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Volvo XC90 Entertainment System Questions



  • Hi, I can solve all problems with the 10 disc rear seat entertainment system as I was the original designer, please let me know your issues and I will solve them Peter
  • cpardocpardo Posts: 1
    Hi, unfortunately I don't have a recommendation to your issue but I'm hoping you or anyone else can tell me how to get the audio from the rear entertainment system to come through the car audio system, we can't seem to be able to figure it out and we have two infants that are not old enough to use headphones.

    Thanks to anyone that can provide help.

  • jk764jk764 Posts: 17
    I have a similar problem. Though I think Caillou is a lot more whiny and annoying to listen to!

    My 3-yr old is now not adverse to wearing headphones, but surprise -- the headphones from VOLVO are WAY too big!

    Who the heck designed this system anyway? Duh - your demographic is kids. Make the headphones fit smaller sized heads.

    So now my problem is how to get my kid's "monkey"-wired headphones to attach to VOLVO's fantastic DVD system. Any ideas?

    I like your idea of including a small radio in the back seat tuned to the program. Then I could plug the headphones into that!
  • rcrxrcrx Posts: 1
    I have the MB8000 in headrest system. The screens would light up and display the 8000 in the upper section of each screen. I moved the "cable that runs from the center console to the DVD box" and it blew the fuse in the right rear luggage compartment. I found the "cable that runs from the center console to the DVD box" to be nearly severed. (Not sure how it worked at all) I replaced the "cable" with a $105.00 factory replacement from the local dealer and not able to even get the screens to light up now. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • The screen in the headrest DVD player was damaged. The DVD player is working fine we just want to replace the screen. Dealer wants to replace whole unit for $$$$. Anyone know where to get just the screen that is compatible.
  • I have a 2008 Volvo XC90 with the DVD Entertainment in each headrest (from the factory). It's frustrating to me because my 20 month olds don't want to wear headphones, nor do I really want them to. The only way I've been able to find to play through the car stereo is through the FM modulator, which sounds like crap. I called the Volvo dealership where I bought the car and they seem to know nothing about the entertainment system. Is there a way to play the DVD's directly through the car stereo (using the AUX jack or another method) without using the FM modulator? This is my biggest complaint about the car...
  • bird17bird17 Posts: 2
    in my 2009 you need to turn the source to Aux on the stereo and then hold the source button on the screen you want to hear the sound from.....

    I'm doing this from memory (we tried it once months ago - but our 3yo wears the headphones and 12mo is still rear facing).

    If that doesn't work let me know and I'll try doing it for real (but it's cold and snowy outside right now).
  • bird17bird17 Posts: 2
    Any luck with this? Just turn our rear facing car seat around and noticed that the screen is damaged too. I'm trying to find the cheapest way to fix it.
  • sbenzsbenz Posts: 1
    The entertainment system for my 2003 XC90 also has gone wacky. Usually it won't turn on. Then at some random moment, it turns on by itself. Then when I turn off the car, it won't turn off, at least right away. I have had to partially start the ignition to get it off.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Sometimes it turns on by itself. Sometimes it won't turn off. Sometimes when it is on, the display is incorrect and the volume won't work and I can't change stations or sources.
    I fear a $1000 other owners have posted.
    Please help!
  • norskaminorskami Posts: 1
    Suddenly, the display reads "Deck error" and will not eject the CD or switch to another one. Has anyone else experienced this? Know a quick fix?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,919
    The pull the fuse trick in the How to Remove a Stuck CD guide may help.
  • jtomlijtomli Posts: 1
    hi i was wondering if you ever found out how to make the dvd sound come thru the main speakers. I also have an infant and he doesn't like to wear the headphones
  • buknutbuknut Posts: 1
    Player was working fine for the last year, but now all of a sudden one screen works and the other doesn't. Driver side screen is dark, but lit but nothing plays on it. The passenger side screen works just fine. Any answers to that one? Please tell me it's asmall fix. We are making our first LONG road trip in two weeks and I need this fixed without having to shell out a bunch of cash
  • I have a used XC90 and the CD player is not working any longer. The navigator screen will not come up either. When trying to use the selector to chose the CD, the CD option is not listed. Pushing the CD button does not work either. When I remove and replace the fuse(37) I hear the CD changer trying to eject, but nothing happens. Can anyone explain why?
  • hieatthieatt Posts: 9
    In our 2005 XC90 with DVD entertainment from the factory, the DVD player will only play through the rear speakers by pressing a speaker button on the remote control. The button has a diagram representing a speaker. Just point it at the screen, press the button and the sound should come out of the rear speakers only. The remote also controls the volume.

    Frankly, this setup has always drove us nuts because there is no way to adjust the volume from the front seat. They did build in what I presume is a safety feature that when you put the car into reverse, it mutes the sound.

    I hope this helps!
  • matt_h3matt_h3 Posts: 1
    We just bought an 06' w/ aftrmarket system with the dvd in boot. Was working then stopped. Thinking it may be a fuse issue, does anyone know which fuse # the aftermarket is usually hooked into? Or has anyone else had this happen with their aftermarket?
  • Hi, my DVD player on my 2006 xc90 will not play any dvd's, it is requesting a password. Does any one know what this is? t is not in the manual and am at lost. Would hate to take it in to the dealership for such a thing. Anyone happen to have the password? Thanks.
  • There is an AUTO SALVAGE or 'JUNKYARD' data base that can be searched for the part BY any salvage yard, AT any salvage yard. You just have to know an AUTO SALVAGE YARD that has a computer & access to the data base, I am pretty sure that 90% of them do now days, but they can check with EVERY SINGLE SALVAGE YARD IN AMERICA. Then you buy it from them or the person with it, via phone or mail. You can talk to the person at the junkyard in person to get the part you want, which is a positive with how everything is run today!!! GOOD LUCK!! Let us know how it goes...
    You can CALL ALL LOCAL PLACES and get them to find
    the part before you go driving all over town
  • Does anyone know if 2007 xc90 has XM or Sirius radio installed from factory??? It's a v8 with all the Other special stuff. It doesn't say anything about the radio though.....Info please!!!
  • biggles2biggles2 Posts: 1
    Hello Peter

    I have lost the DVD controller for our Volvo XC90 DVD system and Volvo say they cannot replace it !!!. Do you know how I could get a universal one working e.g. IR codes required or do you have any other ideas ?.


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