it to the dealer and they could not find the root of the problem, i tried contacting chevy but they keep giving me the run around, any help would be greatly appreciated, if you could email me the answer at i would appreciate it, i am in the military and do not have readily access to this site, thank you very much
  • js1717js1717 Posts: 1
    I bought a HHR new yesterday 8-18-07 at a dealer and the outside temperature display worked for the test drive and drive home and today 8-19-07 the outside temperature display is now reading a constant 66 degrees (and the outside temp is in the 80s plus). Were you able to get yours fixed and if so what was needed? Has anyone else had this same outside temperature reading being stuck at 66 degrees? Thanks.
  • lacolaco Posts: 28
    Ok, I have a 2007 HHR, bought the end of March 07. The OAT display seems really sluggish to respond. It eventually will, but sometimes takes 30 to 60 minutes. Since a lot of my use of the car is local, that means the OAT is often 20 degrees or so low, since my garage is much cooler than it is outside at this time of the year. There has to be a way to force it to react quicker!
  • josanjosan Posts: 2
    i took delivery on my hhr sept 17 the car was running fine until i went to start it after i came back from the store and it wouldnt start.that was on friday. the service dept. has the car now for 4 days and they still cant locate the part. they say the problemis that the fuse box has to be replaced. im starting to get really frustrated. i never heard of a service department taking so long to locate a part.
  • lacolaco Posts: 28
    Your car is new enough, I would have asked to have them take one off another new car in stock, so a car with no owner would be waiting for the part.
  • Well...I just got an 2008 HHR LT1 full nine, the 1st day the remotes stopped working, So I went back to chevy they fixed that next the remote start stopped working, then the air presser stopped, the the sunroof locked up and to top it all of now there is a ticking coming from under the hood..Just so you know I only have 300 miles on the thing, and it has been the shop 4 time is less than a week....POS or what?
  • lacolaco Posts: 28
    I wouldn't get too stressed. The remote can be fixed, so can the sunroof. The ticking you describe, there is a 99% chance its the fuel injectors and is a normal sound. My 2007 does that, but the ticking got quite a bit quieter after several thousand miles were on it. I can still hear it, but I have to listen for it now.
  • i just bought a 2008 hhr and i have this light that stays on that shows down on the instrument pannel and i would liike to shut it off but dont know how. could you help me
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sorry, I don't have one but it should be listed in the owners manual. Others may reply with the answer but if not check the manual.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,187
    If you mean the little blueish light that illuminates the console area (in particular things that aren't back lighted) , there is no switch to turn it off. If it really bothers you, I would put something over it first before trying to disable it another way (to see if you like the results).
  • my 08 hhr LT has same problem. nothing no power anywhere and the battery has 13 volts the alt has good windings. my hhr has 300 miles on it i am checking into the lemon law in va. I am not paying for a car that sitting in the shop. They should take the parts off of a new one in the lot!!!! hope mine is a simple fix!!!
  • jeranejerane Posts: 2
    I have had problems getting key out of ignition. When I left it in on in the "off" position and in park battery went dead and again after recharging battery Another friend of mine had the problem of his battery dying on him. I plan on calling the dealer for a solution!!!!
  • hawktraphawktrap Posts: 8
    I have a 2008 HHR 1000miles on it 2 nights ago I lost my console lights; tech speedo ect still on; also lost tail lights and brake lights. OnStar ran diagnostic and said something like the IPC did not wake up when car was started. They said maybe after shutting off car the system may come back up. I tried it several times that nite with no success. I drive home with no console lights and no tail or brake lights. The next morning I started the car up in my driveway and all was fine. Is the HHR a day light running vehicle only?
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,187
    Yes, it is meant to be driven only in daytime when it can be seen ;) . Actualy it is most likely loose fuse or bad ground wire for IPC or something like that.
  • hawktraphawktrap Posts: 8
    I'll check the fuses; in the mean time I called the dealer on Sat the 5th. I asked if they have had this issue before! They said this was something new to them!! I'll get the car in this week after work. I also noticed that day. driving home that the radio shut off and I had a call (on the radio read out) on my car ph when I answered it. On Star said hello On Star ready. It happen 2x's. No one has my car ph# and no one was on the ph <img src="
  • marti8marti8 Posts: 3
    I have had the radio/CD player replaced 4 times. The stations change at will, the CDs skip around from one CD to another.

    Most importantly, when the electrical system goes out (all the gages) the break lights don't work and neither do the airbags.

    This car is a death trap - don't buy one!

    It is a big :lemon:
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    So because yours is having problems that makes every HHR a lemon. Well, mine and many many thousands of us have had no problems. Since all of us have had no problems than maybe it isn't the car that is the :lemon: after all. Only time will tell. :P :shades:
  • marti8marti8 Posts: 3
    After 53 documented service trips I am pretty sure the car is at fault here, not the driver as suggested by the gentleman in the last post. I would not wish the problems I have had with this car on anyone.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    This is what you wrote: This car is a death trap - don't buy one!

    It is a big :lemon:

    I feel for your problem but you basically said they were all lemons since you said no one should buy one. Sounds to me like you should take it to a different dealer if you haven't already as the one you have sounds like a :lemon:
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