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2007 Jeep Wrangler



  • I am hearing the same chirp and just thought it was some sort of body movement .Guess not .Any updates??
  • Leak on rearend was just minor- new seal all ok, but braking is another issue.A recent post also describes some "chirping" when shifting any ideas??
  • Pull the head rest out - turn it around so that it angles backward - and reinstall it. The adjusting clicks won't work right but it will be more comfortable for those with giant bulging craniums at the base of their necks.
  • The "chirping" issue seems to be associated with the six speed manual models. Jeep has not made an official stance on it yet. I would forget that little annoyance and find out what the heck is going on with the brakes in that Jeep. Did you contact another dealer on it yet? I know that there is a recall for the rear ABS on some models, but I don't see how that could be causing the hard directional pulling that you are describing. Good luck with it and let us know what you find out.
  • thanks for the reply. I've been considering getting an 08, but still pretty concerned about giving up my 05 for a lesser powered 08... guess I need to give it another chance.
  • Went to another dealer today and I think they actully looked at the brakes.Found a burr on the left front caliper-makes sense because of the pulling to the right.Had to order the part SO we will see what happens.This service manager knew exactly what I was talking about with the chirping noise in the 6 speed but Jeep has no Serbice bulletin on it yet.Keep an eye out.
  • I've had my 08 Sahara 2 door(freedom hard top) for 6 weeks now...The roof has leaked for 6 weeks....Was at the dealer several times to try & remedy the situation........Finally, today they had a leak expert come in & take a look.....2 new roof panels were ordered, will have them within a week...Good luck with anyone with a hard-top...Love the vehicle besides the leak situation....
  • Mac; In all your infinate wisdom :) can you explain the difference between a dana 35 axle and an enhanced, or next generation Dana 35 axle? Am I to believe it's somewhere between a Dana 35 and a Dana 44?
    Happy offroadin'
  • I purchased my 2007 Jeep Unlimited Sahara in July. I had the same problems. My hardtop would leak whenever I washed it. I had to keep re-adjusting the top and finally it sealed correctly. I love my Sahara to death,but the top has some issues with sealing properly.
  • I had been trying for quite a while to get my cracked running board warrantied by Chrysler. I never even stepped on it and it just cracked by the bottom seam and went right over the top. It looked horrible. I kept taking it to my local Jeep dealer and they kept re-submitting the issue to Chrysler. I finally got a "NO" on warrantying the defective item. I have heard of many other Jeeps with the plastic stock running boards cracking. Up until that point I had never driven off of the pavement. I was very upset to have spent $30,000.00 on a new Jeep and have Chrysler tell me that they won't fix a defective product.
    I recently went to a Jeep Jamboree and put stainless steel running boards on my Jeep Sahara Unlimited and had NO issues at all. You would think that Chrysler would just install the steel running boards in the first place. Between the running boards cracking, the hardtop leaking...I'm starting to wonder what I got myself into. I've owned many Jeeps in the past and I thought this one would be the perfect Jeep. I love the ride. I'm getting 20 MPG all day long and 22 MPG on the long trips. I plug my Ipod into my radio and have awesome tunes..but, Chrysler is sure slipping on their warranty issues.
  • har57har57 Posts: 6
    I'm scared, I want a wrangler 4 door unlimited. But have read about the leaking of the hardtop. Has yours gotten any better? This would be my first wrangler. I own a Liberty now, but when I brought that I really wanted a wrangler, but there was just know room. Are you sorry you got it?
  • I wouldn't be scared. I re-adjusted the top and it sealed fine then. It just takes some getting used to when you first get it and take the top off..there are specific directions in the owners manual as to which side you take off first and which side you put back on first. It pays to read that part. Make sure all your weather stripping seams line up nice and tight and then it works. I took my top off the first time without reading the directions in the manual and that's when it leaked. It only leaked in tiny spots under very high pressure such as in a car wash. I haven't had any issues lately. I was most disappointed with my running boards, they cracked and Chrysler REFUSES to warranty them. So, I bought the stainless steel aftermarket running boards. See if your dealer would be willing to switch them as part of the deal. The stock plastic running boards are not very well made. I went to a Jeep Jamboree and saw them get demolished with the littlest bump. I didn't even take mine off road and it cracked on the seam. Otherwise..I LOVE my Jeep 4 door. It rides nice, has good gas mileage (20MPG city, 23MPG highway). It's not a cadillac, it's a Jeep, but much more refined. I think you'd like it. Test drive one for a day first. Good luck. :)
  • har57har57 Posts: 6
    Thanks, now to check the headrest I've read about and I'll definitly ask about those steel running boards.
    Thanks again for your help.
  • I don't have any issues with the headrests. The seats have many different settings to help you adjust for comfort. I'm short and it even has a lever on the side of the seat to raise the seat up..very cool. The seats are very comfortable to me. I drove 10 hours up to Maine in my Jeep last month and had no problems with comfort at all.
  • printzprintz Posts: 70
    I'm glad yours does not leak.........Anyway, I read the instructions, the Jeep technician I think knows how to install the tops correctly.....It's a nationwide problem with the freedom tops leaking, know fix at this time....I've had a rental for 1 week, the dealer is now going to replace my vehicle with a new 1....I have an appointment today....Good luck with all those with the freedom top....What a disaster....
  • I am considering buying a 2008 Wrangler X but am very hesitant now that I have read numerous complaints about the 'Freedom' top leaking. I have not read all the comments in the message boards but this reminds me of the camaro/firebird removable hardtops of yesteryear and their leaking problems. This is supposed to be the 'HOT' vehicle right now and possibly Chrysler doesn't have the time to fix it.

    I also heard rumors that top Chrysler execs are involved in this problem. No way am I going to buy in to this potential problem. Can someone sum this up for me? Is it being resolved? I've got to hear it from the customers out there - won't ask a dealer.
  • har57har57 Posts: 6
    I just got my 2008 jeep wrangler unlimited x last monday 10/29 with the freedom top. After reading this thread and other info online, I decided to take my chances. Well last nite was the first time it rained and it was a good steady rain. It did not leak. So now I'll wait and see what happens in a good heavy downpour. And of course this winter when it snow's I'll be out there keeping the roof clear of snow. I do hope I won't reqret getting it. Good Luck
    For now I do love it!
  • Question: Was the Wrangler being driven in the rain, or just parked overnite in the rain?
  • Sorry, I didn't congratulate you on the purchase on your Wrangler Unlimited.. Hope everything works out well. Keep us posted.
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