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Chevrolet Lumina Maintenance and Repair



  • well i don't know much about car's,, my dad usually fixed them. my friends mechanic came over and checked it out and said it is the starter so you were right. . Thanks for your help!!!
  • I have a 2001 Lumina with 3.1L
    trying to have my car inspected, but i'm getting a P0410 code, I know it has to do with the secondary air injection system, I checked the pump,the Relay, and the selonoid, they all working, I even send a signal from PCM to air pump relay and the air pump worked, if anyone knows or had a problem like mine please let me know . I appreciate any input and help.
  • suretysurety Posts: 1
    98 LTZ 3.8L with a transmission issue.

    It seems the shift points are screwed up across the board. It will not shift until it hits 4,000RPM. Also when cruising at around 75MPH, it's registering 3400-3500RPM. I don't think it's getting out of 3rd gear due to the fact it's not getting to 4,000RPM to shift into Overdrive.

    I've been wondering if it was the transmission speed sensor or transmission pressure control solenoid?

    Some quick history, bought in 2009 with 162,000 for $800. Transmission shifted hard and had a whiny sound. Transmission world in Knoxville told me it was probably stuck in "high-mode" and was most likely the computer giving me a problem, not the actual transmission. March 2010 I fixed my truck and let the Lumina sit for a year. Got her back on the road this past week with a new throttle position sensor to fix a stalling issue it had. Well now the transmission doesn't shift hard but it doesn't shift until 4,000RPM in any gear. Is it possible i put in the TPS wrong? could that cause this issue as well?

    I appreciate any advice anyone can give!
  • :mad: I have tried grounding the B pin on the diagnostic connector and with the key on and not started and cannot get the error codes to flash. There are only 3 slots in the connector that have a terminal in them, the two on the right and one two positions from the left on the bottom. I have done some research and I know one of them should be grounded with the key in the on position but I cannot get any codes to read by grounding an of them. Help please.
  • I have a 98 LTZ with a brand new battery and alternator. However the battery won't hold a charge for longer then maybe an hour or two. I keep getting told I need to check the grounding wires but I have absolutely no idea where they are. Can anybody tell me where to look so I can check them out? I really need to get this car working again.
  • How old is this battery? More than 5 years old? Probably no good then.

    As for grounding wires, I guess they mean a) the negative battery cable, as it bolts to the frame of the car, and b) the engine-to-frame grounding cable, which is self-explanatory. This (b) cable is usually braided metal.
  • pettit27pettit27 Posts: 1
    morning, on your regurards to the cooling fan not coming on, i just got though dealing with this on my 99 chevy lumina, the reason your cooling fans are not coming on is that there is a sencer on the block called thermosat cooling sencer, and it is a 3 prong plug and it is located write under the throttle body housing, now this sencer conrols 3 different functions, one telling the cooling fans to turn on and to turn and off, and also it controls the tempture gauage on the dash, not with this sencer bening bad the cooling fans will not turn on, if this sencer is un-pluged, this will kick on the cooling fans, by the way of battery power and they will fun continusly, the thermstat block sencer is only 20 dollars at a parts store, and sound fix your problem, not there is also 2 fan relay that could play a part in the cooling fans not turning on, more then likely your relays dont go bad, if you have any questions, dont be afraid to contact me on here, my user name is pettit27, thanks and have a great day,
  • I just bought a 1994 chevy Lumina off of a older guy who seemed trustworthy. The car looks great and we went on a short test drive and it ran great. He did tell me about it "cutting out on rare occasion" and said it happens after longer drives. I've had the car a week and my work is 3.9 miles away. For the first 3 miles in the morning it runs great, then after that it stalls out. It won't restart without giving it gas and reving the engine, but as soon as my foot goes off the gas, again it stalls. I've also revved it up after a stall and putting it in gear. The car will cough and accelerate off and on like a bull bucking, and then sometimes it stops and runs fine for another 2 or 3 miles before it starts stalling again. I have the same problem as you, it sounds like. Ive sunk all my money into the car and car insurance. I was told from someone at work that the car is notorious for rusting in the fuel filter. He said find the fuel filter and see if its rusted or just replace it. If that doesn't work try a new fuel pump.mI just don't know. I can't figure out why it runs perfectly for the first 5 minutes and then keeps stalling. Could it be a clogged fuel injector, an air sensor or what that other guy said about the fuel lines failing when it gets hot. Let me know what you think. Help please anyone, I don't have much money and this damm car is gonna cost me my new job by making me late or not getting me there!!
  • Ok here's my problem. I have a 95 lumina car with a3.1 it idles rough no smoke sputters a little but mainly my big problem is when I drive it I can go up to 49mph with no problems when I hit 50mph it starts shaking when in cruising gear no problems or shaking while accelerating if you go 60 and hold it shakes a little less and 80 you can feel it but it's very slight. It is driving me nuts it's not the tires or wheel it's deff an engine problem. I have replaced the plugs wires, coolant temp sensor, fuel filter, PVC, tps, and the maf, still no change I have ran chevron fuel system treatment threw it also just got an oil change which they added Lucius oil treatment. Any help on with I would have this shaking at 50 would really be helpful again I can cruise at 0-49 with no shaking ..
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