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2008 Pontiac G8



  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    The G8 is 197" long and, I believe, 4100+ pounds (for the GT.) That's a good bit bigger and heavier than those cars.


    The Altima 2.5S has a 4 cylinder 170HP engine, and most come with a CVT, which gives the impression of higher power.

    The same engine with a regular auto in a 4000+ lb auto would probably drive like a dog.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Does anyone know if Pontiac is leasing the G8 or are they going to only allow financing? If they'd offer the leasing, I would totally do it! It is truly an amazing car. I am still going to try to test drive it soon! I would get the white, with black leather with red inserts. I would probably go all out and get the V8 engine.
  • jdtgoldjdtgold Posts: 7
    After test driving the car, I was very impressed with its acceleration, handling, and price. I had recently test drove a BMW 335 with a sticker of $44,000 and can easily see why the G8 can be seen as a less expensive alternative to that car. You lose a little bit on the interior of the G8, but it is $10,000.00 less. Unfortunately once I had the opportunity to sit down and talk lease numbers (39 mos. and 15K miles/yr), I realized that nobody in the world is going to lease this car and I am not going to the be first. With my GM supplier number it was about $2,600 down (taxes, tags, etc.- no cap costs) and $570/month. That's right...$570/MONTH!!! Depreciation and interest rate available on the G8 keep the lease payments pretty close to the 335. If the lease payments are the same, BMW wins this contest without a problem.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well of course, it's an american car so the risidual value will be significantly less than that of a luxury car.

    The other problem is the power and size is a lot more than that of a 335, you'd have to compare it to a 560ish.

  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,353
    You can't lease any American car cheap due to horrendous residuals. I tried it with a 300C SRT8 in 2006 and the BMW I leased was a no-brainer. Also didn't know gas would be $4.00/gallon back then so the Bimmer saves there also.

    Better wait for cylinder deactivation going forward for the G8 V-8 to be viable, IMHO.

  • jdtgoldjdtgold Posts: 7
    Exactly. The awful residuals on G8 (51% - 36 mos./15Kmiles) combined with terrible interest rates and the lack of any lease programs make a $30,000 Pontiac lease payment similar to that of a $44,000 BMW.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496
    “Better wait for cylinder deactivation going forward for the G8 V-8 to be viable IMHO.”

    The G8 GT’s 6.0L V8 does have cylinder deactivation – GM previously called this DoD, now AFM.

    - Ray
    Likely to buy a 2009 . . .
  • lvhatchbklvhatchbk Posts: 12
    Can someone tell me what fuel is recommended for the G8? I have read that you can use regular and have also read it requires premium. This would be for the V-8 engine.

  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
  • actualsizeactualsize Santa Ana, CaliforniaPosts: 124
    Even though I know what you mean, your question highlights a common point of confusion: the difference between "recommended" and "required" when it comes to octane.

    If the word "required" is used, end of story. A 91 octane requirement is a hard stop. Of course you are free to go higher, if you can find it and are willing to pay.

    If "recommend" is in the language, then things are different. In many cases, 91 is recommended (small print: for best performance) but usually there will be a sentence saying that 87 can be used without a problem. The higher octane fuel is needed to achieve the advertised horsepower and 0-60 times, but the engine and its controlling software can handle 87 octane, just fine.

    If the manufacturer wants to advertise the higher horsepower, the common practice has been to "recommend" the higher fuel and allow the lower grade. I'm not sure if there is a legal requirement to do this if they want to advertise the higher horsepower rating, or not.

    The G8 falls into this boat. Premium is necessary to get the advertised horsepower and performance, but the engine is designed and calibrated to run reliably on 87, too.

    In recognition of the public's recent concerns about fuel costs, GM has changed the wording a little bit. From the GM media website, with respect to the 2008 Pontiac G8...

    "Recommended fuel: regular unleaded (premium maximizes performance)"

    This flexibility isn't universal across the board, however. Many cars have the word "required" in their owner's manuals, and they mean it. Severe detonation could occur in these engines, causing damage over the long term that would cost much more to repair than the savings incurred by running fuel 87 in them. But the G8 isn't one of these cars.

    Twitter: @Edmunds_Test

  • lvhatchbklvhatchbk Posts: 12
    Thanks for clearing that up.
  • svtguysvtguy Posts: 3
    I would buy a G8 GT tomorrow if it was offered with a manual transmission (not just in the pricier, less fuel efficient GXP version). I will probably get a Mustang instead, even though I would prefer many features of the G8. Auto trans is a deal killer for me, and I imagine many performance seekers.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Yes, Having Onstar, is a great feature to have. I just found out, since I am a new GM car owner, that I can call onstar and they will book a hotel for me if I am on the road, and have it ready when I want to stop or arrive at my destination. Also, its great, if I need to find a starbucks near they highway, they look one up, and off I go. They can also look business phone numbers for me. Look for any attractions that I might miss in an area. I am currently trying the 3 month unlimited for $20. I will see how things go with it, but so far, very impressive! The nice thing about this, is that you can pay as you go, rather than get a $1-3k navigation unit in a car. For the life of the lease, is it really worth it, and does it really offer the seemless options of Onstar. I don't even have to take my eyes of the road, they do all the work for me. That is almost worth having a GM car, but would it keep me in a GM car, I am not sure, their are many amazing great cars available, and do fine without Onstar.

    Would I opt for the navigation unit in the car? I might, should all car be standard with it? Yes, I think so, it would help us all out, this day in age, they should be making a economic way of making Navi standard in atleast all your premium trimmed cars. but, even Onstar stated, people usually don't use it when their in the home town. Acura is making a really nice navi, that makes it a entertainment center. Offering alot, and that makes it more worth it.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    I see that many companys are getting rid of their manual transmissions. They are going to the Auto with the shiftronic, but nothing beats a manual. Its a true performer!

    Imagine a G8 V8 with a manual! My co-worker has a Charger R/T and its an Crazy thing too, she lives like down the road from work, I hope she takes that bad boy out and runs it wild every now and then. I know I would!

    I truly love cars! Paint, all the way down to the engine. I always keep my cars washed,waxed, down to the tire shine. It makes any car, when its kept up, look that much better! Like a black car, with someone who takes care of it, looks amazing!
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Ha! Some of us leased 2004 GTOs for two years at $121/month with no down payment, so it can be done if the incentives are right :)

    My local dealer has 35 G8s out of the sudden... They look real nice lined up next to GMC Sierras and Yukons. I'm just waiting for Christmas and $5K GM card incentives - I may bite then... I saw the $3K market adjustment on the sticker just the other day, so these guys may intentionally drive themselves out of business. I heard that selling used cars is all the rage these days.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,353
    Good feedback...I wouldn't touch one of these for a long time...wait for inventory to build. Then follow GTO logic.

    I guess the dealer business geniuses don't see the price of food and energy building. No problem taking on a 10% profit right before your eye's, right?

    Hey, if the unions can do it why not the dealers?

  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,353
    on a G8 GT? I assume if you pay$40 plus, it's worth $35K as you drive it off the lot.

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    according to my owner's manual:

    g8 gt (v8) engine requires gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 87...
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020

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