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Hyundai Santa Fe Interior Questions and Problems



  • Thx. I think I will do that too.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    has anyone experienced water leaking into their '07 Santa Fe AWD limited? NO SUNROOF! The water is coming in through the driver side pillar (behind windshield) - possible seal problem - the seal was repaired at dealer a while ago - seems like that could be the culprit.... would the seal still be under warranty after 68k miles?
  • nicky123nicky123 Posts: 2
    Hello eveyone,
    I'm wondering if anyone else has had concerns with the distance from the steering wheel to the center console. I typically drive with my right arm on an armrest and find the distance in the santa fe to be too far! I can't hold the steering wheel and rest my right arm at the same time. And this is with the steering wheel fully extended. Is this just a silly concern and something that I'll adjust to? Or should I walk away from an otherwise great vehicle (haven't bought it yet).
  • This might help: fm

    It doesn't decrease the distance to the console, but it raises your arm up decreasing the angle.
  • nicky123nicky123 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the link. I thought of making something like that.

    I guess I'm wondering if it's just an adjustment to a new car issue and that I won't notice it in a month.

    Is no one else bothered by this?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    edited April 2010
    If you noticed it in the showroom or on a test drive, my guess is that you'll always be bugged by it. You could retest with a cushion or pillow and see if some extension like that would fix the adjustment for you.

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  • Hello:
    My window is doing the EXACT same thing. What did you find out/end up doing?
  • lj51057lj51057 Posts: 6
    I have a 2 month old 2010 Santa Fe - chronic problem w/ leak on driver and passenger side - feet area. Is this where your leak is located? dealer can't find cause.... also air conditioner keeps shutting down - they can't find cause of that either! not very happy new car owner!
  • Sounds like both problems likely have the same cause - something to do with the condenser coil, which is up under the dash or on the firewall. There's probably a kinked drain hose, which makes the pan under the coil fill up and overflow. Dealer should be able to find this fairly easily - perhaps doesn't want to? Solution is either take it to another dealer, or contact Hyundai America and tell them you're ready to file under Lemon Law. That usually gets their attention.
  • I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how easy it is to repalce the driver side interior door handle on a 2003 Santa Fe. The handle grip broke off and the cable has fallen inside the door. Also, I've searched a few auto parts sites and can't seem to locate the part on line. I keep coming up with exterior handles. Any suggestions on where to find the parts other than a dealer?
  • thokothoko Posts: 1
    Recently bought a Santa fe 2011on the 28.08.2011 experiencing engine problem and hiccups with speed started today
  • santafe999santafe999 Posts: 2
    edited December 2011

    Only had this 3 months. It rained liked mad when we picked it up and I noticed the passenger mat & carpet underneath was wet. I put this down to the fact that I'm disabled, so wife has to do all in/out of car and we were transferring lots of items to new caravan, so lots of trips and lots of in/out for the wife. We put the wet carpet down to this.
    Then we went away until late October, never saw any rain (believe it or not) until we came back home a couple of weeks ago.
    Now we have noticed passenger mat & carpet wet again, but nowhere else.
    Any ideas??
  • Is it just me or are the dashboard lights too bright - especially on a dark road they seem blinding. Seems to me to be a very dangerous situation. Even turned all the way down they are too bright and they can't be shut off.
  • i have a 2008 santa fe when it rains water leaks in right over emergency brake. i have no sunroof. has anyone had a problem with windsheild leaking
  • lj51057lj51057 Posts: 6
    I had a 2010 Sante Fe that starting leaking in that same area within 4 days of driving it off the lot. My dealer did not believe me and was not very helpful in determining what the problem was. Finally they found out that my windshield was not set correctly and so they replaced it. That seemed to clear up that problem - there were many other issues with the cars' electrical system and air conditioner. The last straw was an electrical component in the starter went in Jan 2012... 16 months of ownership -I traded for a new Murano.
  • Have a 2010 Santa Fe Limited that has had a similar AC problem since I bought it. When it's rainy, the AC shuts off after about a half hour. Dealer says I need to bring it in when that happens because everything looks fine. Dealer is 35 miles away, and it usually happens when dealer is closed, so that hasn't happened. Have you had any resolution yet?
  • lj51057lj51057 Posts: 6
    yes - it was fixed after much hell raising w/ Hyundia USA..... it was a faulty actuator. ask your dealer to contact the corporate service people - they should know about this as it is now a known problem.
  • Nope. I arrested my pick on the Santa Fe in 2008 because it has the biggest cargo space of the category, especially w. the 5 passenger configuration but in no way 1 (or 2) bikes will fit upright. If you remove both wheels, you can pile them up in the cargo area w/o taking the rr seats down or you can flip the rr seats down, remove only the front wheels and pile them up. If you don't want to dismantle your bikes, your only options are to buy a roof or hitch rack or to buy a minivan. Mines fit perfectly in my 4-wheel shed, a 1999 Chevy Venture. :-)
  • Hi, I have exactly the same problem with wet passenger footwell. I was advised that this is likely to be a sunroof problem. I tested by pouring water down the pipes, the rght one was good but the left one was showing water but not as much. This could inicate a leak inn this pipe. The work involved to check this is quite expensive with several components needign removal. Did anyone find the solution to this.
    Thanks Vicshane
  • mine turned out to be the windshield was inserted incorrectly - they replaced windshield and it went away. this was jsut one of the many problems this SUV had... after 1. years fo trouble traded for a murano by Nissan... LOVE 1 year ownership- not one issue!
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