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Hyundai Entourage New Owner Reports



  • henryzxhenryzx Posts: 10
    yahooo...the dealer swapped the better looking engine cover with 3800, V6 and "H" logo...looks lots better now! :D

    Our Entourage mfg date 09/ that's means equipped with 250hp ?? btw, where did you get the info. about the pre-Jul/07 engine with 242hp ???
  • henryzxhenryzx Posts: 10
    This is exactly what Hyundai's stating :"For Entourage produced from July 2006 (with 250hp); vehicles produced before July 2006 rated at 242 hp @ 6000 rpm and 251 lb.-ft @ 3500 rpm."
  • mknightmknight Posts: 57
    Woo hoo! I got one made 09/06 if I'm reading my door sill correctly. I got 8 more hp and and 2 more ft-lbs than I thought I did.
  • rob22315rob22315 Posts: 31
    Love it so far. Got right off the truck with only 15 miles. Fit, finish and features are excellent. Gas mileage has been 24-26 on the highway from the beginning. Seems to really move out with only a slight push on the gas pedal. My only (minor!) issue was that one of the tires was low, easily fixed at the nearest gas station.

  • stushstush Posts: 62
    I have offically joined the not starting club. The only problem is that it had to fall on sunday 7/15/07 at 3 pm, about 120 miles away from home. Just arrived at church camp to drop off the kids. Take a number to register. Seem to have enough time to move the van closer to the barracks and NOTHING. Van was off for 10 minutes. Luckily there was another family there from the same parrish to drive us home. So now I have to wait and see what the dealer can do for me since I am so far away from home. We left it there because its Sunday, nobody is open and were out in the oakypinoaks!!! I'll let them know about the junction box. I did remember reading about CAPECORALBILL's lucky attempt to get it started, but forgot to try the brake pedal release trick. Tried to wiggle the heck out of the wires but no luck. Keep you posted. I'm almost at 16,000 miles
  • samsmokesamsmoke Posts: 1
    I have an Entourage that was purchased on 4/18 of this year.(It currently has 2157 miles on it.) To date it has spent almost 3 weeks in the dealership. It will not start, as others have stated, intermittently. First they replaced the "junction box", that didn't work. Then they replaced the "negative battery terminal". That didn't solve the problem. I just picked it up again today, and they replaced the battery with a "700 cold cranking amp battery". I was told today that the car sometimes does not produce enough amps to start, but it does produce enought to open the doors, and operate the lights, etc. This explains why my kids can open the doors, the lights come on and the radio works, but it won't start. This also explains why all it takes to get it started is a jump start.
    Anyway, I did start the Lemon Law process. (Just in case it happens again.) I am in NJ and you need to notify them of a "last attemt to fix" or you cannot file a claim if the problem occurs again.
    I love the van and Hyundai has been good about trying to help me, however, the dealership has repeatedly tried to imply that I am somehow responsible for this problem.
    I am hoping that I can move on and my car will start with no problems from here on in, but I did buy one of those "jump starters" today, just in case I am in the middle of nowhere and it happens again.
    I will be very interested to see if this becomes a recall situation. :lemon:
  • shaky4shaky4 Posts: 25
    Congrats on your van purchase, I got mine on 05/07 and absolutely love it. When the van was new, my kids were excited and would proudly show the van to their friends opening and closing the power doors on the battery. The manual says 10 operations of power doors on battery (5 opening and 5 closing events) without engine being on is enough to drain enough juice from the battery. Also if you use your van for short trips, and use all power options, the battery does'nt get charged enough. If the battery gets completely discharged, it never gets back to full charge thereafter for the life of the battery unless you replace the fluids. Fortunately, the batteries are sealed!!

