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Hyundai Entourage New Owner Reports



  • Hey New Jersey. I wish you and all of the other Entourage owners luck with their vans. We just finally settled our isses with Hyundai. It took over a year to handle it through the lemon law, but if you decide to go that way, there is already a case on the books. I can't go into it much do to the agreement, but do not let them give you the run around.

    As for the no start issues, we had that too - after 3 times, they finally determined it was due to a relay problem under the dash. There was a constant drain on the battery. The car would not start, but the radio, lights, etc worked!

    And, as for the door issues, I too have children and that concerned us greatly as the doors did open on several occasions while the van was in drive and moving along. They dismissed it, but as I stated, I worked to hard to have my children and were were not going to let a dealership or company determine their life value in regards to the doors opening!

    I wish you luck and please do not give up!!! Please note this as well, there have been no more advertisements for their vans in over 9 months!!!

    Good luck!
  • cfranzincfranzin Posts: 14
    Well....we had the van thoroughly checked and it appears that there was also a TSB on the junction box under the that was replaced. This is separate from the TSB on the IPM (which we changed in February). As for the sliding door appears to be a common problem now with the 2007 Entourage and they suspect a recall soon to replace some part. They were awesome with us, and even gave us 2 free oil changes for paying the 59 dollars we had to give roadside assistance for starting our battery the THIRD time.

    The mechanic is waiting for Hyundai for the go ahead to fix what he thinks is the problem with the sliding doors often seen.

    We'll see!
  • wontstartwontstart Posts: 4
    The junction box under the dash was what was replaced on mine also. That has taken care of the problem for us (so far, anyway). Congratulations, it sounds like you got the problem fixed and it sounds like your dealer is going the extra mile for you. Be sure and give the dealership a good review when you get your service questionair in the mail.

    Kudos to your persistence and to the dealer's level of service. :)
  • cfranzincfranzin Posts: 14
    I am quite impressed with how our dealership handled this. We spoke with the lead mechanic who seems to be on top of this and is keeping his eyes out for when Hyundai decides to send out a recall on the sliding door issue. But so far...our van has been affected by the TSB on the IPM and the junction box under the dash. We hope we are done with the dead battery issue and we'll be re-discussing the sliding door issue at our next oil change to see if there are further developments. They were awesome to give us two free maintenance visits because of our troubles. I'll keep everyone posted.
  • belfastbelfast Posts: 18
    We purchased a new Entourage limited on Feb 14 and headed for a holiday in the USA,problem....our battery failed and we went to a Hyundia dealer in Yuma Arizona only to be told Hyundia warranty of veichels purchased in Canada (by a canadian) are NOT COVERED IN THE USA and viceversa,. Hyundia USA in California confirmed this fact. We needed a battery and our dealer in Canada supplied the Yuma AZ. dealer with a credit card number. Yes we did get a new batt BUT AT AN ALMOST $500 cost. enough Hyundia we will be going back to another brand on our return. BE AWARE OF HYUNDIA LACK OF WARRANTY ACCROSS RHE BORDER. :cry:
  • belfastbelfast Posts: 18
    Typo error, amount charged for battery NOT $500 should read $400.
    Belfast :cry:
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Good God man you paid $400 for a battery. Call your credit card company and dispute. You only paid about $320 more then you needed to. You got ripped big time.
  • I bought a 2008 Entouage and I had the same complaint. They told me this is normal too. If you get anywhere with this could you please let me know what you did. You can write me at any time. I am in Bel Air, Md
  • Is that Canadian dollars??? Seriously, call, write, email Hyundai and get a refund, man.
  • I would like to remove my center console/folding beverage holder tray mounted to the side of the front passenger seat on my Hyundai Entourage. I need all the space between the two fronts seats that I can get. I thought it would be an easy job, but I can't seem to figure out how that thing comes off. I need the full space between the front seats for frequent trips to the back of the van. It looks like I'll have to take out the passenger seat to remove the tray. If anyone knows the answer, or knows where to get this info, please advise.
  • I think it just folds down to the side
  • I don't know if this is exactly the same, I used to use a jumper to get mine started, which I kept behind the drivers seat, and brought it in to recharge. Now it will not start with that. Can not afford the dealership since I have over 124000miles, asked my nephew to get the battery checked. He said he did it yesterday, and the battery was ok. They said the car started twice after that, this morning I would not start again. At first it would turn over, but could not just get that extra to start. Lately the dash has a very rapid clicking when it gets tired of trying to turn over. All other electrical items work (radio, lights inside and out, door locks & windows. Do not have auto door openers. Have read your messages but can not trace your components at the auto part stores. Nephew who swears he's a mechanic insist it is related to the '06 &'09 recalls. I have located the fuze box at the drivers left knee and the one in the engine compartment, just do not know which one is the TSB or how to get the replacement from the parts store.
  • I've owned my 2007 entourage since 2008 and it's been a NIGHTMARE :sick:
    While getting a routine maintenance Oct of 2012 I was told the door latches had been recalled and were no longer on back ordered from the manufacture. So i agree to have the latches replaces. Now almost 1 yr later the drivers power sliding door will not stay shut and opens while driving. I called my local Hyundai and was asked how many miles were not on the care. After giving the mileage I was informed that we are out of warranty because the part has a 1yr or 12k warranty. I explained to the guy they only reason we exchanged the latches was because of the recall and we had no issues before hand. After the rep explained the dangers of faulty latches I was scared of exactly what is happening to me now. I have 3 toddler children and the last thing I need if the doors opening while on the interstate. I find it completely outrageous that my latches were part of a recall but now have a limited warranty. Does this sound right or make any sense? Anyone else experience this type of issue? Any suggestions of how to get Hyundai to take responsibility for the part?
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