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HHR Electrical/Lighting Questions



  • marti8marti8 Posts: 3
    Wow, the car has been to as dealerships, so, again; I am pretty sure this HHR is a lemon anbd not the owner; as suggested by Dave. If you want to test drve this mold infested; brake failing; non working electrical system; pos hhr; let me know and I will loan it to you. Some women know cars; caution your attitude toward the ladies! M
  • hawktraphawktrap Posts: 8
    Does anybody know what that blueish light is for? It's not in the emanual? Or is that supose to be another form of on star icon? :P ; hahaha
  • talker20talker20 Posts: 7
    :) This is not an official answer but my best guess about the blue light. Due to no illumination for the window controls and it seem to shine on them it so you can see them at night to use them,
  • hawktraphawktrap Posts: 8
    Ok, 2nd time now I've lost my console and rear lites. This time I was driving home, stopped @ our community mail box. I did not shut the car off, or lights off, got out of the car and got my mail. I got in put my seat belt on and noticed I had no console lites again. I got out and ck'd my tail lights, NONE AGAIN. I got back in and drive down the block and parked in my driveway. Left the car on and walked around the car. Front lt's ON, Tail lt's off, 3rd rear lt above rear window was on. That was Sat nite, Monday moning I turn the car on to come to work; all the lights where on. Anybody having this issue? :confuse:
  • deezhhrdeezhhr Posts: 2
    I got into my HHR this morning & started the car...all was okay except for all the gauges were dead. Radio works runs great. There is a "warning" sound..but I can't read or see what the message is. The service dept at the local Chevy dealership is not open on Saturdays...big surprise!! Anyone ever have this problem. I'm don't know too much about any answers in "simple" terms would be greatly appreciated.
  • hawktraphawktrap Posts: 8
    Mine is an '08 new. It was suggested to me to check my fuses. I pushed all fuses and circuit breakers in. The fact that ALL of them moved inward was interesting. I have yet to have another issue. But I can tell you I'm keeping an eye on the issue of not having rear lights and making sure that I document the issue with OnStar. :blush:
  • deezhhrdeezhhr Posts: 2
    Thanks I'll try that.
  • Key won't come out and driving lights are on, seems as key is not shutting off everything even tho it is in off position. Car will start but shift can easily be moved back and forth in all positions. any ideas? GM says let the battery go dead and then we can send someone out. Of course everything is closed today - Labor Day.
  • I've had the same problem...took it to the dealer, and a few weeks later, it happened again! I found an answer here (don't have the #). Under the steering column, there is a one inch square plug. Remove it and with your index finger find the button (it slides to the left) and the key will come out. I assume (probably incorrectly) that it will save my battery until I can get to the dealer AGAIN!!
  • amyf2amyf2 Posts: 9
    I have a 2008 HHR, bought 1-2-08, and in Feb 2008, we had our first visit to the service dept because I was pulled over by a cop telling me I had no tail lights. We first didnt think anything of it, when all the interior dash lights disappeared, and I was going to make an appt with the service dept.....several days went by, then I was pulled over. Didnt realize the interior dash lights were tied in with the tail lights. Everything was fine for several months, then in Nov 2008, we were in Tulsa and the light was off again inside... before we left the airport, we realized we had no tail lights. My husband replaced the 10 amp fuse with another 10, and it blew right away. We replaced it with a 15, and shutting the hood made it blow. We put in a 25 to get home. Before we made it to service the next day, it blew the 25. The service dept couldnt find an issue, so they put back another 10. This lasted 2 weeks. On Sunday after Thanksgiving, we noticed no interior lights again. We had to pull off the interstate to get fuses (since we used them all up at the airport), and we put in a 20 to get home. Went to service for a THIRD TIME, and still, no one can find a problem. They have traced our wiring from start to end, and also checked the Tail Light Circuit Board. Nothing. Another 10 amp fuse is in now, and still working.......but I dont know what could be wrong. Anyone else with this problem? Thanks.
  • amyf2amyf2 Posts: 9
    What's the "IPC".......Im having tail light issues too.....

