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Chevrolet Lumina Maintenance and Repair

jabber1jabber1 Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Chevrolet
I have a '97 Lumina. At night the instrument , radio & ashtray lights don't come on. All the interior lights work as do the headlights & signals. HELP, Please.


  • Have you tried moving the instrument panel dimmer switch from full off to full on a couple of times? Maybe there's a bad spot in the resistor.

    I've got a 98 and I don't see any fuses that correspond to those particular lights.
  • I have a 1995 chevrolet lumina 3.1 i drove less than a mile and turned off my car and now it wont start. I have changed the starter, ignition switch and lock cylinder and it still wont start and on the dash lights the securtiy light is flashing. please help!!! :confuse:
  • 1998 Lumina 3.6;V8; Brake lights do not come on when pressure is put on brakes. Only the light mounted on back window lights up. Bulbs all ok. At first it lit up randomly now it wont come on at all. Whats the problem?
  • The turn signal switch needs replacement. The airbag and steering wheel have to be removed to access it. If you are not familiar with those procedures, (the air bag can be dangerous) best left to someone with experience.
    The switch itself costs $55 at autozone.
  • Good Golly, Thanks. We've came to that conclusion and decided to take it I have to cough up 200+ bucks for it.
  • I am trying to replace the flasher in my 94 Lumina and have litterly torn it apart trying to find it. Also, called dealership, parts stores......can anyone help?
  • cf11cf11 Posts: 2
    did you ever find the cause? i have the same problem no dash lights on my 97 lumina..
  • I have recently bought a 93 chevy lumina and need to replace the vacuum line and need to find the information to do so and if there might be any problems i dont know about fixing it. The pump was already changed out.

  • I am having the same problem, did you ever find out where the stupid flasher is? I can't find it anywhere! please let me know if you found out where it is, thank you,
  • My friend says that if you have changed all of that. You need to change the sensor on the back of the engine. You might have problems with your oxygen sensor and might need to change that. Used to have that problem on a different type of car but had to change it for the car to start.
  • i hear that the flasher unit is in the steering column itself and is a pain in the butt to change. I am haveing to change the power steering lines on the pump.
  • i have a 1996 checy lumina.after starting it up and driving it off i the morning it runs fine,then after stopping and going to drop off deliveries when i start it up it sometimes (in oark) start to put put like its going to stall
    so i just give it the accelerator for a second and drive off and it's fine it never stalls while i drive it
    i put a new fuel filter no help.dry gas no help/i know its not the fuel pump because once in drive its fine on freeway
    or city driving never stalls

    pls advise :)
  • never did find the flasher......its cold out.....guess it can wait till spring :blush:
  • Just yesterday on a city street I noticed a slight whine and rough upshift from 1st to overdrive.There is a whine on a hill but no noise once attaining 55mph on the level. Sounds and feels expensive!
    Any help?
  • This is an addition to message # 15,

    I should have mentioned in my 1st message that I have 73,000 miles on my 2000 Lumina Sedan with an automatic transmission.
  • :sick: hey, this has nothing to do with flashers.... but i have a 1996 Lumina, base model, with 165,000 miles, on its second engine, and fourth transmission rebuild. i took it to a shop that a few friends suggested and they rebuilt it, fixing the hesitating problem. then it decided not to change from 1st to 2nd gear. it would reach about 25mph and then just rev. so we sent it back 3 more times and the 4th time seemed to fix it. its been normal for about a month and a half and now its not changing again. its still under warrantee from the shop. does anybody know whats up? is it a computer problem or what? :confuse:
  • hello what do you think about the z34???? i have 2 door with a has 134k on it with no truoble..i am thinking bout saleing and look for a z34...i dont know alot about the 3.4, any info woulf be great......thanks billy
  • I just purchased a 97 lumina with 100k. The engine knocks loudly when cold, is this piston slap and should I be worried? It goes away when warm. Also none of the interior lights work either with the switch or with the doors being open. I dont know where to begin to look. thanks
  • I recently replaced a burned out low beam headlight bulb in my 1997 Lumina with a new 9006 bulb. Now my DRL's don't work in the daytime. The evening lights still come on by themselves. I checked the 10amp fuse in the dash and it was fine. I called the local Chevy dealer and spoke to the parts guy. He said he had no idea what the problem was either. Any help from anyone on this forum will be appreciated. :confuse:
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    Don't worry about the motor as long as the noise goes away when the engine warms. I have the same model with only 54K miles and it does the same thing. As far as the interior lights I would start by replacing the bulbs.
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