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2008 Pontiac G8



  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,253
    Great links! It's 1969 all over again. Challenger, Camaro SS G-8??? Should be GTO.

  • So, I need to keep my '01 Impala for 1 more year, and let the initial rush for these die down, with the resulting easing of the price.

    I hope the d-seat will adjust enough for a guy 6'3", 300lbs and 50" thru the shoulders.

    The Imp was just fine in that regard.
  • Please post comments about this comparison here.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • With $4 a gallon gas around the corner, I doubt we'll see that happen.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    The official list of changes is [ very ] short:

    Pontiac G8


    Exterior color (25U) Stealth Blue Metallic
    Exterior color (77U) Ignition Orange Metallic

    New Features

    Exterior color (17U) Maverick Silver Metallic
    Exterior color (26U) Sport Red Metallic
    Exterior color (39U) Stryker Blue Metallic
    Exterior color (64U) Pacific Slate Metallic

    (U2K) XM Satellite Radio (standard on all models)
    (UWE) Bluetooth for phone, personal cell phone connectivity to vehicle audio system and HMI (Human Machine Interface) (standard on all models)
  • nojetsnojets Posts: 31
    Since GM doesn't get it - they are leaving Nav out of the G8 even in the 09, anyone know of a aftermarket install that integrates with the dash screen?
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but the following review said the G8 GT's exhaust note is very quiet and dull. NOT at all how a V-8 should sound: - - - 8_pontiac_g8_gt_road_test

    Maybe it's not too late for the GM Performance Division guys to find a way to improve it, so it at least SOUNDS like a V-8. They did an outstanding job of making the LS4 motor sound respectable in my new car (2008 LaCrosse Super), so there's no reason why they can't do the same with the L-76 engine's sound. And they had better not make the same mistake with the GXP's LS3 motor.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    No company will make something which uses the existing screen, so you will have to replace the entire head unit. I installed a top of the line Pioneer system in my Explorer, complete with Bluetooth, XM, XM NavTraffic, and a backup camera. including four speakers, I spend about $2,500, and it is a better system that most factory units. Yes, GM should stop pushing On-Star by making naviagtion systems unavailable, but there are alternatives. There are even adapter boxes to make aftermarket systems work with the steering column buttons on many vehicles.

    ipstax1 - If you want it to be louder, you can go to any exhaust shop and change the mufflers. Complete aftermarket systems will surely also be available.
  • edkleinedklein Posts: 33
    What is this obsession that people have with wanting noisy cars? I read that part of the review and took it to be a very positive sign - a powerful V8 engine that won't rattle my fillings out? What more could I ask for.

    As the previous poster said, if you want to drive a noisy car, change the mufflers out for some mufflesses.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476

    The video roughly in the middle of the page entitled:
    Pushing the V8 to 100MPH

    .. suggests to me that you can hear the exhaust - at least a full throttle...
    - Ray
  • holdenguyholdenguy Posts: 145
    Jeez Mate,
    Have been reading your posts, very negative chap are you not?
    Hey Ray, how's it going mate?
    Getting closer now till launch for you.
    The bloody car has quad outlets and you reckon it is quiet ipstax1?
    Ever hear of noise regulations?
    Trust me, give this car a gutfull and you will love it.
    Driven heaps of them now, for a car this size, they handle great.
    As for some of you having a winge on price,
    you must be kidding!
    We pay about 50k for them here and our $ is almost the same as yours.
    You are getting them cheap.
    As for power, ever hear of 3'' exhaust, cold air and a maffless tune?
    Get it done and you get 300rwkw.
    Why is it that you want it all spoon fed to you.
    I know you guys have had to put up with absolute rubbish cars for years now.
    You are finally getting a damm good one, I know it's hard to believe.
    But believe it, this car is beating the crap out of Toyota here, as for Ford, not even close.
    Ray, go and put your deposit down now mate, they are almost there :-)
  • holdenguyholdenguy Posts: 145
    Have you seen this Ray?
    Life is about to be even better.

    Check the vids down the page.
    This car is porn on wheels ;-)
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    Well, holdenguy, they are “almost here”, it appears.
    A number of the “First 888” are apparently en route to dealers.

