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Honda Civic Service Experiences



  • I know what you mean.
    We just bought a new demo Fit sport. We contacted 5 people at the dealership to see what work they had done to it before they sold it to us but no-one at that dealership would contact us back.
    Simple question right?
    As for the fuel consumption? It is using just as much fuel as our old car, '07 MB B200T, which was heavier & much more powerful as the Fit.
    You would think that in-light of what's been happening to Toyota, other manufacturors/dealers would have learned a lesson. :mad:
  • cruisinsoonercruisinsooner Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    I have a 05 civic LX, bought the car new. Until mid-Sept I had absolutely NO problems with the car. Took it in to a Honda Service Dept closer to home(not the original purchase dealer because of driving distance) and had the 110k service done plus compliance bushings, a strut replaced, etc. Paid over $1600 for all the work to be done. Picked my car up on Friday, seemed to be running like new. Monday, my daughter and I were running errands and the temp gauge went to hot. Pulled over immediately and shut the car off, called dealership that did the service, they sent out a tow truck and towed my car back at no charge to me. They said the thermostat got stuck, so they burped the system. Over the next few days the temp gauge continued to go up and down so I took the car back in. They replaced the thermostat. Car seemed to run fine again. A week later the battery indicator light on the instrument panel started coming on when I would start the car. My husband and I were taking our dearly departed dog to the pet crematorium when I lost all instrumentation. Husband says pull over, turn the car off and then turn it back on. So I pulled over, turned the car off-and tried to turn it back on with no luck. Car was dead. Called dealer who had done all the work on my car, they sent a tow truck again. This time they charged me a $150 tow bill. I firmly believed that this latest problem was a result of something the dealer had done(or failed to do) so I argued and got the tow bill reduced to $75. Service dept said Alternator went bad. It wasn't bad when the dealer did all the work on my car two weeks prior. I paid an independent mechanic $327 to replace the alternator. My mechanic also told me the brake fluid level was low-service dept did NOT tell me this or advise me there were issues with brake fluid level.
    2 weeks ago, our weather turned cold so I had to start using the heater. Temp gauge showed car was at operating temp but it was taking a long time to get hot air out of the heater. Let off gas, heater would get cooler. Coolant levels were full, no leaks on driveway, etc. Took car to the original purchase dealer yesterday, asked them to find out why it was taking my car so long to blow hot air-they said the heater core was either failing or clogged. They wanted to charge me $1019 to replace the heater core-I declined. I also asked them to investigate why the brake fluid was low-they said the cam seal was leaking(cam seal should have been replaced when timing belt was changed but was not) and wanted to charge me $315 to replace that. Took car to independent mechanic, the coolant hoses were 2 different temps, car is getting heat, and he told me it is NOT the heater core. Drove home from his shop, car sat in the driveway for 30 minutes. Left to go pick up daughter from school which is 3.75 miles from my house. Waited 3-5 minutes for daughter, looked down and temp gauge was at hot! Shut car off. Opened hood, no steam, no apparent coolant leakage. Waited for 20 minutes, started car and drove home. I have absolutely NO trust in ANY Honda service department now!
    I have put in 3 phone calls to American Honda and am now waiting for a case manager to contact me. :mad:
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