    Maybe the dealership screwed up the battery on their lot. Was the van on the dealership floor? I am sure the new battery will fix your problems. Please keep us posted!!
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    Well, we called the dealer and talked to the service manager. He agreed to go up and get our van (120 miles away) and bring it back to his garage. Luckily it didn't start for him too. Told him about all the same problems people were having and that by replacing the junction box, seems to solve the problem. His first response was, never heard of it. So he has to order one in. Should be ready on 7/19. Hope this works. I am extremely pleased that they went up and got the van instead of having road side assistance tow it to the nearest dealer witch was another 25 miles further away. As to all the other complaints poeple are having, I have not had them. My power sliding have never given us a problem, well the passenger side was making a loud noise when it latched, so I squirted some WD40 in the track and that seemed to work. I still have a squeak in the back tailgate, but I just turn up the radio and thats good enough for me. My front end has started to shake but only when you use the brakes, I attibute that to the rotors and the dealer is looking into that also. I can't say it shimmys at 75 mphs because I usually don't go that fast, but I have had it at 85 and it's driving like a dream. Bought in june 06, not sure of the manufaction date. I'll update after I get it back from dealer. Peace!
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    Just got the van back. They replaced the fuse assembly and the junction box. They also cut the front rotors, no more front end vibration. What can I say, Bowser Hyundai, from Pittsburgh, drove up 120 miles, picked up the van, towed it back, fixed the problems and charged me NOTHING!! Through all the thick and thin, they have bent over backwards to address all my situations. I applaude them. So with that said, I still think this is a great van. Rides great, super pickup for a van and you can't beat the price.
  • I've had the Entourage SE for about 2 months now and recently went on what turned out to be a long trip (6 hours) with it. It's my wife's van so I don't get the pleasure of using it as much as she does but here are my impressions.

    It is extremely roomy and comfortable. My 16 YO was sitting in the back the whole time and he did complain that after about 4 hours it was cramped (he's 5'10"). We've had other minivans and I think most back seats are cramped after a long while.

    It's quite, it seems to be quieter than the Chrysler minivans that I drive as company cars. There did seem to be a little wind noise but it wasn't too bad.

    It's nicely appointed, seems to have features that make sense and again compared to what I drive has some nice features.

    It handles great, I was driving it on hilly, winding roads and it kept the road.

    Gas mileage was 16.9 MPG on this trip, I didn't think this was too bad as I was driving in stop and go traffic and then in hilly roads. After all this thing is a minivan and I don't expect 25 MPG "city" driving.

    Headlights are great, sounds stupid but compared to a 2007 T&C the Entourage throws out an amazing amount of light with a lot of side illumination.

    AC auto temp control, the AC never gets too cold like in other cars without this. This isn't really a bad thing but I'm not used to it.

    Trip computer, after having it I really don't see the need except the MPG maybe.

    Side auto doors, I've been told they are noisier than an Odessey but compared to the T&C they are quiet.

    Personally, I think it is a great car, I expect to keep this for at least 7 or 8 years and hopefully more. I agree with the statement that these are not the Hyundais of the 1980s. They also don't come with all the bells and whistles that other foreign minivans come with, as a matter of fact the Entourage has too many for my wife. I was looking for an inexpensive, solid, sturdy car and this seemed to fit the bill. Only time will tell.
  • lemonvanlemonvan Posts: 1
    Is there anyone else who is having problems with their transmission? I have had my Entourage only 2 months now, and wish I had never purchased it. The transmission thumps between 1st and 2nd gear, most of the time completely misses third gear, gets stuck in 4th gear and upshifts rather than downshifts when you accelerate and need a little more power. I have been back to the dealer on several occasions, and told that "that's just how they drive" and they will not fix it. My fuel consumption is only 13 miles per gallon on the freeway - isn't that a sign that something isn't right?

    It is unsafe to drive in traffic, it will jump into 4th gear at 20 miles per hour. It is sluggish to take off in traffic, then will, all of a sudden, drop down two gears, and take off too fast. It also surges when barely moving, like when I'm, trying to park it in the garage and not hit the wall, it will pick up speed without any pressure on the pedal.