    Regarding price, I agree that ( on paper & in videos ) the $30K base makes the G8 GT a “screaming bargain” - ** IF ** the car lives up to what many have been saying in the press about the US versions.

    I have not yet put my deposit down, for several reasons.

    1 – I have not driven one.

    While the acceleration ( now verified in several published tests ) is clearly quite good, there remain questions I need answered before I make a decision. These include:

    A – One open question regards handling & ride. Is the ride \ handling trade-off right, FOR ME. It appears the G8’s FE2 suspension is near universally commended in the press – but I have somewhat different preferences in this particular realm than some. I ( for example ) had to special order my Corvette, partly because I decided that I wanted the base suspension – not the Z51 option that was on nearly every car my Dealer ordered for stock. Only a test drive can answer this question, for me. I am not expecting a Caddy ride ( whatever than means today ) but I need to be comfortable with the ride and the handling feel. The steering, particularly ‘on center’. Etc.

    B - How exactly does the manumatic function in manual mode? Specifically: How quickly does it respond to manual requests for up- and down-shifts? Some testers have complained about the automatic trans behavior ( both C+D and Topspeed ) and I need to experience this & compare with the ( very similar 6L80 automatic trans ) w/paddle shift manumatic in my Corvette. “If you use the manual mode, changing gears will only get you frustrated. Even though Pontiac was thoughtful and installed a gearbox that will hold gears when you hit the rev’ limiter, and blip the throttle on down shift to bring the engine up to ’rev’. We found the gear box so slow that we completely stopped playing with it after a few miles or simply stuck it into one gear in the fear of frustration.” – Topspeed. And “And the terminally confused transmission positively neuters the 361-hp, Corvette-sourced L76 V-8—something we thought heretofore impossible.” – C+D.

    Neither of these ( rather harsh ) comments leads me to cross the G8 GT off my ‘short list. But. Again, a test drive is required. Not to verify things like quarter mile acceleration ( I trust the various publications, particularly given how close the results have been – except for Automobile ), nor absolute cornering Gs. I leave those to the professional testers \ closed course. But I do need to verify that the ‘feel’ is something that I will enjoy for a while.

    And it is not that I do not trust you. Just that from experience I know that my own judgment regarding things like ride & handling feel & the behavior of the automatic trans. is the only opinion that really counts. I would not buy my Corvette unless I could drive both a ‘base’ and Z51 suspension ‘Vette back-to-back. Both are fine suspensions – in my view – but only one suits me.

    2 – With such a very short 2008 model year run & very limited initial supply, it is not at all clear when a G8 GT will actually be available for a test drive. Also ( related ) the actual transaction pricing is unclear. It even now appears that the first 2009 G8 will be in production before a single 2008 is actually delivered to a retail customer. Bizarre.

    Although I consider the base list price of the G8 GT to be reasonably aggressive, I have already heard numerous reports that some Dealers will be trying ( much like with early GTOs ) to sell these first G8s at a premium above MSRP.

    Also, this tagging process & no current way to actually order the exact combination of colors & options one wants is rather weird. European manufacturers ( BMW & Audi, for example – and even when my Daughter ordered her MINI, last year ) with a comparable ‘supply chain’ length allow, and even encourage customers to order exactly what they want.


    The published tests ( here on Edmunds & elsewhere ) have answered many of my questions & concerns. The rest will have to wait – quite possibly for months.

    - Ray
    So very, very patient . . .
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,253
    Ray, your strategy is perfect and what everyone should follow. Never buy sans-sensory check. Drive it or beware.

    As far as the supply chain issues, pricing and GM history, nothing surprises me. When I see one, I will check it out. I expect NOT to see one until July around NJ since they are coming in to CA.

  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,253
    Here's another review from LLN:

    link title

  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    GMBuypower shows a number of G8 GTs - with Zip 07101 ( Newark ) as the centeral address. Every one I have looked at the Window Sticker for shows as one of the First 888.

    This typically means that they are en route.

    It appears that Pontiac has started dispatching East Coast units before Left Coast.
    Possibly in an attempt to sync first deliveries.

    I expect to see one at a Dealer near me ( Atlanta area ) well before July.
    Possibly this month.
    Though ( as I said ) it could be a while before there are test drive-able units...
    - Ray
    Ready for my memory check...
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