    tx, Amy
  • amyf2amyf2 Posts: 9
    Yes I am......anyone figure this out yet? Mine has been to service 3x and they've traced wires and checked a circuit board.......nothing.
  • Amy, they had to change the whole fuse box in my HHR. It was loose and cuasing the lights to go out. It's not the bulbs in the tail lt's or in the dash It's a defective fuse box or lousy istallation of the fuse box by the factory. I also continued to have my course control drop out after the new fuse box was installed. Either the AC or vaccum leak is the issue. after the steering wheel started to peel and a dozon paint chips on my hood and squeling brakes... I traded my lemon HHR WITH 6,000 MILES ON IT; TOOK A $5,500 HIT and bought '09 GMC Envoy. GOOD LUCK :lemon:
  • amyf2amyf2 Posts: 9
    Thanks for your reply. What's happening now is that I took it in on MONDAY this week, and by WED it was blown again. Drove to the dealer, the techs were all gone, so the service mgr put in a fuse for me and I went home. NEXT DAY, the fuse was blown again after work, drove to the dealer, no one was there, so a remaining service mgr put a fuse in, and that one blew before the hood was down! He put in a 25 in the 10 slot to get me home. We're taking it to the original dealer to get this resolved, hopefully once and for all. Im going to talk to them about the Instrument Panel Cluster (?)... IPC.... that someone blogged about on here, as well as what you've suggested as a bad fuse box. So far, we've got over 19K miles on this car, and knock on wood, no other issues as there have been on this blog. So far, this is just a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] more than anything. It seems to be happening more and more... this time 3x in one week. I'll keep everyone posted as to what this ends up being, so if it happens to others.......they will know what to ask for. Thanks again.
  • Amy tell them to wiggle the fuse box and see what happens. I believe that is the issue.I did love the car but lost faith in it with all the issues I was having including no emblems on the car "HHR". i BELIEVE MINE WAS HIT IN THE BACK HACTH @ THE DEALER and they tried to cover it up. My dealer is out of busines,Bill Heard. I was i touch with Chevy and was invoking the lemon law. :lemon: But just got to the point that I didn't feel safe in it. Nor wanted to waste any more time fighting with Corporate Chevy. Which kept changing the people who where suppose to help solve these lemon issues and fix the car.One spiecalist to another where leaving; hers's a ph# 866-790-5700 ext 41240 Yvonne Johnson @ Corp Chevy if she is still employed.Patrich was @ ext 41180 this should lead you to someone that may CARE! good luck :lemon:
  • Bill Heard? RU in Auburn AL? I got my 06 at glenn smith in Opelika in 06.

    It was used, but no real probs til now [two years later] and I am having the T/C issue, Thanks for the #s. I have to call tomorrow. I did check the fuses and many of them were loose. Interesting... :surprise:
  • Las Vegas NV. GOOD LUCK and HAPPY NEW YEAR :lemon:
  • tlaydee1tlaydee1 Posts: 1
    Well i have had my 2006 HHR for about 2 mths and it started to have a Jerky movement while in idle, the car dealership said it was nothing, probably due to sitting in the car lot for a while. So i dismissed the problem until the shaking/jerky movement happened more often. So took it to a Chevy Dealer and they told me they couln't find the problem and the computer diagnostic found nothing wrong"YEAH RIGHT" About two days later the car's engine decided to power down and shut off during 5:00 Rush hour traffic on the freeway. It did start right back up then the engine light came on and stayed on until i turned the car off and restarted then the light went of. " REALLY PISSED OFF" I Then took the car to firestone for $127 and they told me that the "Internal Computer Module" needs replacing but i can only get it fixed through the dealership. Know i have to take it back to the dealership and pay for another diagnostic for $110 for them to figure out which component of the module is broken. I am VERY irritated as to the Chevy Dealership couldn't find the issue before. I am especially worried about how much is this is going to cost me $$$$$$. To get this issue fixed
  • backtojapsbacktojaps Posts: 1
    my sn says it all, back to [non-permissible content removed] cars. this lump gets so so mileage , 23-25 mpg, with a semi decent ride and every possible option. too bad i am on my third dome light, my fourth taillight, i carry spares in the glove box like an old jaguar. last straw was the remote clicker died on a car les then three years old. replaced the battery, nothing. bob baker chevrolet wants 100.00 to reprogram a key fob !!

    screw these losers, foisters no quality machines . many sourced overseas as quality american cars. crap is crap, and make the land of nippon i go
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Buy a Camry so you can have bigger problems like the high pressure oil line blowing and no replacements avail. so car sits in shop for weeks, or the rattlely dash, the hesitation when stepping on the go peddle to name a few. My HHR has only seen the dealer for oil changes. Did you get a bad one or just a bad dealer. I look at all cars as having problems but does the dealer fix it the first time or give me a line of s--t of fix it half as- so I have to keep bringing it back
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