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Hyundai Santa Fe Interior Questions and Problems



  • mine turned out to be the windshield was inserted incorrectly - they replaced windshield and it went away. this was just one of the many problems this SUV had... after 1. years of trouble traded for a murano by Nissan... LOVE 1 year ownership- not one issue!
  • I am torn between a 2008 AWD Limited with 47k miles and a 2009 FWD Limited with 22k. Has anyone had a problem with their AWD? Also, is there a significant difference between the 08 and 09 mechanically or otherwise?
  • Water on floor was well hidden by thick sound insulation and carpet - further by the rubber backed floor mat. Must have been a gallon of water for long time. Source of leak was covered by interior trim. Cause of leak was rubber bushing for hood release cable that is routed through the fender/wheel well. It normally gets the rain from the hood hinge area (lots-o-water from windshield) that is drained into the left front fender. Removed the protector in the wheel well and packed the bushing with silicone sealant at the fender wall.
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