    I would like to speak with other people who are also having problems with their Entourage and getting the same run around from their dealer and Hyundai. emails can be sent to : I am hoping that collectively, as a group with the same problems, we can make Hyundai address the issues with their faulty transmissions.
  • josm100josm100 Posts: 30
    Take it to another dealer and report your dealer to Hyundai customer service. That is not "how they drive" :mad: . If the second dealer does not give you satisfication then start Lemon Law proceedings. These hyundais are great vans, you just got a bad one. There was a guy on this website who got his van replaced by Hyundai because of an irritating "squeek" while driving. You should have not trouble getting yours sorted as this sounds like a serious saftey issue. And don't play a Burnie on it (look for her comments and threads), do what it takes to get it fixed. Let us know how you do. Good luck.
  • Like Cleo4, your situation sounds eerily familiar. I have had the Van 6 months (approx 6000 miles)and within weeks I had problems with the automatic passenger sliding door closing. Dealership remedied the problem but it then started happening again. Then in the last month I had problems starting it and went through virtually the same experience you've outlined. What i believe they referred to as the "body control unit" (which sounds a lot like the ECM) was replaced and that seemed to fix both the door & starting problems. However, the door occasionally still fails to close and on at least 3 occasions now, the starter engages but the engine has failed to start. Each time it has taken about 10 cranks to start the van. Again, I can't empathize with you more about getting away from North American vans in search of greater reliability but getting frustrated over recurring problems anyways. Any advice/help/insight out there from anyone?
  • Don't wait !! call Hyundai corp office and ask them to replace the van.
    I had problemd with the sliding doors and afetr a few months got a new van from Hyundai.
  • Hello Fix the Box. How in the world did you get Hyundai to give you a new van? I bought our van 5/06 and started returning it 5/06 to the dealership. We requested them to give us a new van, the refused then asked them to buy it back & again they refused. It has gotten so bad that while in drive the sliding doors are opening. So, how did you do it? I am scared for my childrens' lives.
  • Don't talk to the Hyundai 800 number and start the process.
    At one point I contacted a lawyer and showed him all the paperwork.
    It’s a free service (I googled lemon law California and got tons of phone numbers) and I wanted to make sure I got a case.
    Anyway, I didn’t have to sue or use any lawyer at the end.
    I just told Hyundai that I like the van but I got a lemon…just use the word lemon and they will offer to replace.
    Again , you have to make sure you have all the paperwork to prove the dealer was not able to fix the problem.
    I went to my dealer 5 times with the same problem.
    At one point the regional manager got involved and I asked them to keep the van for a week and rent me a car for that time.
    Within that week Hyundai corp called me and offered to replace the car.
    Not only that , they wanted me to pay usage fee, there’s a formula they use to calculate how much (depends on miles used) you have to pay.
    I insisted not to pay and they agreed.
    So I returned a van with over 10000 miles and got on with about 50 :-)
    What state are you located in?
  • nygardnygard Posts: 2
    I have a Limited Entourage and have been very happy with it, except for 1 thing: the radio station that I have always listened to (and continue to do so in our honda civic) gets horrible reception, and is totally blocked out by high pitched static. The strange thing is that it only happens after the car has been running for about 10 minutes, and it totally fine when the engine is off. I have just returned from the dealership and they replaced the radio, but it is still happening. I think the electrical or engine is somehow interfering with the antenna. It is an AM station and we live about 30 miles from the station...I get reception of this station as far away as 150 miles, so I know it is specific to my Entourage radio. Any suggestions? I rely on this station for all my news, traffic, etc.?? Help!!
  • Virginia. Already called Hyundai 800 number used the term lemon - showed documentation, had corporate come down and they still refuse. Hired lawyer and waiting for court. The van has gotten so bad that I cannot drive it, fearing for my children's lives - the doors have started to open while in drive. Intermittently, but that's even worse since I never know when they will open, at home, on the road or on the interstate.
    Sounds like the dealership in CA is better than the ones here in VA.
  • That's crazy!!
    Why are they refusing to replace the Van? they gave a reason or just said NO?
    How many miles do you have?
    By the way , my dealer didn't have anything to do with the car replacement.
    I did all the phone calles to Hyundai and it just happend that the new van was from the same dealer ...he got a double deal.
  • I just finished up with a local VA dealer on this problem. According to them, this is a known problem that is fixed by slightly reducing the forward travel of the door with a piece of vacuum hose. The doors travel a little too far forward when they close and the latch doesn't properly engage. This fix was done on the passenger side. The tech said I should bring it back if I see it on the driver side. I just got the van back yesterday so I haven't had time to fully check it out but it has worked so far. RG
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